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Hello there, I'm Rodinga and I write primarily in the first person perspective. If you're here because you've read one of my recent works in The Winningverse, then thanks. I get all warm and fuzzy when I get comments and favorites on my stories.

Then there's the older stuff. If you're after more of my take on Time Turner, you can read through them. They're not my best, though they're fun anyway.

Blatant Attempts at Entertainment

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Well I hope you will find the inspiration and time for it, I enjoy the story a lot!

To be honest, I keep telling myself I'll finish Temporal over Christmas, but I've been telling myself that for three years. :twilightblush:

But ah, I assume it's definitely dead now then? A shame for sure.

Not sure if you'll read this but, hey.

Interests have drifted away, and I'm adulting alot more these days. Not dead yet, at least.

Are you still writing The Temporal Manipulations of a Victorious Timekeeper? I love it but you've not updated it in a while.

  • Viewing 26 - 30 of 30
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