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[they/them] Thank you for making room in your life for another amateur author. Let me bring you my gifts.

About me:

Most of the time, I'll let my writings speak for myself; if, and when, they come. But considering the fact that I plan to be more present in this site (which is strange, considering it's way past its heyday), I think I might write up a simple introduction.

Hello. You may call me Pearl - transfem and proud, currently residing in the land of maple syrup, though I'm in the wrong coast for that. I've dabbled in writing here and there, but only very recently have I actually considered publishing it to a wider audience.

You'll mostly find me in the Quills & Sofas Speedwriting group - these people were the first to push me to write and publish in FimFiction, and as such I am forever grateful for that. You can also contact me through any of my listed linked accounts.

I am considering commissions for cover art and stories. However, my commissions will be closed for as long as I reside in the States. I will open them as soon as possible - stay tuned.

Thanks, and with much love,
Stay happy-


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Hey. Appreciate it a ton! :heart:

Have a follow. You deserve it.

Thanks for the follow!

Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, friend!

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

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