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Mystquestria: The Ride Never Ends · 3:42pm May 24th, 2014

The whole blazing fire over the Citadel situation already seems to be cooling off, but that doesn't mean it's over. Far from it, in fact. The guy appears to be switching gears, now dragging his Cluster Headaches into the mess and using it as a god-damned shield. It's like when people blame their own deficiencies on some kind of mental illness, like HFA or ADHD, just to get people to "stop hating on them". But in this instance, he's not even trying to cover for the story's problems. No, he actually claimed to be writing this as a freakin' PSA for the condition, of all things.

Then what the fuck what the original story supposed to be about, then? Because it mentioned nothing about Cluster Headaches. In fact, neither did the first rewrite. In fact, there's a lot of bullshit around this guy that doesn't make any more sense...

You know what I think? This guy's just trying to do literally everything he can come up with to exploit the amount of attention this story is getting. The first iteration was obviously a bland HiE clopfic, and after the further nastiness and bullshit of the second iteration, he's going ahead and playing the pity card in the third. What exactly is this guy trying to accomplish, here? Is he being sincere about rewriting this, or is he just really that ignorant of what people think of his story? I can't even... ugh. I just find it really fucking annoying that he doesn't seem to be learning anything at all.

Oh, and get a load of this. This made me laugh. No, seriously, just look how utterly sad it is. "This person isn't me! But sure, as it turns out, they're my cousin!" Uh-huh... sure. Sure. The guy apparently went to the trouble of writing a blog, despite having not written ANY before, just because he got one comment on a story, from someone who suspected that he was Citadel's alt account. ONE comment. Just take a look for yourself.

Well, goodness, that seems like quite the overreaction to one freakin' comment. He could have simply said, "I'm confused, and I believe you must be mistaken," complete with that little confused-Dashie emoticon and played dumb. THAT would have been believable. Somewhat. But no, he goes and has a sudden knee-jerk reaction, and goes and posts a blog about it. Despite the fact that he was never PRESSURED about that in the first place, and could have easily ignored it without consequence. Yeah... uh-huh...

And guess what? Not even twenty minutes later, Citadel posted this in apparent response, for... some reason. Sounds a bit convenient, don't you think? Rather quick to respond, I find. Yeah. I ain't buying your story for one solitary second, my friend. I think your attempt at "dispersing" the rumours only served to dig your hole just that much deeper. Do I smell an alt? You bet your sorry flank I do. Can I prove it? Not necessarily, but it seems a bit too much like a coincidence for me to completely write off...

But that fresh tub of fermented bullshit aside, guess what other little details got overlooked in the old second chapter of Mystquestria? You can read it here, if you want. (And if you're crazy enough.) Besides the rape scene I mentioned, which takes place during a flashback, there are also apparently... ugh. Well, let's just say that your American pride will probably take a hit after reading this.

“Humans are alone,” I reply, eliciting a gasp from the unicorn. “We’re the only race back in my world.

“Only humans? No other races?” Lyra whispers in disbelief.

“Correct,” I reply with a somber nod. “There’s lots of other sentient life, but only humans are sapient. Dolphins have language, but as far as we’ve been able to determine, they still don’t possess sapience.”

“Wait, are humans so alone, that they divide themselves up by lineage to have a semblance of a world with multiple races?” she asks in another whisper. “We’re not alone ourselves, but us ponies do that sometimes, as well. We have pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies, but we’re still all ponies. Some of us forget that at times, though.”

“I guess you could put it that way,” I admit. “And it’s kept humanity from uniting for millennia. There’s a nation that has a semblance of the unity that humanity should strive for, but even that nation doesn’t always get it right. I’m from that nation, and I’m sad that the ‘melting pot’ idea got abandoned.”

“So, what’s your country’s name?” she inquires.

“The United States of America,” I reply with a bit of pride in my voice. “‘The US’ or ‘the USA’ for short, or just ‘America’. We used to call ourselves Americans, but like I said, the divide just wouldn’t stay down. Now, some tack their ‘race’ in front of American, which I find sad.” By the end of my statement, the pride is gone from my voice, and a very somber tone has taken its place.

Oddly specific inquiries from Lyra, huh? And another thing, the whole concept of the "melting pot"... yeah. We ditched the concept of that thing for a damn good reason. It basically forces everyone to assimilate into the exact same culture; throwing away their beliefs in the process. It's unethical, and it's a flawed idea to begin with; it's the kind that sounds nice to some on paper, but kind of fucks itself over in practice. That's the kind of system you'd expect to find in a dystopian future society, where everyone dresses in the same gray clothes and eat the same grey foods, all while a big scary dictator watches them over cameras 24/7. That sounds awfully pleasant, doesn't it?

And by the last line from "Jaxxon", surely he refers to how some of different races consider themselves to be "African-American" or "Asian-American"? Have you, sir, honestly never considered that people are PROUD of their heritage and culture? And maybe, just maybe, they wish to respect that? America is said to be the land of freedom and opportunity. I'd say give them the right to call themselves what they want; assimilation isn't the answer, here. He's claimed to "tolerate" these sort of things before, but something about the inflection in his words continues to rub me the wrong way. Like, is he even being genuine, here? What's wrong the idea of the "Salad bowl", I wonder?

No, not that one. Idiot.

Surely, we as human beings can benefit much more from a society with all varieties of culture living together in harmony? We are clearly capable of incredible feats when we cooperate. How else would we have gotten to the moon? Or built a space station? Or excavate relics of the past? Or, hell, even work together for the smaller, but altogether more meaningful things? In places with people of multiple cultures and beliefs, such as Canada and the USA, these cultures join together as working communities. Does discrimination still happen? By some, yes. Certain people, like good ol' Citadel here, appears to be one of those people. But the evil of the few are sadly more recognized than the good of the many, to use that expression. Stories like this just plain offend me for not realizing things like this. And this person has offended me by not only NOT realizing, but by apparently advocating an unethical and racist way of thinking.

So, what did I take out of this experience? This man is stubborn. He's a blatant, unashamed homophobic. He's a holier than thou bigot that refuses to understand that others don't share his ideals. He drags his own condition to elicit pity and sympathy from people he's offended. And to top it of, he's racist. I can't even fathom his insistence on continuing this farce. Is he truly that bull-headed to carry on? I don't think I've met or even heard of a person on FiMFic quite like him, before... Apart from Mykan or Chatoyance*, of course, but they fall into categories of their own. At least he isn't rampantly deleting comments anymore, like a certain FelixDawn would. But as far as his character goes, I'd say he's quite close to being considered among those infamous few.

Frankly, I'm past my limit with this guy. I'll spare the "rewritten" chapter a look whenever it comes around, but apart from that, you people are probably sick of hearing his name by now. So really, I won't even bother bitching about him any more, if only because I'm going to have an aneurysm from trying to comprehend his idiocy. But as far as I can tell, this guy apparently doesn't plan on quitting anytime soon. Better strap yourselves in, folks.

This is, like, the third time I've linked this in a week. I might have a problem.


*I find it so fucking funny that my autocorrect wants to change that word to be "annoyance" all that time. So appropriate.

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Comments ( 18 )

He will never truly understand the message will he? :ajbemused:

Yeah, the whole thing with Mister Citadel is both hilarious and sad. It was bad enough that he was spewing anti-gay propaganda, but then he basically supported bringing a machine pistol to crowded areas and that spray and pray was a viable option when dealing with an unarmed antagonist.

That was the first revision and sadly, I missed out on the second, so if anyone's got a copy of that, I'd like to check it out.

Then there's the third revision. I didn't get much of anything from the cluster headache thing since I was reading a story and the character has them. I'm an epileptic and comparing that to cluster headaches, I think I'd rather have those instead. There's no potential for drowning in your own blood or cracking your skull open on a hard surface.

Then there's the continued use of artistic license in chemistry when creating the teleportation ink for the book. First revision stated that it was an inverted formula for a naturally inert chemical, wouldn't the resulting inverted formula be inert as well? I don't know how it was explained, or if it was explained in the second revision, but there's no explanation for it in this one. The only thing mentioned was that the character found a formula written by his grandfather.

It's like when people blame their own deficiencies on some kind of mental illness, like HFA or ADHD, just to get people to "stop hating on them".

>Have both HFA and ADHD
>Also have Dyslexia
>Also have a doctor say you're just barely passing the "not clinically insane" test
>Have no one notice because you're not a fucktard

This is, like, the third time I've linked this in a week. I might have a problem.

Trust me. I listened to it for three weeks straight, with only about 7 hours of sleep that entire time.

You don't have a problem... Yet. :pinkiecrazy:

Do I smell an alt? You bet your sorry flank I do. Can I prove it? Not necessarily

You should totally talk to darksonickiller.

I think a lot of people on this site, self included, have serious mental problems or deficiencies. It just doesn't get noticed because we don't behave like complete tools.

Yep, and I agreed. :yay:

I'm not very good at expressing agreement. Hm.

2142272 :rainbowlaugh: No worries, mate. It's something I had to learn, m'self. :twilightsmile:

As I understand it, the original story made it work by having the grandpa invent a super-complicated formula for a substance that had absolutely no effect, which means this idiot old man literally spent his entire life trying to do something Nature did six freaking times already without even trying. Then, despite this "genius" old fart failing to actually make his theory a reality, Mister "just-your-average-brony" makes it work after like a year of work.
Then he just casually buys antimatter, A FREAKING UNSPECIFIED AMOUNT OF STABLE ANTIMATTER for about 100 000 bucks, and mixes the two.
Instead of exploding with enough force to blast the entire american continent into space confetti, the antimatter conveniently inverts the properties of whatever it gets mixed with, and thus turns a substance which does nothing into a pool of pure, infinite possibility.
(So, apparently, in Citadumb's head, mixing antimatter with, I dunno, iron, would result in a soft, light, non-magnetic metal that doesn't rust?)
Just add a written version of all of Equestria and the magic soup literally creates the entire parallel universe where Equestria exists.

Yes, it was absolutely as stupid as I made it sound.

I think I need a drink...

What's wrong the idea of the "Salad bowl", I wonder?

Is that what Americans call it? We've been using the phrase "cultural mosaic" since before I was born.

Probably not. He's had enough chances as it is.

I'm assuming you refer to Mystquestria: Origins. I'm pretty sure someone among the "fan" group might have it saved somewhere in its original form, but I'd much rather recommend reading the review (which contains the entire chapter itself within it). And explaining, I'm afraid, doesn't quite seem to be this author's strong point.

I've already had the displeasure, I'm afraid.

So, we can safely add that this guy is an idiot that doesn't understand basic physics nor chemistry, then. Hell, I've known antimatter to be the hyper-destructive force it can be for years now. It's not exactly uncommon knowledge these days. It would've only taken half a gram and some clumsy hands to blow poor Jaxxon (and the surrounding ten-mile radius) to kingdom come; the amount needed to mix with enough water might have taken out the whole state. Mere atoms of antimatter are actually worth millions of dollars, and a simple gram of the stuff is estimated to be in the trillions. And with something that's nigh-impossible to even be stored safely without extremely precise and costly means... yeah, there's no way you can justify anything to do with antimatter without explaining yourself VERY thoroughly. Which he, of course, did not. The little scientist in me was screaming throughout it all.

That's another term for it, yes. But it's better known to some as a the "salad bowl" concept. It's just a simpler way of explaining it to the masses, and I guess whoever came up with it made the name to sound like a counterpart of the melting pot.


Now that I read the rage review, I actually do remember reading it. :pinkiesick:

You officially have my condolences, then.


2143825 You're right we're going for a ride, and a big fucking one. Good day ma'am. :twilightsmile:

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