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Even the smallest magical accidents, as anyone in the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad can tell you, can have significant and far-reaching effects.

Especially if it wasn't Accidental Magic at all, but deliberate magic that was doing something that wasn't intended at all. Like, for example, the very trustworthy ancient magic of Hogwarts suddenly choosing to invite about fifty times as many students in one year as it usually does.

Naturally, when these small yet significant magical accidents happen, there is almost always someone that doesn't want it corrected for some reason or another. In this case, that someone is in a position of power, so it doesn't get corrected.

And over ten of thousand new students are officially admitted to Hogwarts in a single year. After all, these new students bring with them stories of things thought and even known to be completely impossible, in some cases, and the complete conviction that they are possible where they come from, wherever that is.

Naturally, Dumbledore expected that someone would make them possible. What he did not expect was the who and the how.

A rewrite and reimagining of the once-popular On the Implications of Parallel Worlds, which was itself a rewrite and reimagining of The Gate. This time around, it should be a little easier to avoid deadlocking the plot.

Written with the editing and proofreading assistance of Skittlebug (Former), Gerandakis, Rose, and Raven, and I can't be bothered to find links to their profiles right now- or even their full profile names...

As always, tags may be updated as the story progresses.

Will update weekly on Tuesdays, following the death of On the Implications of Parallel Worlds, or when ready on Patreon.

Cancellation planned for around chapter 85.

It could be argued that the phrase “based on a true story” applies to this story.

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Why isn't On the Implications of Parallel Worlds popular anymore, and where can I read it and The Gate?

Why isn't it popular anymore? Because it was cancelled, just like The Gate before it, over two months ago... and it hasn't gotten much activity since. That said, it has gotten some.

As for where to find them... they're both on my profile somewhere. As a matter of fact, it looks like they've both been linked automatically under the "Similar" listing! No, I will not be taking them down. OtIoPW, Gate.

Yes, I hope so at least.

I like your profile pic, by the way.

It's interesting to see the refinement to the idea, especially the beginning of it, from story to story.

Ok a rarity in that this set post season 3, meaning Twilight has full princess authority as the goblins discovered. I am curious if your going with "ponies appear younger as humans" or "ponies are adults by their preteens" to explain why they appear to be kids.
I do noice you have the common "lack of description" issue(I've see much worse with people who write nothing but dialog), with very little detail given and no real mood setting text. You'll need to work on that. Don't write like it's a script, tell what things looks like, what's going on in more detail, expand the vocabulary you use to help set the mood remember the reader can't see what you envision with out help.
Am looking forward to more.

Sorry, I'm working in an environment I've written many times, so it's tedious to describe it yet again... And, frankly, that really only happens with places like Diagon Alley and other places with rich text in the books.

We'll probably start seeing finer descriptions when I start getting into areas where I'm able to invent my own environment, rather than re-using that which was described in the source material.

As for the age thing, I'm going with a different and slightly more complicated system that was described in On the Implications of Parallel Worlds- and will likely be described in depth later in here.

Ooh! Great start, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

It is, isn't it?

Hopefully, this'll be the last time.

I hope this doesn't mean that you've given up "On the Implications of Parallel Worlds."


Realize you have reasons to skip over descriptions of certain locations but that's a mistake, you don't need to go into every little detail but the other extreme of absolutely no description at all? You don't need a paragraph just a sentence. Like how Gringots has tall ceilings, marble floors and desks are tall so the goblins can loom over the much taller humans. how Diagon Alley is crowed with wizards shopping and street vendors trying to get thier attention. Descriptions don't need to be precise just a vague enough to convey the atmosphere for those not familiar with Harry Potter and a reminder of the feel of the place for those who are.

I tend to be a lot more passive with my minor descriptions... But sure, I'll look into it.

Unfortunately it does.

OtIoPW still has a couple chapters to go live, but after several months of struggling to get anything down at all, even before the extra difficulties arose (the ones that are why I went on hiatus for a month or so), I realized that- because it abandoned its own outline very early on- it had quickly written itself into a corner... and I would have to go back as far as the beginning of the first year in order to correct that. This is my doing exactly that, alongside some adjustments that make the ponies slightly less overpowered- and I should be able to make a number of things more realistic... while also introducing a number of extra factors to make it less realistic, which ought to be fun.

Thank you. The pic was done for me by a friend as a surpize gift back in 2005.

You're quite welcome. That friend is an artist.

I have not read your previous two stories, so I cannot comment on differences between those and this one, but based on what is here, I am curious about what you have planned. The premise is an interesting one, your writing is excellent, and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.

I leave it up to you if you want to gain a whole bunch of spoilers by reading through the other two. Especially with their sometimes cringe-worthy (compared to my modern writing, at least) early chapters...

She was pouring over a piece of parchment with a friend and an ice cream cone.

Unless she’s pouring ice cream over it, you want “poring” there. :twilightsmile:

Wait, that's a new story? Again?

Curses are meant to be broken, or so they said about DADA

But I've got big plans for Order of the Phoenix...

Philonoma: "I'll have two big beef patties, and some sauce. Hold the bread please".

Well, it _is_ an order .... :-)

Less overpowered is good, very good. Pure power solves a lot of if not outright most problems that could appear in Hogwarts. They already have the numbers, organization and competence to outright trample the wizarding society, being able to bring down the heavens is the least of their needs.

Third time's the Charms O.W.L.

Yeah but it's not big enough. He said he's got big plans.

I'll have two #9s, a #9 large, a #6 with extra dip, a #7, two #45s, and a large soda.

Also, text commands are different on sites like this than on sites like Youtube.

Yea, I sometimes forget when to use bbcode or markdown or html or whatever.

Gee, if only there was some universal standard that would adapt to each site. You know, like if there was something that would let each person read the web in the style that they like, separating the output from how it was displayed, then maybe that could be extended to inputs as well.

But, that's a hopeless dream. The idea that everyone can read a web that looks right to them, in their own fonts, colors, and sizes, and still have all the letters come out where they should and not on top of each other because some site wanted to hardcode 10 pixel letters every 13 vertical pixels. Or assume that all letters are as wide as Ariel/Helvetica, and how dare you use a different width font than that. Or that Light grey text on dark grey background must be fully visible for everyone.

(Sorry, my own personal CSS rant. And yes, since websites can take input, and CSS controls much of those input boxes already, why is there no way to have a CSS override that says "I will always use markdown, and convert it to html or bbcode based on what this website needs"?)

I can't say I've heard that one before, but it made me laugh.

You could probably write something like that as a browser addon, and have it recognize your BBcode (or whatever else) and replace it for what the site needs...

However, it would only work on a set of whitelisted sites (where it already knows what the site needs) or on the ones where it's able to detect, probably from elements on the page, which one to use. The ones it hasn't a clue about... it won't know.

Hmmm.... Bigger than that, I think.

Okay, let's try this again...
I might not have stuck around after two resets if the basic premise wasn't so strong though.

Well, third times the charm.

Make that a light, I am on a diet.

A large one of everything, with extra sauce and fries with all of them.

I have a bad habit of rewriting the stories I'm passionate about, to.

I only recently discovered the original, but it showed promise, if a little awkward in it's execution sometimes.

This first chapter seems to be much better, even adding a layer of mystery for new readers.

Here's hoping it goes the way you envision.

Well this is going much better than the second version ever did. Congrats.

Here's hoping it stays that way.

I'm really trying to understand how you'd expect a fixed exchange rate -- literally carved in stone -- to survive and function. It just seems to violate everything we've ever learned about finances and monetary exchange.

It's easy: There's no real economy between the two worlds, and people aren't told it's fixed in stone, and nobody talks about it, and...

In the end, nobody realizes just how lucrative the exchange really is, because not enough people exchange. It's really only the muggleborns that do, and even then, not very much...

Well, that and the Galleon probably fluctuates in value with the British Pound, preventing an obvious exploit involving the most common exchange (all others are exceedingly rare).

Them not being able to do Equestrian Magic does definitely short things out. Nice chapter.

Not being able to do Equestrian magic means Lyra and Twilight will possibly have the idea of making a magic translator, emulator, if they look into the muggle world in detail? In the early 90s, WHSmiths had some very intresting offerings besides physical stationary.:trixieshiftright:

Not being able to use their magic will make things WAY more tame and integrate them way more than they were before, instead of effectively taking over. Interesting choice!

You did a great job, regardless of upload problems! It's getting interesting, and I can't wait to see what they'll do next!

Well. No pony magic here, is a big first step.

Ridikulus-ly overpowered wand magic instead?

“I haven’t had the time to explore nearly as many worlds as Lyra has,” Twilight told her. “But I have seen a few, and she’s not wrong.”

So your girls are world travelers, exploring random worlds, being changed into "appropriate form" in the process, and learning all sorts of ways to make trouble?

... Are the CMC in this story? :-)
(Of course they are)

Very well,” he stated again, as he started scribbling on his forms. He really liked that phrase. Finally, he turned it around and held out the quill. “Alright, sign here and the rate will be set,” he informed them.

Twilight leaned forward, accepted the quill… then, unlike so many other annoying humans, she actually read the document before she signed it. She blinked in apparent surprise when an unfamiliar but official-looking seal appeared on the page next to her signature.

When it did, he raised an eyebrow. He had not expected the magic to recognize her as having the authority to negotiate exchange rates- but it had.

love this little detail.... so important too

I like how the wizards are more sceptical, then in the last version.

Though I wonder why Dumbledore believes them.

Well, they outnumber Wizarding Britain by like a dozen times... and that’s just the ones that accepted. There’s really only one explanation for where such a large population could have come from... that is to say, a magically isolated location that is no longer isolated.

It's like 1 galleon =5 lbs, that's canon conversion rate by the way. How much bits weight?

Good question.

The conversion I'm using is 1 galleon = $100 USD (70.88 GBP right now), which is a researched conversion rate (not by me) based on the wizarding currency value of various objects in the world, rather than some arbitrary "this is the value of the galleon".

I am well aware that this would make the Equestrian Bit composed of so little gold that it would be tiny. I am also aware that wizards seem to value gold less than muggles do, in that they make their casual daily spending money out of it and so obviously have either some way of getting more fairly easily (probably Goblin- or Ministry-controlled, to be fair) or some way of producing it... WITHOUT the Philosopher's Stone.

Ooh. Poor Harry though, he must be very confused

Dumbledore should have known better. Hogwarts letter hand delivered by McGonagall, or better yet, Snape.

I like Harry being a bit snarky. He actually has a personality.

yea I've always wondered about that I think its likely that it was all an elaborate plan but to what end I'm not sure.

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