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I... think I liked it. Have a thumbs up.

...I was expecting The Jesus from Big Lebowski.

Ah, well. This was funny, anyway.

Response to title: Wut. :rainbowderp:
But the story was pretty decent. 4/5 Moustaches.

dayum well played, you used Jesus smartly and curtiously. Very well done I must commend you for such skill!:pinkiesmile:

Not bad, not bad at all. :moustache:

This was great, I won't lie.

Can I post before people start saying things like "Hooray for Christianity" and similar shit?

Sequel!!! Did you write the first one too?

I don't know, author, I'm tempted to downvote. You went way too easy on Blueblood!

Kidding, kidding. Well, about the downvote, that is, not going too easy on Blueblood. This is actually quite entertaining, for the absurdity if nothing else. :pinkiecrazy:

Wasn't too bad, I guess?


What's the 4th footnote supposed to be for?

Are you doing all si...I dread Pinkie and Twilight's "teatime."


What started off your average story about a deity hopping dimensions to have tea with a magical talking horse...you know what? Forget it. :derpyderp2:

Thumbs up, all the same.


Before I start my actual reply, I must apologize in advance for.any tardiness on my part in replying to any comments. Currently (as this was all prewritten) I'm on a road trip, traversing the Midwestern US of A, and only able to type upon my phone with my catoonishly large and.fumbling fingers.

First, yes I am the author of the original "Fluttershy Has Tea With Jesus" fic. Yes, this is a direct sequel and I've decided to go all out and write four more, one for each pony and all with wildly different setting and scenarios. Think "Pinkie Pie Has Tea With Jesus," anyone?

Not too happy with this one. Originally it was supposed to be with Luna, and at some point someone suggested Hitler and the CMC. Don't think that will happen. Rarity is just boring to wrote for me, and I feel I didn't personify the setting like in the last one.

Secondly, the whole idea started both as a joke and the desire to prove religion doesn't have.to be flammatory, and that you don't have to make fun of Jesus it Christians to be entertaining. So if you could tone down on those comments in the future, thanks.

You kids enjoy this while I'm on vacation.

I'm eager to see moar! Sweet fics man!

Nice, but a little harsh with BlueBlood. He was rude. He dies a million deaths by Rarity.
Hitler nearly took over the world. He might meet the CMC.

Who has it tougher anyway?:applejackunsure:

Strongly reminded me of Adam Douglas' style. Loved this story. I especially loved the subtle references to Hitchikers guide to the galaxy

The footnotes were awesome.

A uncontroversial story involving Jesus. Very nice. Semi-related, the name "Jesus" can also be pronounced "Hay-suse". I can't know for sure which way the ponies were pronouncing it, but I'm leaning towards the latter given their affinity for horse-related puns.

Yeah, the setting could have been more surreal but yknow what? I think this one is on par with the last. Two for two, 10/10 worst fic of the year, two enthusiastic thumbs up, and twenty-seven gold stars with a perfect score of 57.5 each, that brings your total score to one :moustache: and a bag of Cheetos. Arbitrary rating system is arbitrary, wutchugonnadoaboutit?



You make me want to stab myself

with a beachball


1221556 What about Karl Marx and the Apple Family? x3

Liking this series. Keeping an eye on the rest of 'em.

While I'm certainly no authority on the matter, this seems to me as exactly how Jesus should be be portrayed - polite, humble, wise, and profound; the sort of person who doesn't need to preach his ways because he leads by example so well. Excellent story. :scootangel:

Was really hoping this was written by Bill O'reilly but sadly it wasn't. He's the one that makes hilarious stories with ridiculous titles like these. Nonetheless the story was pretty good. 4/5 from this commando... speaking of O'reilly, has anybody heard anything about him?

Because fuck you, Blueblood.

kingtiger 6:66 - O Retsamoreh, I pray that you might, in your divine wisdom, write more of this series quickly, that we may dwell in your house of fanfiction forever.

You know what'd be cool? If every one of these is perfectly calm and inoffensive, and then the very last one is a horrific bloodbath.

How on earth would that be cool? That just doesn't make sense. There IS an actual plot going on here and I can assure you it's not even remotely headed in that direction :ajbemused:

If you'll permit me a moment of ridiculous over-the-top overanalysis ...

This story is secretly a scathing metacommentary on modern Christianity. Call it the Parable of the Ponies.

Back in the roots of his religion, Jesus' ministry was the meek and humble. Now, however, in the modern era of megachurches and televangelists, he speaks directly to those who would have once been cast out as moneychangers in the temple. As hard as he tries to get his message through -- and keep the message uncorrupted -- ultimately the desires of those he speaks with will shape how he is perceived and interpreted.

He still rejects the display of ostentatious wealth, but his church will not accept for him to be less than "fabulous", and so he must trade in his traditional garb for new fineries.

His message of love still comes through, but is recast into an entreaty to love your family (the community of already connected believers) instead of loving the world. Significantly, those who have wronged his chosen ones are shown as doomed to eternal torment.

Science, despite forever chasing him, will never find him.


So now you're doing it like Hollywood and will make six sequels of "Fluttershy has Tea with Jesus" ? Not sure how to feel about this... :ajbemused:
The original was very good, in fact it's still my favourite oneshot on this site, but I fear that the idea might wear out and get a bit dull and repetitive. Of course I'm hoping that this will not be the case and that you will make each short interesting in a different way. :twilightsmile:

*This particular cup of tea was actually the five hundred and second reincarnation of Prince Blueblood, who was unfortunately destined to have his life cut short by Rarity several hundred more times over.
**It was also Blueblood.
***All were Blueblood.
****This was Blueblood too.

Any other Bluebloods I should know about?:facehoof:
Couldn't help myself. Have 5 moustaches out of 5

'Pinkie Pie has Tea with Jesus' promises to be -very- fun. I can't imagine Pinkie'd be anything but totally accepting of the guy.

Very amusing couple of fics so far, here's to four more good ones! Write on!:twilightsmile:

Jesus Christ went to the Glorious Appearing riding Celestia to kick the Anti-Christ's flank. :trollestia:

You had me at Tea, Earl Grey, not very hot.:twilightsmile::twistnerd::moustache:

In very much the same way that Arthur Dent kept killing that one guy, and then, in the final reincarnation, he became blueblood, who then got killed repeatedly by rarity.

1224770 your chair is blueblodd, you're suffocating him as you read this.


Congrats on being the first to notice that. I loved that part in HGTTG and felt the need to pay homage in some way.

1575029 rainbow dash is really good at throwing herself at the ground really really hard, and missing.:rainbowdetermined2:

Ven though I don't believe in reincarnatio, that joke at the end was amazing.

Thumbs up to ou! I am excited to see where this story goes!

Comment posted by Emerald Flight deleted Feb 24th, 2013

Was the end from the Hitchiker's Guide series?


When's this coming out? :?


Whenever I get around to writing it.

I planned to do one for every pony in the main 6.

Well that was a delightfully amusing story. If only all stories with Jesus in it were just as amusingly delightful. :pinkiehappy:

Ha, who says Our Lord and Savior doesn't have a sense of humor?:rainbowlaugh:

Best Christian story on this site.

Blessed be,


this was so unusual to me(not to say it was bad,just not what I read on a daily basis) that I got up and took a walk around my house

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