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50 Questions, since everpony's doing them now. · 4:19pm Oct 22nd, 2020

I've never been good at resisting a good bandwagon to hop on, and it's a good way to get to know people. So here goes:

1. What is your first name?
Nils, but no one ever calls me that.

2. How old are you?

3. What country are you from?
The glorious kingdom of Sweden.

4. What do you look like?
Short broad shouldered viking guy.

5. What do you wish you looked like?

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I' sure I will, it looks like exactly the kind of stories I'm interested in.

Thanks for the watch! I hope you enjoy my work!

You are most welcome, Tome.

Thanks Snowy, yes I do rather like Fallout Equestria. Been falling behind on reading your book a bit, but I'll catch up eventually.

Hm, yes let's go with that. Honestly I've never actually made an OC called Atom Smash, I just needed a name to use on FiMfic and was listening to an audiobook about The Large Hadron Collider at the moment. The profile pic is the cutie mark of my FoE protagonist in a story I got in my head but will probably never write. Lead Storm.

WE HAVE CONS?! :pinkiegasp: No but seriously, you'd be very welcome here.

Can't say I do much. Norway is only a short trip away, but I don't have any friends there so I rarely visit. Much more likely to visit England and Stockholm.

And thank you for pulling such a nice group of people together.

Hello there!

Thank you for the bookshelf, I hope you enjoy Fallout: Equestria. Chapter 53 is a real rollercoaster!.

If you wanna join the massive community, check out my discord of over 600 people/ponies/gryphons/other gathered together to enjoy ponies, 40K, sci-fi, and video games!

Remember something through, the stories here on FimFiction live and die based upon the upvote/downvote bar. So anything you enjoy please do drop the upvote and if you don't like it; downvote! I need that feedback too to let me know what I should keep going with.

Lastly, if you leave comments, yes I answer them; ALL OF THEM eventually... sometimes same day, sometimes you get a response a month later.

Now to prove I read your profile:
Atom Smash as in the character from a Fallout: Equestria Story who doesn't take themselves that seriously?

Why does no one ever call you by your name?

Sweden! I was scheduled to come to a con there! Sadly, ya know the Plague.

You wouldn't happen to get around to Norway very often?

Thank you again,


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