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I look at MLP a bit differently than the average Brony. I don't usually read into things to come up with ships. I keep in mind that the show was made for families (well, mostly: I do write clop).

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Back up again and clearing up some stuff · 4:52am Jun 1st, 2014

Well, with a lot of help, I’ve managed to fix a lot of the problems people had with the first attempt at Chapter 2 of Mystquestria. You’ll find that the new Chapter 2 is quite a bit different, and a lot less offensive.

Now, as for the many issues people had, I’d like to clear some of them up before you read the chapter. Namely, the conclusions people drew about me as a person.

First, I’ve been accused of soapboxing. I understand where that comes from, but it’s not what I intended. I may have let a bit of my views slip in here and there, but not even remotely close to as much as people have led themselves to believe. It seems that part of the issue that manifested was a result of poor wording on my behalf. You see, originally, I did not want Lyra to come off as homophobic, I merely wanted to convey the idea that she was unsettled that people just made assumptions about her relations (and how intimate they were) merely because she stood next to another pony, that is, Bon Bon, often. After I took down the original fic, the reboot had some things changed, for example, Lyra’s reaction to homosexuality. I wanted to convey her as being very uncomfortable about the subject for story purposes only. The origin I added was terrible, however, and sent the wrong message. With help, that has been changed, and it will be touched upon piece by piece throughout the story, instead of all at once, like what I had originally tried to do. The purpose of her negative feelings towards such relationships is for her to overcome it at some later point. Let me restate that: the point is for her to OVERCOME her bigotry and prejudice. I know such close minded views of people aren’t good and that it shouldn’t be encouraged, Lyra is not supposed to be seen as “in the right”. However, it just can’t be stated and then resolved by someone telling her she’s wrong in one chapter. Changing someone’s tune is not easy, and is not something that happens overnight, these things take time, as I’ve been told. Furthermore, I find it much more endearing when someone realizes they’re in the wrong on their own. I intend for Lyra to have some kind of epiphany where she realizes that she’s wrong, and that her views need to be changed. I plan on her having a change of heart, not for someone to cram the truth down her gullet. True change comes from within.

Now, as for the accusations of racism I’ve also gotten, those are also incorrect. This is due to more poor wording on my part, as well as using a term that I honestly didn’t think was bad, because I didn’t understand its actual meaning, or the negative connotations people draw from it. I’m okay with people mentioning their heritage when they say what kind of person they are, but, I disagree with how it’s been done for years. I feel that just calling oneself ‘American’ (if one is an American, of course), shows we have more unity. After all, an American is an American, regardless of where your roots are. However, that’s not to say that I don’t like Americans bringing up their roots when they mention their nationality. I just don’t like the way it’s done. In Chapter 2, I mention how I prefer to do it. It’s a bit longer than X-American, but I feel more comfortable with dropping the hyphen and switching things around, with American in front, followed by heritage (for example, instead of “African-American”, I would call such a person an “American of African Ancestry”). This is due to my upbringing, more than anything else. I live in a neighborhood where a lot of us are conservative-minded. Pretty much everyone here just calls themselves Americans. Even two black families, several Latino families, and even a family of first generation Americans from the Philippines. I grew up in such an environment, so hyphenating makes me uncomfortable, since I never really encountered it until my high school years. The concept feels foreign and strange to me, and to others in my neighborhood, it’s even considered ‘unpatriotic’ (I don’t consider it that, but I still find it strange).

Now, I know there are other issues, but if I addressed every single one in this blog, it’d take hours to type, if not all night. So, I’m going to just admit to my own naivete to clear up some more of the issues. A lot of the problems were because I’m naive. I’m not a worldly person. I haven’t had much exposure to differing view from my own, so I’m still new at looking at issues from every angle. I often speak before thinking, and typing is a similar problem.

However, I’d like to also say that I’ve learned quite a bit from this ‘adventure’ we’ve all had here. I’m still not nearly as well-versed in the concepts of global society as I should be, but I’d like to start over on a fresh page and try this again. I understand I’ve probably had enough chances to some of you, but hopefully, I won’t be needing anymore chances. I know I’ve messed up many times, but I know where I’ve gone wrong and I admit that. However, now that I know where I’ve gone wrong, I know what not to do. This story has been a learning experience for me, and I believe I can learn more from it, but in a good way, this time. So please, try to go into the next chapter with a fresh mind, please try to judge it on what it is, not on what it was or on it’s predecessors’ failures.

Thank you.

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Comments ( 18 )
Comment posted by Darksonickiller deleted Jun 1st, 2014


NO! Fuck your bonus chapter!

Comment posted by Darksonickiller deleted Jun 1st, 2014

lel DSK

Mister Citadel, I must issue you a sort of challenge, but you need not take it, for it is optional. I would very much like to see you write a story with the Crossover, Romance, and Tragedy tags whilst using the happiest game, movie, or TV characters you can imagine (MLP is mandatory on this site anyway, so it doesn't quite count) and see what you can get from it. Also, it is to be a one-shot if you so accept.

If you do accept it, please PM me the link. :twistnerd::twilightsmile:

Just in case anyone was wondering what was going on with DSK, here's his comment he deleted: puu.sh/99Zbu

2163660 Sorry, I don't do one-shots. I like to read them, but I don't write them. Sorry, but I'll have to decline.

2163673 Alright. But if it wasn't a one-shot, would you do it then? I'm flexible, you see. :rainbowwild:

2163677 Well... Maybe. Are you okay with me taking characters from a lighthearted game with somewhat dark undertones? All of the playable characters are custom made (as in, all the playable characters are OCs made by the player), but it's a game my cousin wanted to do a fic on, but he bombed big time and scrapped it without ever posting it. I have the remains of the fic on my computer, since he had me look it over, and he already said that if I wanted to salvage it, I could. I might be able to turn his fumbled fic into something fitting those tags. Romance might be a little tricky, but I could fit the other two just fine.

I am so glad to see this update. All the hate that's built up since the original story has been driving me freaking crazy.
There was some justification to it, as is the case for nearly any argument, but a lot of it wasn't valid opinions or advice; just people jumping the gun and acting like a damn mob.
It's good to see that at the very least you're trying to learn from all of this; It restores a bit of the faith I've lost in humanity.

Interesting, I didn't read the original but I don't judge much, unless you're a <Censored>, then I'll probably kill you, repeatedly. But other than that I tolerate most people. Just don't let me ramble, last time that happened I rationalized racism.

Normally I wouldn't want to touch this with a twenty-foot pole at this point, but when did I ever shy away from a challenge? I'll give this story another chance; not to impress me, no, since it's definitely not worth much more than the average HiE, but a chance to not offend me. And therefore, a chance to allow me to move on, leave you alone, and no longer concern myself with this story for the foreseeable future. Fortunately for you, I trust your editor's capacity, so I'll have a look and see what's been fixed. I'll more than likely post my thoughts at a later date, but for now? It's 5 AM currently, and I'm really freaking tired, so that will have to wait for a while.

True, the effects of people joining the hate bandwagon is disparaging. Personally, I never "joined" said bandwagon; I merely took a stand on my own terms, coming to my own conclusions and sticking to them. Having said that, there is still good reason for such responses; especially when politics, religion, or any sort of controversial topic are pulled into play. People often want to get a word in edgewise surrounding these sorts of issues, because there are so many ways of approaching it, and not one person will agree with everything. Since we're stubborn animals by nature, it's hard to get us to change our minds; as such, arguments and conflict occurs.

I concede that some are merely trolls looking to get in a jab at the author edgewise for a laugh or two, but many of them still raised comments and questions that were quite valid. Was it blown out of proportion? Maybe so. All I can say is, all this drama did not need to be wasted on a story such as this. In the long run, no one will care about what has been discussed, nor will anyone think fondly of this experience. I almost can't believe things got the way they did, honestly. Gives me a headache just trying to wrap my head around it...



Before he started getting billions of comments from retardandos calling him a stupid homophobe etc. etc. I made an enormous blog explaining what needed to be changed and why. He ignored it and chose to scream at me like a 2 year old for 350 comments. I made another blog reiterating that information in a more polite, constructive manner. He screamed at me like a 2 year old, then said he'd take my advice, then didn't. Everything after that has been for the lulz. I like to think I was one of the people who gave the "bandwagon" a good kick to get it started. :pinkiesick: Not that the majority of people riding on it aren't fucking retards, too.


Yeah, that's not the word you need to be using to describe yourself.

Welcome back!

2163755 Sure thing. Flex it as you see fit. :twilightsmile:

2163990 I hear ya Sister.

When you say it like that, it sounds like you're too good to do one-shots. They're a great way of testing the water for an idea.

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