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This story is a sequel to I am my own OC

Yes, we are going there again, back to Hogwarts. Given that Mrs Nova Arthol already knows how to defeat He Who Must not be Named, how difficult can it be? After all, Moonie can fetch the cup from the bank. But what about the other items? Will they come to her, or will she have to go looking? And for that matter, what of Dumbledor's plans, and can she pull off the role of a female Harry Potter?

And yes, we can expect more than one Kitsumi Nova in the mix, and Aurora Summers from Not Quite Canon. will be in this as well.

This will also be connected to Kitzumi's adventures through the looking glass. and act as a prequel to Sunset Shimmer and the Cowboy.

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Not a bad nod to Mission: Impossible. However this mission is probably just a Tuesday for our heroine.

There is definitely an annoyance factor. And it's going to take time.

Oh this is going to be soo good and i can tell this is going to be a long one.
this is a awesome start to a amazing story.

I've 30 posts more or less ready to go and the story has only progressed to the winter break.

I kind of hit a brick wall with my muse but figured I've more than enough of a buffer built up. The main idea on this was the long haul that would be necessary to accomplish the task given to her. Dealing with the Horcrux is the easy part. I really wanted to show her having to deal with living the life of Harry Potter and how her knowledge and resourcefulness make it possible for her to make big changes. And of course, Dumbledore is still a manipulative SOB.

if you have hit a wall slow down your post to one a week and walk away from righting for a bit. give your muse a rest it will let you know when it is time.

and one of the reasons i really love your story's is that you show the real Dumbledore and just how much of a plot hole he really is.

I've actually been sitting on this one for a while. Part of my motivation for posting it now is because it's so F'ing hot out. I'd started the current document last February, but I'd migrated material over from an older document that's at least a year older. It also helps me to have it loaded so that I can go back and listen to it. Let's face it, I tend to gloss over after reading the same thing over, and over, and over, and...

I wonder how they are surviving here with the Dursley’s? They are not the most loving family out there.

They are reformed (healthy), Dudley gets lots of love, and it makes a great base of operations. Dysfunctional doesn't mean there's no love. That and they can easily harvest from the local community.

You Live ...glad to see another Kitsumi story.

wow awesome chapter. this is going to be sooooooo much of a fun story.

Why did you turn off the comments?

O this is so good and i see you are showing just how much Dumble crud was doing to make him self out to be the big hero.

Well it looks like she is about to completely bamboozle the old goats plans.

Comments are on. I delayed the rating because of people who downvote anything new without actually bothering to read it.

for the next three days, Aerie lived the life of a normal ordinary girl.

want to bet this comes to a end from a old has been meddling around?

The Potter child must remain with the Dursleys.

well that is the plan but we know how plans can be destroyed. :pinkiegasp:

So how Dumbeldor screw this up and try and get the Dursley’s off the hook? Because we know that a certain somebeing will play a reverse uno card on him and further derail his plans.

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