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This is the story of Kitzumi Nova Nightfoal Silvermane, and how she deals with the outcome of a spell gone horribly wrong. Kitzumi, known as Kitzu or Kizu by her friends, by means not entirely understood, somehow manages to go back in time, and finds herself in the ruined castle of the Two Sisters where she is found by Twilight Sparkle. Twilight is astonished that such a young filly would be so far out in the forest, and even more so when Kitzu identifies Twilight as her mother.

Kitzu is now faced with having to live in a past were no one knows her, and Kitzu isn't like other ponies either. Kitzu is part enchanted fox. A fox pony to be exact. Not only that but she has both wings, having been born a pegasus, and a small horn that's barely noticeable when she first arrives in the past. Just a pegasus with a button horn. How well will she cope with her situation, what will Twilight do now that a foal has been suddenly dropped in her lap? Not to mention the paradox of raising a foal who hasn't even been born yet. To make things even more complicated Kitzu is afraid of Princess Celestia while looking to Princess Luna as a second mother. It wouldn't be long before Luna finds herself doing everything she can to help Twilight.


There have been a few minor alterations for the sake of clarity, and with any luck I've found the majority of the issues. And to be honest I really didn't find a lot. I've lost track of how many times I've been over this and everything else, and quite frankly, yes there are probably more mistakes I've missed, and at this point .... take it as is because it's not really worth the trouble for something I'm not getting paid for. If I was, it would have professional readers and editors. Some of the best story tellers in history never worried about whether or not they had everything perfect.

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