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I'm a science-fiction and fantasy buff, creator of the Chakat Universe, and now dabbling in the MLP:FiM universe. I love a good story!


This story is a sequel to Change of Life

Hearth's Warming is a time for family to come together to celebrate, but can Whirring Cogs accept one relative in particular when she comes to visit?

This is a stand-alone short story that is a sequel to the events of Change Of Life and many of my other stories.

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I'm just curious, but how did Dandy manage to split off Sunset from herself? Did I miss a story somewhere?

I'm just curious, but how did Dandy manage to split off Sunset from herself? Did I miss a story somewhere?

Indeed. As far as I was aware, Sunset and Dandy were the same pony, Sunset brought to life by Dandy's shapeshifting ability.

Stories like this never fail to bring up the HATE inside me. And I'm thankful for that, even if in the end I cannot give anything but dislike to the stories in question.



I wondered if anyone would notice that, and the answer is in a story that I have never gotten around to writing, but there's a clue in the final chapter of "Growing Up Dandy".

Oh, now you have me curious....

Time for me to do a little research. "Grabs my copy of 'Change of Heart' from the bookshelf and looks'

Oh, you sneaky... (the content enclosed here is like Radiance Point when he is extremely inspIREd)
and furthermore.... (launches into another tirade)

I envy your skill, friend. Well done indeed!

Tail HIGH! (damn QSRO's...)

You actually did the same thing to me. I'm curious as to what you think this fic did wrong.

You also had kinda told me you'd explain your reasoning when I told you to do so in my fic.

*checks his story folders*
Ah, yes. I simply forgot to write that reply. Manual labor coupled with 12+ hours of work aren't exactly conductive to remembering hobby related things. Also, as English is my 3rd language, writing anything is kind of a chore that likely takes a few times longer to do than for an average native speaker.

Now to the question(s) itself:

1) It's not about 'what did this fic do wrong'. It's about a particular pet peeve of mine. Namely 'forced personality rewrite' of any kind. (For the record - I do not make a difference between it and 'reborn without some memories', 'heavily memory editing' and so forth). Seeing it on a character that I do care about can only bring out hate in me (It's often worse than death of a character imao) In such case everything else (Grammar, premise, characterization, overall writing skill) is completely irrelevant.

**I'll add a second part of the answer after a dinner, about 30 minutes later I think

finishing a first part: I usually search for stories through character tags. I do expect for the tagged character to appear in the story in person as their actual selves AND play a significant role in it. It's one of the reasons why we have limited number of character tags and/or group tags (mane 6 or dazzlings). (Stories that fail in this regard do aggravate me, and often warrant a dislike just on wasting my time.) Would this story not have a 'Queen Chrysalis' tag, I would neither read it nor given it a dislike.

As for your story, I'll write my answer in the comments there. It may be a bit overdue, but I don't think that it belongs here anyway.

I'm sad to say you're setting up yourself to be disappointed. These are fanfics, they are made by fans. Usually their interpretation varies but the show inherently limits what a character can do/how they react.

If you expect the characters at their "maximum Canon-Ness" don't read fanfics.

Don't take this the wrong way but that's how it goes. I mean if we're being technical then all fanfics need to slap the "Alternative Universe" tag on them.

I also had similar reservations in the past about fanfics, fanon, Canon, and originality. I'm opposed to some ideas like "hive-mind" and while I still am I've learned to ignore it and focus on having fun. Life's too short for me to bitch about someone having different tastes from me. My energy is precious.

“Exactly. After Chrysalis was cleansed of the Nightmare, Harmony kept working on her, regressing her until she was innocent nymph once more.”

Wait, you made a Chrysalis-Nyx? :trollestia:

“I don’t care,” Cogs interrupted. “I said to get out of my home!”

Oh yes. A very tolerant attitude there, Cogsie :facehoof:

Welp, that was nice and fuzzy :rainbowkiss:

Nice little extra Christmas present. And I'd just re-read the old stories :-)

You do have a point about the tags. I was tossing up whether to include the Chrysalis tag because, although technically correct, she isn't the same person anymore. However, that's the nature of fanfics. You are entitled to dislike that kind of treatment. However, I reserve an actual down-vote to badly written stories, not pet hates. Obviously you haven't read the previous stories where Chrysalis was very much in character despite my mentioning that this story is a sequel to those events. I have removed the Chrysalis tag now. Sorry about wasting your time.

You had to go back and re-read it though, didn't you? :twilightsmile:

Same here. So, is Quasi taking on the role of Dandy, or Sunset? I'm betting on Dandy myself.

You can't please everypony, unfortunately. Sometimes you just have to dodge the 'punches' as fast as a Wonderbolt can...

The name is Quazi. As for whom Quazi replaces... one of these days I'm going to write that story. :rainbowlaugh:

Be interesting. Hell they might have not even needed help to breed.

We'll be here, waiting patiently as usual.

Isn't what happened in this series less like "reborn without some memories" and more akin to, say, rewinding a tape and recording over it?

All in all, not a bad story--just not one of your better one. Still, I give it a thumbs-up.

TBH, I was hoping that the resolution didn't happen so quickly--that Whirling didn't get reminded about Twilight's lesson until at least a dozen or so chapters later. It would've been more fun to see what sort of problems the characters would be faced with until he recalled his debt to Twilight. After all, pendulums swing and always go to their extremes. It's often hard to get them to stop at that "happy medium" and settle down.

Seeing as how this is a sequel, that should have driven you to read the previous stories in order to attain the setting of the story and understand the characters involved. Had you done that, you would have known the background to the change in Chrysalis' character, or rather the new character that has grown from from what Chrysalis was; there was no "personality rewrite" involved, it was a virtual reincarnation into an altogether new character. Knowing that, you would have been able to go into this story without your senseless bigoted hate, vomiting your asinine and unwanted opinions about.

As Goldfur stated, and as stated by many of the site moderators in the past, a down-vote should be based on flaws such as poor writing and dramatically changing the essence of a character and other such things as opposed to personal opinion and dislikes.

In short, if you don't like the story then GTFO.

Considering the similarities between the persona that Quazi originally presented to Cogs and Sunset Blaze, replacing Sunset would be my guess. But maybe they take turns or something? Could certainly make some grand entertainment in the form of some sort of "Who Am I Today" game, lol.

Close enough. :twilightsmile:

I tried to leave the impression that Cogs still needed to work through some things with her. However, it was supposed to be Christmas short about family, not a long story about soul searching - I already did that in "Conversations in a Canterlot Cafe".

Thanks for your understanding in regards to the character tag. Though there's surely no need to apologize in this case - after all I spent more than 10 times more time writing comments to the story than actually reading it.

And for the record - I surely never disputed Chrysalis tag in the prequels to this story, merely to this one.

Again, GLHF with your writing

*shrugs* that's kinda semantics imao. And I said "and so forth".

First of all, keywords are, and I quote you "altogether new character". That's exactly my point. It doesn't matter if you call it reincarnation or whatever - it's not Chrysalis anymore.

As for sequel/prequel thing - well, these days I tend to deliberately look for some spoilers and/or start with latest chapters if I have significant doubts that a story would be to my liking. For example I have only read a first half of latest chapter of "Past Sins" before dropping it for good.

As for ratings - If I have a stong dislike to a story after reading at least a part of it - I give it a dislike (and vice versa). It's that simple. And while it often is caused by bad writing (imao, obviously), I see absolutely no point reserving my negative ratings to badly written stories exclusively. And as I don't care about most of the stories - I neither read nor rate them. You have different opinion on the matter? I'm happy for ya, but it doesn't change anything for anyone else.

I suppose seeing as the literal point of the story is that the character in question is _not_ Chrysalis, I can see why that would be a point of dispute.

Carry on, sir.

Understood. I can certainly understand your desire to making it as short as possible, but this sort of encounter with those characters just begs for a longer drama.
As I said, it's not a bad story, and I still like it. I just can't rate it as a great story.
At least I still have your "Orbital Maneuvers" to dive into for now. :pinkiehappy:

I only just managed to get around to reading this, but that was just so heartwarming!
Indeed, a scary demon to face... but seeing the truth was really more than any words could describe in this case.

Wonderful :twilightsmile:

Regardless of what others might think, I liked it. It was kinda short and bare, but, is how things go sometimes.

What the hell is going on the story is all over the place where is the missing pieces i dont understand. I went from the story that ended with summer and dandelion getting married to this where suddenly Dandelion is now 2 ponies? And is there a separate story for all the stuff on the side like the first changeling Twilight met and then the new element bearers? Im so confused

Have you not read the rest of this series? There's loads of other stories like the Cogs Life series and the Chrysalis Resurgent trilogy. They all come before this one.

Why cant I UPcheck this more than ONCE??????????


She didn't actually.

I though Dandelion Dreams and Sunset Blaze were the same pony.


I thought Dandelion Dreams and Sunset Blaze were the same pony.

They are... or were. :trixieshiftright:
The answer to that conundrum is a hint at the end of "Growing Up Dandy". :twilightsmile:


I was going to ask that very question. Good to see my hypothesis confirmed so swiftly. This is a fun series. :pinkiehappy:

Off to read more of it... got to get all the fiery details!

so much love,
this story has so much meaning behind it.

... Following close behind was Dandelion Dreams with her wife, Summer Storm; her husband, Sunset Blaze; and their three foals...

Wat whaaat?! :pinkiegasp:
Both Sunset Blaze and Dandy at the same time?:unsuresweetie:
I'm guessing that Fiery Blaze did more than roommate with the happy couple/trio. :raritywink:

Congratulations! You figured it out without me having to explain it. :twilightsmile:

Awesome! :pinkiehappy:

I'll just take thid moment to say thag I have enjoyed your stories immensely, and I'm off to read the coffee shop story as soon as a get some free time. :twilightsmile:
Or is there a recommend order of reading?

Go to my front page and I have the stories listed in chronological order. :twilightsmile:

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