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Come here to set up and join Dungeon & Dragons or other pencil and paper games. If you have any D&D or other rpg themed fics feel free to post them.

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No problem, I've been there myself.

I had the same problem (or thought, there's generally lots of people, the hard thing is to find them).

Check out roll20.net and other online forums, they are often looking for people to join. Playing online is nearly as fun as doing it in person, and a lot easier to find groups since you aren't limited to people living close to you.

I wanna be in a campaign so bad, but no one around my area plays D&D.

This sounds really good!

Hey! I need some help with creating a character. Can anyone offer their services?

Any DMs out there willing to take on a newcomer?

Added a story on accident, I'm sorry. I'll try to figure out how to take it off...

387037 Falenas my half-elf fighter would love to be a part of this campaign! Also can I use this scenario with my buddies at my D&D game tommorow?

So, this is cool. Only two months after I joined this group, and started playing D&D, I have studied the 5th edition DM guide enough to form an ENTIRE campaign! I'll be new to DM'ing, but my campaign will have Equestria tied in as a fallen realm in need of aid. My concept is that the evil gods of the basic DnD pantheon invaded Equestria through the Gates of Tartaurus, breaking loose Tirek, (And I'm thinking of inventing some other villains based on the Greek Titans) rallying Chrysalis and the Changelings, Discord saw who the winning team was, and betrayed his friends again, (He's weak of character. What do you expect from a true Chaotic Neutral aligned character?) the Pegasai were all turned into Nightmares, the other races of pony enslaved under Tirek, Chrysalis, and Discord, (Although Discord is slightly more merciful. He just likes screwing with ponies... Not so much enslavement.) each ruling a portion of Equestria. But Gamer, what about the good guys!? I'm glad you asked! As I said, the Pegasai were turned into Nightmares, this includes Rainbow and Fluttershy. I'm sorry. They can't be saved. But, they will be bosses later! Anyways, this broke the Mane6 apart, and the evil permeated Equestria so much, that the Tree of Harmony died, but as a last resort it expels the Elements once more, in their default rupee-shaped forms, and Twilight grabbed them up. With Equestria doomed, Cadance trapped in the Crystal Empire with Shining Armor, Twilight extracted the souls of her friends, Fluttershy and Rainbow's from memory, and placed them in the Elements. Celestia, Luna, and Twilight open a portal to another plane, the homelands of C&L's mothers Pelor and Sehanine. (Yes, I'm writing Sunbutt and Moonbutt as demigods.) They arrive at Celestia's namesake, Mount Celestia, at the summit with spells protecting their forms, (without which they will no longer be sentient horses.) they give Twilight ALL THE MAGIC of their very existence, sacrificing themselves. Twilight scatters the elements into dungeons in the material planes, save hers, and stands at the summit of Mount Celestia, watching Equestria, watching the Multiverse through her magic, waiting for five heroes to retake Equestria beside her. Also, the Elements are needed to reopen the portal to Equestria. *Phew* Thoughts on the writing?

howzabout a fic thats main plot is every creature from DnD monster manual III decide to make equestria home?

would that fit in here?

Anyone remember Mithril? No?

Played my first D&D session last night, been interested in learning for years, and with 5th edition out and enough interest in my local area, my library has started a D&D program. (I thankfully had /some/ foreknowledge)
So, the thought struck my mind while staring at my miniatures, to find a group or fics here on the site. Lo and behold, my search be not in vain!

so I got a D&D pony/dark souls fic would that be cool with you dudes or something more focused

Man we really need a Shadowrun fic in here.

"Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, EVER cut a deal with an alicorn!"

(Personally I think alicorns being the mysterious, sometimes-good-sometimes-evil creatures of the setting would be cool.)

Greetings fellow nerds and otherwise socially awkward people!

Hello, name’s Shaderunner. So in short I’m a giant table top RPG geek and I started writing this story as a means to improve my storytelling skills. Any one of you who ever was a Game master knows that a combat encounter is simple to make but a good RP scene is the real challenge. As for why I chose to write a story in Equestria, well the clash between two cultures, one the almost idyllic society of Equestria and the other the grim reality of the Forgotten Realms can make for some interesting storytelling, I just hope I’m able to use it to it’s full potential.
Well there’s my motivations and ideas. Hope to get some good positive feedback from you guys.

Not played Pathfinder or D&D myself, but I'm always willing to try new things. I'm mostly a New World of Darkness and CthulhuTech player among other things, and I'm currently working on some campaign ideas if anybody is interested.

I getting used to this group stuff.
I got a question, would this story fit this group?


I've made a Pathfinder folder and put your story in there.

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