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When a portal is opened between worlds, a trickle of new students comes across it. Professor Dumbledore was ready when the trickle became a roar- but nobody could have been ready for what came next, especially not Dumbledore:

Hogwarts... harmonized.

And Discord did it.

Or at least, his daughter did, but close enough.

Yet another rewrite on the old The Gate/OtIoPW/AI chain, now with an amusing abbreviation. Oh, yes, and consideration towards the challenges of having many thousands of students at Hogwarts...

This story will be taking over AI's Tuesday publication slot, when I remember on the appropriate day of the week.

Tags may be updated as the story progresses. Emphasis on may, because I don't think I've ever updated the tags of a story as the story progressed. SoL tag is in the dear hopes that I can actually write enough of it to warrant the tag. Adventure tag is because that's what's more likely to actually get written.

I should probably mention this somewhere. Written with the proofreading and editing assistance of Gerandakis, Asoka, and Rose. I seriously can't be bothered to dig up profiles, especially as I'm not entirely sure that all three of them have FimFiction profiles.

Cancelled for... just being a very, very poorly planned story. It was great while it lasted. Note there's a total of sixteen chapters; if you don't see through chapter sixteen, I'm still publishing it, even after cancellation.

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Fifth try is the charm. :rainbowlaugh:

But based on the author's history I give a 3% chance of this story reaching 'Completed' status.

computerneek, you are making this corner of the multiverse difficult to navigate.

*sound of fuses popping*

VERY difficult!

Only a couple hundred years left?

Thats Twilights Hard Reset timeline eating chronoworm? :twilightoops:

And when there was no magic left, in the most magically supressed region relative to Equestria, Tartarus itself, Pinkie still Pinkied. :pinkiecrazy:

So nice to see an explanation for Dumbledoor and the whole set up right at the beginning instead of having to read through the entire series its based on, the book thing, yet again to try and work out what Rowling was making up as she went along and finding out there was corners she didnt even see coming that she painted herself into then burnt down the floor behind her?:trixieshiftright:

Now, wheres that Next button.:scootangel:

Ooh, this is already interesting. I like how Dumbledore rambles to himself too, presents an interesting form of narrative

I like this Dumbledore. Can't wait for Celestia's response

Even though he just *deliberately* sent Sirius to Azkaban without a trial, and poisoned Lupin with Liquid Imperius...

Liking is not the same thing as approving.
Likable antagonist are always fun.

Like Hades, from Disney's Hercules.

Have to agree.

He's a very good "morally Grey" character that thinks himself "Lawful Good" despite the evil he does.

Very compelling

So far this is your best story yet.

This has the perfect amount of character interaction, and world building

Honestly I think this story has more of chance of completion this time for a few reasons

1. It immediately tosses the majority of hp lore out the window but leaves enough that it is still recognizably hp

2. The arrival of equestrians and the why of their arrival is immediately explained and done so at a decent time to allow realistic planning I mean we are still 11 years out from Harry's first year at hogwarts

3. The pacing thus far has not been off the wall fast (I'm pretty sure that makes the writing easier on the author as well)

I didn't say he was a good person, just that I like his character. He's already getting a lot of development

True, but given my track record... and my (woefully absent) ability to cook up new, uncontrived conflicts on my own... gasp I'll have to find a new way to introduce Spoooiler!

I give it ... oh, maybe 5% if I'm feeling generous. But we should get a decent ways before we reach any potential cancellation!

True the last iteration got into the high eightes before being canceled. Although slightly counter to my previous point I think part of the joy of hp x
mlp is how throughly mlp's lets call it ability pool throughly trounces default hp in most cases a perfect example of this balance would be the if wishes were ponies series which exemplifies the hp plot curbstomp but it gets away with it cause pre cutie mark cmc and mama twilight (Harry winds up In equestria years prior) point is the hp plot curbstomp is kinda par for the course with hp crossovers.

Another point I want to make for every good hp crossover there seems to be 10 that Spiral into cancelation this is not including your stories BTW
And I think that's mostly because if you look at the hp world too closely it starts to completely fall apart and trying to beliveable fix it while balancing the crossover of another franchise is like making sense of discord(near impossible)

Fourth times the charm. 👍

Thats a tricky trade off, sending enough Scouts over to research and prep, especially if theyre having to split resources between wizarding and muggles, and enough to give a far better chance of sucess if reality decided its going to suddently take a shortcut, and sending too many too quickly and having The Luggage breaking out of Harrods. :twilightoops:

Hmm. So, Ginny; is that actually Hermione, pretending to be a normal human while learning (... Hermione as a reincarnated Voldy would explain her spell ability), and ... the third one?

Oldest pureblood family, and neutral ...

It was like he was preparing for a massive influx of adults in childrens’ bodies! It was like he’d completely forgotten about Voldemort!
Was he, perhaps, preparing a mass-resurrection ritual to bring back the people Voldemort had killed? Or something else of… dubious goodwill?

Ok, what was the insight of Voldy that gave this accurate of a guess? Even Sherlock would have trouble putting that one together.

Probably the insight of warring against the man for a lot of years, yes. And a lot of practice in predicting his plans... and whatever insight Grindelwald uknowingly imparted on him throughout the possession as well...

And yes, her three identities are intentionally kept vague. They're specified eventually, though.

Instead, he’d have to do some alchemy-based mind control , and ready an antidote for the moment he judged it safe.

On one paw, poor Remus

On the other, let's just say I'm keeping it in my pants for now.


He wasn’t sure about what the Prophecy meant by ‘mark him as his equal’, though.


Ooh, so pushing through good laws with phrasing, nice going Dumbles. And while I know exactly who girls 1 and 2 are... who is girl 3? Also haha, she totally predicted Dumbles' plan without even knowing-


I read one-in-two HP story before(it had genderswap too), I read many MLP-HP crossovers before, but this is something new.

I'm looking forwards to see what all this buildup is going to amount to.
This sous sound very promising, this far!

Why do you keep rewriting this story?

Its a real pity, that Hogwarts being in Scotland, that Harry cant get round the clothing problem, by wearing a kilt? :duck:

So, even more evidence that this is a school of memory manipulation.

All the legillemens; memory charms with Lockhart; hypnosis teaching with Binns.

Why, I wonder how much of what they think happened actually did ...

Another fine chapter.
You're really going all out on this newest Rewrite

Because it keeps breaking... and my muse won't put it down.

That said, this one is only... somewhat a rewrite of the priors; it goes in a very different direction fairly quickly, and introduces a fairly large number of brand-new original characters as well. And puts a lot more effort into being realistic, though not necessarily perfectly so, as some of the lengthy arguments I've had with my editors have aptly demonstrated.

I had to tweak Chapter 5 in order to change the reason an OC that first appears in Chapter 13 does what she does... And of course, that difference in reason is a quite radical change to her emotional state, which makes a radical difference in how she acts after those initial scenes... and makes her channel her House a lot better, I think.

Yeah, a real pity the Hogwarts uniform doesn't allow skirts or kilts for men... yet.

I am. And because of that, a lot of Dumbledore's manipulations go right off the rails far too quickly, all because he failed to anticipate the other side-effects of all those new laws... Oh, and a few details he missed until it was too late, thanks to wearing too many hats...

I'm wondering if Screwball will make an appearance,
Given in the summery you said something about "Discord's Daughter" and that's a popular headcanon

I'm wondering if Screwball will make an appearance,
Given in the summery you said something about "Discord's Daughter" and that's a popular headcanon

He deliberately puts everyone into a half-asleep trance, but doesn't let them go full asleep, then abuses that state to send the material he's teaching them straight to long-term memory, making him one of the finest History teachers Hogwarts has ever had, especially after his death. If someone does go full-asleep on him, he probably makes it a point to wake them up and adjust his drone accordingly.

I direct you to my comment about Lupin and Dumboedore's idea for him a few chapters ago.............

Ooh, clever idea with Binns, and I like how you show the teachers coming up with the system. Also, very nice, very nice, good to see the Dursleys getting some pushback for how they treat Harry. I always wondered why none of the Order sent to collect Harry in book five were like "oh, hey, Sirius/Molly, you know your godson/son's friend is being locked in his room and looks like he's being starved, right? Might want to, you know, open an investigation on that?" Or even Mrs Figg deciding enough is enough and Dumbledore doesn't know what he's talking about this boy is being abused to hell with moral fibre he doesn't need this much-

This looks worthy of research. Put Petunia and Hally on opposite sides of a window and have Petunia observe 1/2, and St Mungos observe Petunia?

They can detect the equivalence of Compulsion charms and similar Death Eater excuses? :trixieshiftright:

This is going to be an interesting year, certainly

Quite a change from canon. Vernon dead in Azkaban at the start; Dudley out of the picture.

And the Potter family status revealed ...

The Grand Royal and Most Ancient House of Potter.

Her family was so powerful that, by international law… she was allowed to kill anyone that attacked or even just insulted her House, ...

This kind of change is a fast way to make me uninterested in a story. I think I'll stick to reading your other stories.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, that change is what my muse demanded for this, probably my last foray into MLP/HP crossovers for a long time.

This looks as if it is going to be a very interesting story, if you can keep it going long enough!


Speaking of keeping it going, thanks for drawing my attention to FimFiction... today was a release day, and I almost missed it.

New Story, New chapter and new novelties are always welcome.
If it helps the story, I'm only too happy to leave helpful comments. (just hope to see the conclusion of "book one")
With Both Crossover And AU tags to the story, I'm expecting something a bit away from the respective "Canon"
"Cool trumfs Rule" any and every day here.. (just keep the story going cool)

Hogwarts... harmonized.

And Discord did it.

Or at least, his daughter did, but close enough.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for Discord’s daughter to disharmonize it?

Sweet reams are maud of the tiers, who am I to dis a tree. :unsuresweetie:

It would, wouldn't it?

My headcanon for the way everything works... makes it work out, though. In perhaps the most confusing way possible.


It would make sense, but what fun in making sense?

Poor thing- all she did was flick it and suddenly the other two are looking at her like she's a prodigy... though I suppose she had better get used to that if this is how the wand is going to serve her

And Astoria had also promptly joined the conversation.

And we have our 3rd volde-shard

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