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Mister Citadel

I look at MLP a bit differently than the average Brony. I don't usually read into things to come up with ships. I keep in mind that the show was made for families (well, mostly: I do write clop).

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    Terrible Idea, abandon ship.

    Indeed it was. This account is once again dead, soz to everyone involved.

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    Because of the return of the account, I am pleased to announce a Q/A today. Please, post any and all questions you have in the comments below by the end of the day, and I will attempt to answer as many as I can. Thank you, and I look forward to any and all questions.

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Terrible Idea, abandon ship. · 5:39pm Jan 14th, 2015

Indeed it was. This account is once again dead, soz to everyone involved.

Report Mister Citadel · 637 views ·
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Comments ( 9 )


What's going on?

Wait, at least give a sig! Who posted this? I know I should be happy about this, but who posted this blog (I know it wasn't me, though this blog mirrors my sentiments)?

...well. That was sudden, but you're being smart now.

2722379 The person who posted the previous one, I would assume.

2722379 hey dolphy. if you truly hate this account and wish for it to not be used. ask the admins to delete it or ban it.

one other question, did you write mystquestria yourself or was it a group project?

2722752 I keep this account for the sole purpose of going through its history to remind myself of what not to do. One can learn a lot from their past mistakes, so I keep it as a record of what I did wrong.

Once I've grown immensely as a writer, I may attempt to revive the account to prove that I can take the kind of material that I reserved for this account (suggestive/mature fics) and make that material work without offending a lot of people. Of course, that kind of growth will take a long time, but I'm willing to work towards the goal of becoming good enough to bring salvation to a ruined account like this one.

Either way, this account currently serves as a reminder of what I've done wrong, and grants me easy access to the records of my own biggest failures so I don't repeat those mistakes. If it wasn't even a good source of examples of what not to do, I'd probably seek its deletion. I may seek its removal some time in the future if I take the time to copy all of those records into another location so I'd have no use for using this account for record keeping, but for now, it stays so I can look back at my biggest fails and avoid making those mistakes again.

And as for Mystquestria... That train wreck was a collab between myself and my cousin, who had his private FiMFiction account removed, so I can only call him by the name he used on this account: Steven. Both of us had dumb ideas, but when I had an idea that was at least passable, he'd suggest something that I'd foolishly agree with and end up ruining any hope for the original idea. I was bad already, but he made things worse. That's one of the multiple reasons I originally closed down this account. The fic would have to be rewritten from the very beginning because of all the crap in it, and I didn't want my cousin involved anymore. So, I unpublished the fic, changed the password, and stopped using the account.


Almost makes you believe in God.

Wanna set up a bet as to how long until he returns? Again? For the...third time, I think it is?

2723998 I know who the other guys who got onto the account are, and they said they'd just put their collab on one of their own pages. Dolphy wanted this dead, so now it's staying dead.

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