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Big Mac's injuries are bad news on a farm. Can a nosy Rainbow Dash help him to recover? Will the doctor ever tell Big Mac anything useful? Only time will tell.

Light Mac/Dash shipping with a twist.

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very nice, can't wait to see more.

Hmmm... between the title, the synopsis, the location of Big Mac's "injury"/discomfort, and my gut feeling...


4 stars. tracking:eeyup:

...Is it bad that I read this, and all I keep thinking about it "just how *did* they do that?" :derpyderp1:

Nice start, you have it open to a good many things and I am really looking foreword to seeing more!! please keep it up'



I think i can see where this is going, and i hope I'm right!
More please!

So far so good! It's a bit early to judge, but I like what I see and would gladly read some more!

... XD Okay, just because of the CMC, Trevor shall continue to read!

~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

XD Dat Doc's got a swift mind! XD Anyhoof, if one is to read this story, one hopes that it updates faster than one chapter a month! XD

~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

Only thing I can dislike about the story...is the length between updates. However, of course there IS life beyond a story. Still keeping my 5/5 on this. Looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

what a lousy doctor, I would be pissed if my Doc told me back pain is in my head, i would have to buck in to next Monday!

Great use of the CMC! I love those fillies!

Keep up the good work!


Yeah, great storytelling here, loved the part about the anatomy, nice inference with the second shoulder blade in the pegasi, my inner biologist got a taste of pony! :rainbowlaugh:

Hm, that passage on the differences in anatomy of the three pony races was pretty interesting. One of those things that's pretty obvious but you never really think about. To be honest, I don't really like Rainbow/Mac shipping (Weirdly, heterosexual Rainbow Dash seems as implausible to me as lesbian Rainbow Dash seems to some other bronies...) but the comedy and interesting plot (Pegasus Macintosh? I gotta see where this is going) make this a fun read regardless. :rainbowkiss:

17187 It is very dangerous to consider such things. Some things are better left unknown.

33200 Gotta love the CMC crew. I know some people hate them, but they are some of my favorite characters.

33203 33257 Next chapter should come faster.

33337 Yeah, he's kind of blunt, but he doesn't have a clue what's going on here. So he gives the best advice he can, and then gives :eeyup: the boot. And as far as the CMC, I love 'em too!

33533 I find biology to be fascinating in general, so it's only natural that I try and combine it with ponies. My pony folder in addition to countless Ditzy/Derpy pictures also includes several anatomical diagrams of birds and horses. If my art gets good enough I may attempt to draw some of the RMA Anatomy series posters.

33546 Thank you for giving this story a try then! I'm glad the comedy is working out, and that you are intrigued by the concept. I hope you stay for the rest of the story!

That doctor is every doctor I've ever had >.> minus the accent.
Story is going great so far, hope it updates soon! :D

That's quite a cute way to start a shipping :3


*images of the Dragon curve family of fractals in Jurassic Park*

I know what happens whenever chaos theory rears its ugly head.

*grabs a metal ladle and an air-powered dart gun*

To quote Samuel L. Jackson, "Hold onto your butts." :rainbowdetermined2:



CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS MUD GOLEMS YAY!!!!!!!!!:applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:

Please to rise for "Awesome Doctor Character in Entertaining Fanfic" National Anthem! :heart:

how long is this story going to go on for ? please make it a long one as it's becomming more interesting by the chapter :pinkiehappy:

SWEET JESUS CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!:flutterrage::rainbowderp::pinkiegasp::applejackunsure::derpyderp1:

Eloquent speech Ditzy is best Ditzy.:derpytongue2:


oh lord! rarity a biomancer?
nice story you have coming along, waiting for more...

34252 Fractals are awesome! :pinkiehappy:

34271 This made me laugh. :yay:

34402 In Stalliongrad, accent has pony.

34716 Mud golems are a good addition to almost any story. Romeo and Juliet would have been improved with some mud golems.

33967 35406>>37021 37022 Thanks!

37069 Rarity is descended from the original biomancer. She is not Morgana-I think Celestia and Luna might have noticed that. She despises it as much as the next unicorn, but she knows when there's a cultural misunderstanding going on. Thanks for reading!

Very interesting about Pony Lore, and the hell with Mac x Dash, this fic needs to be Mac x Ditzy! In reality entirely your choice, so don't let my badgering alter it in anyway. Can't wait to see what happens.

37082 You would probably be interested in knowing then that I have a MacxDitzy in the works. Fair warning, it's not going to be eloquent Ditzy though.

37006 I'm not exactly sure how long it's going to go on for. I'm experimenting with different writing styles and this is the flow version as opposed to the outline variations I've been trying.

37075 You love Ditzy? Or was that another MacDitzy reference? Anyway, in this fic she's got her eyes on Blues (but we probably won't ever see this, so it's a moot point besides her lack of interest in Mac for anything beyond flirting.

i'm wondering if twilight's trick #25 could be interpreted as bio-mancy ... or is it mustach-mancy, stach-mancy ?
i'll shut up now

37086 performing any sort of permanent magic
It's not permanent, and so is not considered biomancy. Same deal with the GGG and the mice.

loving it :rainbowkiss:

this is so awesome :D :D :D :D :3 :3 :3 :3 i cant wait for the next one...
well maybe i can, but i didnt mean it like that :3

As soon as the doctor said "Da", I pictured a ponyfied version of Makarov from Call of Duty. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh allright then, i didn't focus on the "permanent" enough while reading.
As for taboo of biomancy extending to healing, i allways though that those pony nurses in episode 4 were unicorns, horns hidden under the cap, asking twilight for help because of her power.
But it could also be for her knowledge.
Come to think of it in "pinkie keen" twilight's bandaged, not magically healed ...
Garg my brain won't shut up.

the good thing is I know waht a Biomancer so I get the references you made.:pinkiehappy:

the sad thing is I know waht a Biomancer so I get the references you made.:pinkiesad2:

WOW! its great to see something bad to come pout of the pony History books! and to have Rarity to be related too, she is walking history!

But if it is as bad as its mad out to be Applejack will have to do one hay of an apology to all the unicorns in town!


:derpytongue2:trolling :eeyup: in stitches :rainbowlaugh:masuse :raritywink: the great grand daughter of a prodigy :twilightangry2: kinda speaks for itself. This is getting quite interesting.:moustache:

You know, my first thought when reading that last line was: 'Of course Rarity's descended from a villain, she's got drama ham in her genes!' :raritydespair:

Wonder if the spell to summon up a drama couch is an old family secret?

Me and a fellow brony I talk to on Skype think while the addition of Morgana L'Fey is awesome, they name needs to be ponified. Like instead of L'Fey make it L'Hay. Or for an even bigger change Maregana L'Hay

I was thinking more of Mordin Solus myself.

What a :twistnerd: i wasn't expecting biomancy. or the fact that rarity is the decedent of said biomancy proficient unicorn. Keep it up i really love this fic.

:rainbowhuh: Wat. the. hay. just. happened.

Well, that was unexpected :pinkiegasp:

Haha, I like Ditzys "hide and seek" explanation. The biomancy bit was pretty cool too, I was wondering why Twilight flipped out there for a minute.

Well that sure is interesting. I'm liking this new twist.

all i have to say to this is: im okay with this. (MOAR!!!!!) also, mustache :moustache:

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