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I'm a science-fiction and fantasy buff, creator of the Chakat Universe, and now dabbling in the MLP:FiM universe. I love a good story!


Dramatic Reading · 12:10pm December 4th

It's about time I promoted this. Shadow Quill has started doing a dramatic reading of "A Different Perspective" and he has four episodes done so far. It is his intention to do the entire novel, so he has his work cut out for him. Anyway, if that sort of thing interests you, check it out on YouTube. Here's a link to the first episode.


Story sequence

I suggest that you read my Cogsverse stories in this order:
* Prelude To Change
* Change of Life
* Growing Up Dandy
* The Best Present

Conversations in a Canterlot Café

CHRYSALIS RESURGENT -- (Side stories in pink)
* A Different Perspective
* Begetting A New Beginning (NSFW extended version of the epilogue to "A Different Perspective".)
* Questions and Answers with Long Path (by AlaskaIsCold and edited by me.)
* Letters to the Queen (by AlaskaIsCold and edited by me.)
* The Growing Years (with AlaskaIsCold)
* The Life and Times of Flix the Hippogriff (by AlaskaIsCold and edited by me.)
* Quantum Gallop

Life, Love, and Death in the House of Path

Cosmic Lotus

There is a some overlap of timeframes with my stories, but this is the best sequence in which to read them because the earlier stories give a lot of background for the latter.

Unchanging Loyalties is set in Calm Wind's Wonderverse but with a lot of elements from my Cogsverse. It takes place around the same time as Change of Life.

Safe Landings is based entirely in Starscribe's Ponies after People Universe which expands on his story - The Last Pony on Earth.

The "Alicorn" stories are totally unrelated and are a work-in-progress on hiatus.

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I guess I just forgot that I already had it. But like I said, now I have one which each cover art, and a few extra bucks your way for all the art doesn't hurt either.

I did say that it was a new cover, not a new book, but thank you for buying another copy anyway. It will help to pay off that expensive art! :rainbowlaugh:

Welcome to Arizona Goldfur!!!! Glad to have ya and hope you enjoy this great state while you are here. Have a safe trip home and can't wait for you to start writing once again.

So I got my copy of "A Different Perspective" in the mail the other day. I just now went to move it from my desk and put it on my bookshelf when I noticed something funny: I already HAD a copy of it, lol! My older copy has the original cover art (split face of Free and Long) while the new copy has the cover art from Baron Engel, so I now have a copy of each cover art. Not a bad thing, but funny as hell! I figured you'd get a chuckle from that.

  • Viewing 115 - 119 of 119
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