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MSTifying ponies since 2012.

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Pretty acurrate. :ajsmug:

Thanks. That's what I aim for.

Now following. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh great another "humans are bastards" fic. :facehoof:


Sorry to steer you away from the story like that, hopefully you'll check out some of my others. This is the only story where I depict humans in this fashion.

Have a good day.

He later married a local unicorn named Lyra Heartstrings and the two would conceive six children, five pony foals and a human baby.


That was the original story, "The Mare Who Wants a Human Child". It was pretty good compared to the current "Mystquestria".

And the human baby was still in Lyra's oven when he decided to scrap it.

4774887 Oh, I heard about that story with homophobic Lyra. But really? A human and a pony having children? That's just fucked up

Yeah. Originally, the homophobia bit was referenced by the fact there were "conversion therapy" centers. There was also no racism.

More accurate than the source material. Which says something....:facehoof:

I aim to be as accurate as possible.

4775119 And besides from the racism, he keeps making things worse

It's really amazing that he can make his story worse and then says that he improved it. The original story was better than this mess.

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