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See you in 24 hours!

I feel like I should point out that it's been eleven days.

362206 I'm surprised he hasn't commented on that one yet:pinkiehappy:


See you in 24 hours!

I feel like I should point out that it's been four days.

361659 No, you missed a lot.

I feel like I missed some kind of drama.

Yup. This is definitely a group.

This group is a thing alright.



serial deleters

Just imagine a digital Freddy Krueger prowling about. :pinkiecrazy:

361572 Oh my god, you might be the first person to EVER listen when someone else points that out. Then again, most other people I've seen told were serial deleters.

361570 You... make a really good point. I just didn't want flame wars to ignite from the comment, so I deleted it. Rule one is to be civil at all times. But, you make a good point. I won't do that again. And for that, I think I'll promote you.

361564 So... you delete the evidence of their wrongdoing after banning them. So if they try to contest the ban at any point, you've deleted your support for your case.

361565 just give the replacement chapter a chance. You'll see. Luckily for you, you were perfectly civil with that. I'm impressed. This will all be cleared up in time.

361558 What's civil about bashing gays?

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