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Hello! This is a group for those who want prayer, who want to tell about answers to prayer, and who want to thank God for His blessings. You don't have to be a Christian to ask for prayer. We accept anyone who needs it. Please no trolls; this is a group for people who may be hurting. If you want people to talk to, we're here. I'm here too; just pm me. I will be praying for you.

Just a few rules.

1. This is not a group for debating
You can do that elsewhere. Keep the forum a safe and calm place.

2. Be nice
No bashing other people. No profanity. Treat others how you want to be treated. Keep things appropriate.

3. Keep the thread topics on topic
You can talk about answers to prayer, prayer requests, blessings, and the goodness of God. Again, no trolling. If you are in need of help or are hurting, go ahead and start a thread.

That should be it. If you seriously violate one of these rules, I will not hesitate to ban you. I'll send a pm telling you why.


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There is much silence here...

Heya! I've been pretty absent from FiMFiction lately, but I had no idea this existed!

Also, I spot HallelujahBrony floating around... I think you're subbed to me on Youtube? Not sure, all I know is we've met in the comments section of some video out there.

Lol, I didn't see this til today. I really haven't had a problem with them. I'm considering asking someone to be an admin along with me, but it really doesn't look like I need it. I'll probably leave it up, though.

Cool, this is a good idea. I suggest that you edit out that the 'no trolling' bit. Saying that will only encourage them.

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