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This story is a sequel to The Growing Years

Flix is often looked over when thinking about Herd Path's latest generation. Hes not an alicorn, hes not a world leader, hes not a fantastic warrior, and hes not a changeling queen. He is however almost constant pain in his parent's side AND Discord's number two greatest student (He could never beat screwball). He's never in the spotlight and that's just how he likes it! The following is the adventures of Flix the Hippogriff

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Gonna read the :yay: out of this the moment I have spare time! :pinkiehappy:

Edit: And it was a glorious beginning! Fun with chaos indeed :rainbowlaugh:

Great starting point.

We need those photos?:coolphoto:

I had put this on my tracking list the second I opened it. It's safe to say that is understandable considering how much I love this universe.

However, that was a mistake, after reading the chapter in its entirety, I know I can't leave it on my tracking list.

So it will just have to fit somewhere in my Favorites List.
Thanks for the literary gift.

--- One Psychopathic Maniacal Fox



Great START absolutely stunning.
Run LUNA RUN actually that probably applies to the others as well.

Song 1 (ponyized parody) : https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=O17f3lB7BFY

Song 2 (ponyized parody) : https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=YU2qyjfr6Kg

Song 3 (ponyized parody): https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=jbrzZWLu6Qw

Good start to the story and I get a feeling that this:trollestia:may be a common emote that gets used.

Just came over from a whole other story,
Sunny Day
Had me well and confused for a moment. :derpyderp2:

I think someone put something in the drinks. :trollestia:
Considering the amount of times Twilight and Sunny has been through that round, it's incredible they still haven't gotten better at it. :facehoof: :trollestia:

Oh dear ... looks like Discord's gonna need another hat. :-p At least Flix didn't whip out a manticore ...

I wonder what Lesson 1 will be.

Maybe not CHaos but certainly an illustration of Schrödinger's cat

"Hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat,"
"That trick never works"
"Nothing up my sleeve...Hey presto"
Lions head comes up, growls savagely, Bullwinkle pushes it back down
"Wrong hat?"
"I think it says it in the hat!"

Pinkie-class chaos gate

Oh. Oh, my.

Alright, that was pretty unexpected indeed. So random... but I admit that it got quite a few chuckles from me.
Nice job!

Also, Pinkie-class anything is... well... prepare your contingencies. ALL of them.

Thank you for this. It brightened my day. Also, did you mean to leave those extra spaces in the youtube links?

Im working on the next one right now.
second letter to the queen is already done and waiting for "polishing"

nothing is impossible, just infinity improbable

Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?

Discord tilted his glasses and looked to her. “Teleporting two ponies is easy, but I can’t tell why it is. Trade secret you understand. I bet he could have done it after a few months of my training. Affecting large areas permanently – now that’s hard!” He laughed and leaned back.

I've heard this somewhere but damned if I can place it, thought it was Ramirez in Highlander but not sure?

Scotty:Damage control is easy. Reading Klingon, that's hard.

Ah, got it Scotty in Star Trek IV

“It’s like suddenly somebody just… ceased to exist and –”

Would this be Obiwan (Alec Guinness) in Star Wars - A new Hope on Alderaan destruction?

Seven foot pipe strapped to unmentionables and hitting another pipe with it... did he have a very strange, almost murderous expression, was he naked and holding himself up by crutches? :rainbowlaugh:

Good chapter though. I doubt I spotted all the references, but those I did.. well... well played.
Amusing read was amusing. So now to explain the sudden teleport to "Fleur".

me, during this whole chapter: :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

just infinity improbable.


Watch out for that whale and bowl of petunias.

The post modern art dude with the 7 foot pole on his member was a real exhibit that received lots and lots of attention a while back. Most of it negative.

Ponies out of yarn might be the crochet ponies you can get on Etsy.

"....is easy......that's hard" is from all sorts of books. One Tom Clancy novel hilariously wrote the American scientist's point of view "Adapting the beam to go through the atmosphere without losing collimation is trivial. Getting enough power into the beam, now that's impossible!" Followed immediately with a change of scene where a Russian scientist was explaining "generating a 50 Megawatt laser pulse is trivial. Now getting that through the atmosphere without is scattering everywhere, that's impossible!" The joke being that there are exactly two kinds of problems for scientists. Trivial (= solved) and impossible (= not figured out yet).

Fluttercord is best ship.

Discord stopped for a moment before he turned to the four kids and smiled. “Okay, student hopefuls, you want to take a class with the Lord of Chaos himself? You just need to pass a few simple tests first. Meet at the Twilight statue in the town center at noon!”
Destined blinked. “There is no such statue in the center of town.”
Discord snapped his talons and he grinned. “There is now. Study hard pupils – you have just under twelve hours!” Discord disappeared in a puff of pink smoke.

Okay, Alaska. You definitely left something out here....:facehoof:

What was Twilight doing when Discord turned her into a statue? When did he release her from being a statue? What did she do to him after she got released? And how did the other ponies in town react to the sight of the statue?? How did the kids???:twilightoops:

These details are important! Especially if Twilight were...say...taking a bath at the time. Or eating ice cream. Or checking herself in the mirror to see if she was gaining weight.:twilightangry2:

I mean...really...this is DISCORD we're talking about. Anyone think for a moment that he'd leave something as important as those questions to chance? :trollestia:


It wasn't twilight turned into a statue... it was a statue made in twilight's image...

7555105 I repeat: this is DISCORD we're talking about. He wouldn't just make a statue of Twilight and plop it down in the middle of town--he'd USE her for it :trollestia:

Pretty sure Flix teleportation was the Improbability drive in Hitchikers guide to the galaxy.

Well someone had a night to Remember.

Guessing by the fact that a certain someone is having her nephew stand in, I'm wagering this goes on sometime after Quantum Gallop.
Not that he seems to enjoy it anymore than the last time :trollestia:

So, Luna has two nights to her name, so which will be Celestia's second day?

“Don’t care! Beam me up, Moony!”
Oh the Star Trek is strong with this one...Has Discord shown Flix other dimensions yet?

Heh! I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue if Flix and Silver Quill were put in the same story. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


It takes place during quantum gallop. This would be Destined's second time with throne duty.

Free just nodded. “And then we got the balls and chain.”

Should that be 'chains' plural as well?

The mass of attendees cheered even louder; some of them were blowing whistles and others wereshaking glowsticks.

Triple space!

7682185 Luna has a thousand years of special nights to catch up on. I wouldn't deny her this luxury.
7682326 Say hi, Flix, to James Doohan while your there, his ashes are still floating around where no man has gone before.


On May 22, 2012, a small urn containing some of Doohan's remains in ash form was flown into space aboard the Falcon 9 rocket as part of COTS Demo Flight 2.


I know it means Equus but it makes me think of the Bifröst

“I am going to bang pots and pans together when I get out of this,” Destined said quietly as his eye twitched.

YAY, a tinkettling for the sisters WOOHOO!

So much running around and all around good time in this chapter. Merriness!
Also those small insertions were just awesome :rainbowlaugh:

More! Moooorrreee! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, Flix needs a picture at some point. Because Flix is underappreciated.

For anyone wondering click this 'rhombic triacontahedron'
Tia just wants it for herself...cause this...
How the others saw it...

Celestia just looked at Luna with a huge grin. “Let’s go out tonight. I’m tired of the stuffy noble ponies. I want to go have fun!” Her horn powered up and she transformed into her Sunny Skies guise and trotted out of the room as well.

and uncensored chaos ensues?

Oh. Buck. :pinkiegasp:

Excuse me, I need to start to find a diamond dog so I can have it help me make a shelter deep enough to not get hurt when 'Tia gets back to herself. And the fallout of the Path family's punishment of Flix.

I hear the core of the planet is nice this time of the year. :twilightblush:

Rose rolled her eyes. “Well, let’s make sure that what he’s making isn’t going to break the universe.”

"And, yes, that's a thing that almost happened."
Flix, blushing: "MOOOOOMMMM!"

Orlonda ran after him. “Flix! Wait! You just can't do that! Your moms are going to be so mad!”
Luna looked back to Celestia. “Sister, are you okay?”
Celestia just looked at Luna with a huge grin. “Let’s go out tonight. I’m tired of the stuffy noble ponies. I want to go have fun!” Her horn powered up and she transformed into her Sunny Skies guise and trotted out of the room as well.
Luna groaned and followed. “This... this is not good.”

oh dear. :rainbowlaugh:

Uncensored Tia...this is gonna be wild:pinkiecrazy:

Interesting compared to what she could've done Celestia is still tame. In some ways while not good for everyone having a chance to blow off steam is good for Celestia. It's what else she might do that could well be the issue. Remember she's been dealing with nobels for over 10centuries without the support of Luna

Uncensored Tia :twilightoops:
Flix! :twilightangry2:
He really, really need to learn that tantrum and magic isn't a viable answer. :facehoof:

I LOVE the premise of this story. Every leader who has the power to change the lives of others has their "Uncle Ben" moment when they realize they can destroy those same lives, I expect Flix is about to have his moment.

The pair of alicorns arrived at the entrance to the gallery, and almost instantly things seemed off. A few of the ponies looked depressed, their colors faded, mumbling about how their lives were nothing, how they were all so very, very small. On the other side of the spectrum some ponies ran out of the gallery ecstatic and enraptured by something only they knew.
Between the two groups sat two ponies. One a gray pegasus with a walleyed condition, blonde mane and tail, and a cluster of bubbles as a cutie mark. The other a brown earth pony with darker brown mane and tail, and an hourglass cutie mark.
"I do say. That was most impressive, Flix. Well done!" Derpy was telling Flix. "Of course, I've seen much of that before. You know that old saying? 'Been there. Done that.'?"
"Muffin?" the Doctor cheerfully offered, holding a tray of them up to Flix.


Well... I can't say that Celestia's handling of the situation was ideal as well. How about discussing it first before outright yelling about closing it?

Oh well. Not good for them, amusing for us. But yeah, Flix went too far this time.

Ooooh, Flux is in trouble!

Interesting chapter little wonder Flix is angry I assume what he did to Celestia wore off or Discord fixed it after a while. Though I find communication takes two people at least

One came up its normal yellow and red, but the other came up the same colors as Flix’s eye. A beam of light shot out of it and onto a wall,

it’s not like I turned her into a balloon doggie even though I could have,

Discord, "Hmmm, never thought of doing that one before...OH Sunbutt, Moonbutt, Lovebutt I have a treat for you all,"

They really had no choice but to sit down as Discord walked over to the front of the ‘class’ in the unicorn professor guise that he often used in Ponyville.


Put your hand in the bag and grab out bits.


Look like we're going south.”

Even parents need a shake and rattle now and again.

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