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Twilight Sparkle inadvertently causes an inter-dimensional royal incident. Rarity and Applejack spend the day together. Rainbow Dash makes a new friend. Sweetie Belle drinks tea.
The world ends.

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Oh my god. This is actually a thing.

...I am ok with that.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh goddamnit. Fuckin' fav'd.

Did SS&E commission you to write this?:ajbemused: Because it looks like something he would like.

Sweetie Belle squinted. "But she looks like Rarity on a Saturday night after she sends me to bed early and then goes out for a bunch of hours and then comes home and thinks I'm asleep."

"Yeah," Scootaloo nodded sagely, "or my mom every day."

Am I to understand that Scootaloo's mother is Berry Punch?

Also, this is either bizarely awesome or awesomely bizare, and I can't figure out which. Either way, have a like.

*reads description*

shit dude, sounds like my kind of party. :trollestia:


taht was the bestest

I skipped Rainbow Dash's two-parter. I know exactly what I missed. Nothing. :ajbemused:

^You silly thing! There was Awesomeness everywhere :rainbowkiss:

Missing apostrophe

Rarity blushed. "Mmm, y-yes, well, lets get this done then."

"Heh," Applejack chuckled. "Alrighty then. Lets get 'er done."

"Oh... kay." Rainbow squinted. "Anywhoo, lets go then. Follow me and I'll lead you—look out!"

"Pony ninjas. I hate those."
"Aw jeeze!" Rainbow barely dodged a punch aimed for her skull,

Yer slipping here Rainbow ;)

that was a lot to take in.
:pinkiesad2: That was glorious

This deserves two princesses and a moustache!

Author Interviewer




"If she's an alien, then where's her spaceship?"

You really can't argue with logic like this.

Why is there time for a Blink 182 reference?

And on that day, old men wept, for the mother of all pile drivers echoed throughout their very souls.


This was beautiful.

Now that's how you do comedy.

Joyously silly, especially Rarity pondering stealing a dress off a princess corpse and Sweetie Belle being...well...Sweetie Belle. Bless her heart.

That was definitely a thing that happened. A shame; we lose more Equestrias that way...

Amazing. Could've used 20% more Rapunzel, though.

"Who's your sister?" Rainbow tilted her head.

"Well she's a human, obviously. Long silver ponytail, blue dress, magical ice powers." She coughed. "Sound familiar?"

Rainbow frowned. "Not even a little bit."

"Oh..." Anna scrunched up her face. "It's a little weird, don't you think? I mean, why would I get sent here and not her? She's a princess too."

no pretty sure she's a queen

Kinda lost me partway through... After Mulan and Aurora got a good bit of spotlight, most of 'em just go passed over without even any lines.

Did lampshade it later which is a marginal help but maybe shoulda just broke it into 2 parts and come back later. Ah well.

Also expected G3 Spike to show up what with the title and all... :P

Loved it. Too bad everything got smooshed.

Multiverse theory would say that we got infinite universes all overlapping-like our own here. If your spell crossed through worlds and grabbed any princesses it reached, how come we got just the one? We should all be crushed to death under an infinite mass of princesses fillin' every bit of space in our universe.

I can take a crack at that. While the multiverse is infinite, Twilight's magic isn't. I doubt she can muster the power and range to reach across all worlds and pull every single princess into the world of Equestria. :twilightsmile:

*reaches The End*

... never mind. :twilightoops:

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