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I'm a science-fiction and fantasy buff, creator of the Chakat Universe, and now dabbling in the MLP:FiM universe. I love a good story!


AMA: Ask Mark Anything · 3:02am November 9th

While we're in the break between "Off The Mark" books, I thought that perhaps we could have a bit of fun with the characters from the story.

Mark Wells is here to answer all your questions as honestly and completely as he can. (In other words, totally in character!)

EDIT: Future events are in the future! Mark has not got a crystal ball.

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Story sequence

I suggest that you read my Cogsverse stories in this order:
* Prelude To Change
* Change of Life
* Growing Up Dandy
* The Best Present

Conversations in a Canterlot Café

CHRYSALIS RESURGENT -- (Side stories in pink)
* A Different Perspective
* Begetting A New Beginning (NSFW extended version of the epilogue to "A Different Perspective".)
. . . . . . . . Questions and Answers with Long Path (by AlaskaIsCold and edited by me.)
. . . . . . . . Letters to the Queen (by AlaskaIsCold and edited by me.)
* The Growing Years (with AlaskaIsCold)
. . . . . . . . The Life and Times of Flix the Hippogriff (by AlaskaIsCold and edited by me.)
* Quantum Gallop

Life, Love, and Death in the House of Path

Hearth's Warming Is For Family

Cosmic Lotus

There is a some overlap of timeframes with my stories, but this is the best sequence in which to read them because the earlier stories give a lot of background for the latter.

Off the Mark features a human turned into a pony when he stumbles through a portal. You won't believe who is charge though. An Alternate Universe story.
Unchanging Loyalties is set in Calm Wind's Wonderverse but with a lot of elements from my Cogsverse. It takes place around the same time as Change of Life.
Safe Landings is based entirely in Starscribe's Ponies after People Universe which expands on his story - The Last Pony on Earth.

The "Alicorn" stories are totally unrelated and are a work-in-progress on hiatus.

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Good to know! I help out with the printed fiction group, and some stories are hard to find info on.

The "Off The Mark" story is huge and far too big to put into one volume. However, each book ends with arcs resolved and should be a comfortable read. In that way, it's no different from trilogies of other big stories that other authors publish.

How come "Off the Mark" is able to be purchased when it's incomplete? Is it going to be divided into multiple volumes?

Seriously though, I wonder how the ponies in Off The Mark would react to the revelation that they have been ruled in part by an alien all this time.

any chance of the forest tales continuing

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