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i like electronics and RC aircraft, mostly helicopters. i am also good at fixing things.


Basically, I'm dead · 3:20am Oct 9th, 2015

So, as anyone who takes the 28 seconds to check my profile will see, there are numerous blog posts from me stating that I'm not dead, just busy. Well, the last one was from June of 2014, and Halloween of 2015 is coming soon, so...it's not like those are very accurate. As the title states, I am basically dead, and I have erased the two...travesties I called stories that came before the one that's left. As for the one that remains, I'll admit that it's not likely to be continued any time soon. I

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1214002 :pinkiesmile: Why thank you, kind sir!

Thanks for the watch amigo :eeyup:

84504 Yeah, it's coming. Soon. But at the rate at which people ask me to fix things, it may be a little while yet

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