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To join a group or not to? · 1:11am November 20th

Quite frankly I'm already in a bunch of Servers on Discord and rarely participate in any of them. If you invited me to a group, thank you, but I think I'll pass for now.

I joined the Shameless Self Promotion Bureau and found I didn't have it in me to shamelessly promote myself. XD

I love my features and thank you all.
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To be honest I've created two different types of fox ponies without even intending to do it.

The first set was the intentional Kitsune fox pony group. The back story I decided to go with to explain the fox pony subset was kitsune emigrating to Equestria to get away from persecution. Being capable of transformation magic they took on pony forms and simply blended in with the pony population with the core families marrying other fox ponies. Simple enough tells a big picture origin without having to fill in a lot of details.

I suspect that most people who create fox ponies just do it for the cuteness factor, and or because there's a certain amount of edginess to such characters. Nothing like having a nine tail as an OC, until we realize that a nine tail is the kind of character that can openly fight Discord and win. My own Kitsumi is only a one tail and she's already OP simply because I let her use more than one type of magic at the same time. If things are too easy for the character it can become a lot harder to craft a good story around that character.

The second set which was created unintentionally, are Equestrian Ponies who once served Princess Luna, and settled in the Forbidden forest outside of Hogwarts thanks to the portal in the mirror of Erised in my Harry Potter crossover. They are a mix of pegasi, unicorn, earth pony, and bat pony. Over the years the pegasus form wins out over the other pony types due to the harsh environment. Earth and unicorn types born into the community either don't live long or end up going native leaving a core population of pegasi with bat/flying fox traits.

Also, I'm perfectly fine if anyone wants to use these types. In fact, I doubt I could even claim the Kitsune fox pony as an original creature simply due to the lore of the Kitsune. Kitsune are known for taking on human form and marrying humans. In turn, the children of these unions were often gifted with abilities beyond what ordinary mortals were capable of. Who's to say the same thing might not happen in Equestria. Maybe the reason Twilight is so powerful is because her mother had been a fox pony all along? :twilightsmile:

loving your still writing your stories i mised kitsumi also will you ever get around to expanding on the lore of fox ponies i seem to see about 2-3 different variants but yours by far have the most in depth history

2900366 It looks great :heart:

Hi, I just happened to wonder around and spotted your bio. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and that I love your bio pic(and maybe be friends):heart:.

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