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I should probably put something here, shouldn't I?


After countless failures, unkept promises, and horrendous public relations that have made changelings look like a swarm of mindless locusts, the Changeling Hivemind has fired Chrysalis as Their Queen. Now, They must choose a new queen, but in order to stop past mistakes from repeating, They decide to hold auditions and perform a thorough vetting of the candidates to find the best one.

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All of my yes.

The text shift is annoying :v


“E͍̺͖̠̩͈̺ͩ̒͝n̠̼̺̄̆ͬ͊́ͯo̭̺͈̓͗̑͆̉ų͎̠͍̣̲̙̥͆g̦̃̃h̠͎̗͙̎̈̚!͕ͤ̾̒ͫ ”

Whatever the heck this is - oh it's Zalgo text. I was going to say that whatever it is, my font doesn't support it, but apparently the font I'm seeing in the comment box can display it just fine. In the actual chapter, it's showing up as "Enough" with a bunch of those little boxes used for unsupported characters interspersed between the letters. It makes it even harder to read than if it was displaying properly.

Very, very Pythonesque but worth every minute!

I hope Twilight made sure to keep the library part of the deal open as well. :raritywink:

I should get to work on the next chapter shouldn't I.

>greentexting outside the premises of 4chan

The five pointed to the ceiling, “In the capitol of the Changeling Kingdom,


It's uses could greatly enhance Us


There's gotta be easier ways to get SOPA passed

There are gotta be easier ways / There is gotta be easier way

Federal Reserve Bank of New Yoke—home to the largest supply of gold bullion in the world

You fool! There is no gold there! Only paper and IOUs!

Awesome, but that zalgo shit don't work good with unicode 8 :P

Would you mind continuing this in a more serious bent? Explore the ramifications of Luna's attempted betrayal, show how Twilight deals with the bureaucracy of running the Changelings, the reactions of the other Elements and Spike to Princess Twilight's new role, peace talks with Princess Celestia, the Changeling integration, and all that? It would be quite interesting.

I am amusingly confused now. What just happened?

Comment posted by Spectrumancer deleted Dec 31st, 2013

The poster has a small typo. At the bottom, it says "Scedule an appointment" instead of SCHEDULE.
This looks fun. I'll read it this afternoon. :pinkiesmile:

Well, that was entertaining. Really, the Hivemind should've just called back the amorphous eldritch blob. It had some excellent policy positions.

Oh well. All glory to Queen Twilight. :twilightsmile:

... new changeling queen? Why not Zoidberg?

More please? I mean, this is perfect for a one shot, but i can see so much potential here. Either way, great work!

Thank you so much for linking that piece of music!

Also that was a great little fic.

Even though this changeling headcannon contradicts mine (sorry, but I don't buy the whole hive-mind, drone, yaddah yaddah, never will), this was still a pretty entertaining story.

I thought they were going to hire Smooze.

Heh. There aren't enough lighthearted, non-serious comedies on this site. Not that there ever would be enough, but still.

You seem to have a major problem with using commas where you should use periods, from the beginning to the end. You might want to look up the rules regarding periods and commas. :duck:

Okay. That was an interesting story. Funny it was. Especially with Twilight having the Hivemind look through a ton of legal stuff to see if they could use it against her that she had agreed, Then giving her access to the library and the role of Daring Do to her for the movie. That was funny.

Quite the amusing tale you've created here, ol chap!

*sees story* Looks pretty funny.
*sees author* Oh fuck yes.

The best part is that either one works. You could consider the Throne Cavern the "Capitol Building" of the Changeling Kingdom.

It would be "There has gotta be a better way"

According to Fimfiction's Writing Guide, and my Creative Writing teacher, dialogue that would usually end with a period instead ends with a comma. I don't know why that is, and it goes against all basic grammatical rules, but apparently that's the rule.

Well Twilight is organized to an OCD level, and has connections. She would make a good queen, though Luna's plan did intrigue me.

Fluttershy would also be a good choice.

This is fantastic comedy. :D

I don't... get it...

That's only true if the dialogue doesn't end the sentence.

"I ate twenty peaches," burbled Twilight, "and I think I'm going to throw up."

"Why did I eat twenty peaches? I think I'm going to spew chunks," groaned Twilight.

Twilight confessed, " I knew I shouldn't have eaten twenty peaches. I think I'm going to toss my cookies."

A quick little Google search for "dialogue and commas" came up with this page, which looks quite complete to me. So, um, maybe look it over. Yeah. :twilightsheepish:

Sweet butter jesus! You win the grand prize of the day! That's right, the This story sounds so crazy and interesting that I'm going to stop writing my own story, and read this instead prize!:pinkiecrazy:

Yeah I know that it could if you really, really want to leave it - but to be frank it sounds like they talk about capital city and not the building.
Normally The Capitol isn't precise enough - in any country you have one capital, but potentially many Capitols.
Also the ponies have their Palaces / Castles whatever, the changelings for their Queen would have it too. And inside that Throne Cavern. Absolute monarchy is not exactly material for 'parliament' building. :)

"There's gotta be easier ways"
Yes of course :twilightblush: - I was going to propose changing "ways" to "way" only, but then I herp-derped.

Made my day. :rainbowlaugh:

needs more spongebob

>Dat Title :derpytongue2:

Not here to read the story, but after a particular observation by my wonderful pre-reader...

>>Observes title
>>Observes name


I truly hope this feature lasts forever.

From the picture besides the description, I would be an excellent candidate. Except that I am male.

Poor Luna. She SO should have gotten the position.

That weird blob thing ate the Flutterponies!:fluttercry:

Cover image is owned by myself (but you can use it if you want)

Ctrl+P, 1,000 copies.
WE AUDITION EVERYTHING:applejackconfused:

2lazy 2 point oot the 2 miner erorz i fonud

SOPA will be passed...

Bad End.

What, no audition by Trixie?

This story is clever and awesome, though it is unfortunate that I cannot give it more then a single 'thumbs up'.

Nor can I favorite more then once. But what I can do it watch you for more awesome stories. :pinkiehappy:

Funny and ahkmazing. Celestia as queen would've been my favorite though.

This is great, and that Luna idea would be hilarious in your style, but I fear we'd never see new chapters of Regent if you started on that.:rainbowwild:

I'm reluctantly joining the call for an expansion to this.
On one hand, it means more of this amusement, on the other it could corrupt the purity of the existing work by dragging it out.

That Bon Bon scene gave me the perfect idea for a semi serious fic. Now if I only had the balls to start writing.

this was a hilarious little crackfic. loved it so much :twilightsmile:

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