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An MLP FIM fan fiction writer and super mega nerd who while in her Autumn years wakes up in the ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters and finds that she is a filly named Kitsumi Nova. The very character she'd created just for fun. Her first obstacle will be to find her way to civilization.

From there the story becomes a slice of life where our former human must live out the life of a pony who is also a young alicorn. And if that's not enough, she is Nightmare Moon's daughter and fears what will happen if she presents herself at court. Will she be reunited with Princess Luna and reconciled with Princess Celestia? Will she go back to earth when the opportunity arises, and who wants Sunset Shimmer dead? OK, there's a long list for that last one.

Yes, this did start out as a blatant self insert. Originally I started it as an exercise in the first-person narrative and really had no intention to publish it. Ever. After a while, the main character morphed into someone older than myself and a bit more accomplished. Reasons for doing this is because, well, let's face it, I'm a deeply private individual and prefer to have that layer of insulation. There is also the issue where many of my life experiences simply don't fit the character I wished to portray.

The story itself is loosely based on my other Kitsumi Nova stories and is its own independent story in its own dimension within the Kitsumi Nova Multiverse. It also predates the Mustang sisters Nova and Summer. There will be comedy, and there will be poignant moments sure to tug at the heartstrings.

The story itself has seen several major rewrites and was even abandoned for a while.

Contains mild swearing and a few f-bombs
There will be one chapter in which the more squeamish may wish to skip over containing borderline gore and outright nightmare fuel. Granted that the more jaded readers probably won't even blink an eye.

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You have my attention. As for the first person italics problem, might I suggest putting everything not in first person within italics? Alternatively, you could simply show a shift in perspective with a line break, which you already did. Honestly there shouldn't be a need for italics as long as you immediately begin a new perspective shift with a quick signifier as to who is being viewed.

For example:

I walked out of the front of the castle, ready to make my way through the forest.

Princess Celestia felt a disturbance in the Force, as if somepony who shouldn't exist suddenly came to be.

Basically just make sure that a character's name is in the first sentence.

I've found that if I can remember to hit the italics button twice while the document is highlighted it cleans it up. What I've found is happening is that every time I edit the original document it adds formatting code around the edit. Which seems a really bizarre way to program a word processor. All that hidden formatting code gets turned into BB code and not only does it effect editing, it messes up the reader too. :facehoof:

supper mega nerd

I believe "chef" is the word you're looking for. :trollestia:

Chef as in a trained professional cook and tradesman who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation? No, don't think so. She doesn't do any cooking at all.

Chief would imply a leadership position. She's brilliant and an over achiever but not necessarily at the top of the leadership chain. Or anywhere near the top. In referring to the character as a "supper mega nerd" I'm deliberately overstating. I'm saying that she's no nerdy even nerds call her a nerd. She's into everything and this helps to explain why she doesn't go into a full blown panic on finding herself a little filly out in the middle of the Everfree. She understants that she might be crazy and that what she sees might not even be real. Her decision is based on a character in a comic I read many years ago who on finding themselves in a similar situation decided that rather then freak out or otherwise be put out about it in any way, they may as well enjoy it while it lasts.

I was making a joke. You had mispelled 'super' (great, substantial, etc.) as 'supper' (the lattermost meal of the day).

Oh... OK. I completely missed that. I use the reader to catch wrongs words in the story. I'm not always going to spot stuff, especially if my dyslexia is acting up.

alright you have my atention looking forward to the next chapter

Do people just like to hate on human-to-pony stories? I mean, it's hardly gotten started and there are already 12 downvotes. I haven't even been mean to Pinkie yet. Granted that the story is a bit on the experimental side and not likely to appeal to everyone.

Thank you to everyone who upvoted.

I get excited every time this gets updated, I just have to get used to nova's pov writing style

Normally I avoid doing first person view. The reason is because I'm something of a method writer. I can get into the character's head and get way too involved with my character.

I'd originally started this project while I was working on other things and it was really messing with my head. I found that if I'm doing first person I can't do anything else because I'll slip into that character while working on the other project. :facehoof:

One thing I won't do is switch characters while maintaining the first person perspective. I find that to be way too confusing. That's why I switch to third person if I need to convey something the primary character wouldn't know about but I feel the reader would benefit by knowing. Second person is even harder to get used to. At least for me it is.

But, the filly in the picture doesn't have a horn!

That part in the hair. I'm not the greatest artist and that's one I did a while back. She's suposed to have just a little button in that one.

Here's one when she's a little older drawn by a more confidant artist.

Every time I finish a chapter, I get sad because there are no more chapters to read:applecry:

Don't worry, there are twenty chapters waiting for final edits, and additional material yet to be loaded. I could just start putting them all up, but I've been making little edits as I think of things that can be added.

I get more and more confused every time, and I like it, makes me reread the chapter and wait for another chapter so I can clear things up.:derpytongue2:

It should be fairly straight forward. When Nova got hit by the combined beames from Luna and the Elements of harmony she was sent across the dimensional barrier instead of being imprisoned on the moon or heald in limbo. She lived a full life there. How she managed to come back to Equestria will be revealed later. As for having to have true friends to become an alicorn, that's based on canon. Nova becoming an alicorn is based on the theory that Twilight needed to be an alicorn to begin with for the transformation spell to have worked at all. That is to say that a pony does not need both wings and a horn to be an alicorn.

A curious thing about Sunset Shimer is that she is so powerful as a unicorn filly I have it in my mind that she was already an alicorn, minus the wings. When Sunset wants to become an alicorn all Celestia could really do was cast a spell to give her wings. I expect that it wouldn't have taken long for Sunset to realize that nothing had changed regarding her magical abilities only adding to the reasons Celestia could not, would not turn her into what Sunset wanted.

i like what i have seen so far and would appreciate more

These last few chapters were the perfect Christmas gift thank you

this made my day thank you for returning and continuing i know it has been a rough time lately thanks for not losing your spark stay healthy and have fun

a very dark forbidding forest


I had to think about it. I mean, forbidding kind of works. I'll go ahead and change it.

Bomb them, torch them with copious quantities of napalm, and flood their country with Kardashians.

Ok, I almost agreed on this, but that one last bit is downright evil. :pinkiecrazy:

Well, it's either foreboding or forbidden. Forbidding means that forest... forbids something? Doesn't seem right. Forbidden doesn't work well to describe forest either since it actually isn't. Nopony wander in there without a very solid reason, but that's about it. Well, it's kinda forbidden for foals, but that doesn't stop Apple Bloom from visiting Zecora, does it? It's very dangerous, but not forbidden.

Foreboding, on the other hand, describes a feeling the dark forest gives to those looking at it or visiting. Of course you can describe it as "dark gloomy forest", but that feels like semi-tautology.

BTW, I like the story. Hope you'll keep posting more of it. XD
And don't worry about little typos. It's almost impossible to catch them all, so someone will always find more of these pesky things and mention them in the comments. >_>

Well no, when Twilight became an Alicorn her magical abilities were clearly boosted a ton, It's silly to think that anypony with enough talent could be an Alicorn without wings.

It's head-canon stuff, canon to my stories, not cannon to the show for no other reason than they never really addressed what makes an alicorn. Nor am I the only one who has theorized that a pony must be an alicorn to start with to get both wings and a horn.

Also, keep in mind that despite Twilight's power as a young alicorn, Starlight Glimmer actually demonstrated the ability to do things twilight couldn't in several episodes to include blasting Discord. The only thing she needed from twilight was for her to cast the time travel spell. Nor did Twilight's power ratchet up right away after becoming an Alicorn. She had to learn how to use that power.

Now consider Sunset Shimmer's out of control Karen attitude. Imagine the tantrum she'd throw on being turned into an alicorn only to find she wasn't going to be all-powerful right out of the gate?

The point of saying that they were already alicorns within the story is to highlight that they were always special unique individuals.

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