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So, I was waiting on a steam download for TWO DAYS... · 4:16pm Sep 11th, 2015

...And then this happened. I regret nothing.

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2048463 I'm glad!

Learn anything new from your writing?


I'm glad you think so! I even indented the paragraphs like you always told me!

Slowly, the long-dead skeleton of the content creator's page turned in the cold darkness of the catacombs...

"He's not dead, you know." It sighed with an otherworldly voice. "He's simply... Moved on. Abandoned us..." The haunting voice continued to echo.

"Perhaps one day he shall return, and bring us new life? Perhaps he will leave us to rot? In either case, his time, care, and effort has gone into all you see here. 'Twill be a fond memory to us all."

And so the skeleton turned back to rest, to care for all that his master left behind, hopeful that he will one day return.

  • Viewing 63 - 67 of 67
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