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  • TFight Club
    Midnight Dream's your ordinary bat pony. Except she isn't in Night Guard. Sure, her gardening special talent doesn't make her any bits, but she has a plan. There's this fighting league, you see, and it'll solve all her problems. Or so she thinks.
    xTSGx · 99k words  ·  20  8 · 702 views
  • E>Dat Hivemind
    Chrysalis has been fired as Changeling Queen, but now the Changeling Hivemind must do something even harder than attack a shielded Canterlot filled with the weaponized love of its inhabitants: hire a new queen.
    xTSGx · 5.7k words  ·  738  12 · 6.7k views
  • TCompliance
    An OHSA Compliance Officer inspects the Rainbow Factory. Bureaucracy ensues.
    xTSGx · 4.1k words  ·  120  14 · 1.8k views
  • ERegent
    Congratulations, Twilight. With the Princesses on vacation, you're in charge of Equestria. Perhaps it's a bit early to congratulate you. After all, whether it's a jealous nobility or an unhappy military, your reign will be anything but
    xTSGx · 34k words  ·  1,412  29 · 24k views
  • ECutie Mark Crusader Alicorn Hunters
    Twilight has a secret. A winged secret. And the crusaders are determined to uncover it.
    xTSGx · 1.1k words  ·  442  6 · 4.5k views
  • EAscend
    Cheer up, Twilight. It's not every day somepony changes species. In fact, no pony has ever changed species. Or dealt with the results of that change.
    xTSGx · 61k words  ·  2,863  61 · 25k views

Current Story Progress


A Sharpened Metal Device Affixed to a Wing for Use in Combat* - Projected story length: 30,000 words. Current length: 3,885 words. Estimated time to completion: Fall, 2018. 3/30 chapters complete.

Regent - Projected story length: 120,000 words. Current length: 46,595 words. Estimated time to completion: Summer, 2019. 6/22 chapters complete.

Cutie Mark Crusader Alicorn Hunters - Projected story length: 20,000 words. Current length: 1,134 words. Estimated time to completion: Heat Death of the Universe. 1/? chapters complete.


Rules and Procedures to be Enacting for Use During Magical Activities and the Arcane Arts as Ordained and Authorized by the Ancient Alicorn Sisters - Projected length: 6,000 words. Current length: 2,495 words. Projected time to completion: Summer, 2018.

Untitled comedy rape fic - Projected length: 5,000 words. Current length: 718 words.
Projected time to completion: Fall, 2018.

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Fanfiction Reading Update #176 · 4:55am February 6th

There’s some slim pickings for this reading update, despite a two month gap. That’s partly because of the holidays, but mainly because of my mom’s stubborn refusal not to sleep in the living room—making fanfic reading (and writing) enormously difficult for me and slowing things to a glacial crawl.

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2406509 Eh fair enough.
That's probably why you haven't started that sequel to Fight Club yet.

Nope. I have a hard enough time trying to write my own ideas.

Out of curiosity, do you take story requests?

Projected story length: 100,000 words.
Current length: 33,568 words.
Estimated time to completion: Early 2015 (calculated using Valve Time).

Valve time indeed. Valve time indeed...

It's not gonna happen, is it. :twilightangry2:

  • Viewing 129 - 133 of 133
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