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Back home from a weeklong trip, Time Turner finds Ponyville in the grip of the post Hearts and Hooves day “new love” phase. New relationships between couples have been forged, and anypony still unattached will be looking for their own special someponies.

It’s kind of annoying really. As soon as ponies see a relationship bloom they want to find somepony for themselves, and right now those ponies are searching for all the wrong reasons.

Time Turner doesn’t want to get involved, he’d rather relax for a while and recover from his latest “business” trip. The all-powerful force of love can go bother somepony else, thanks.

Love can be avoided, especially if you’re a literal time turner, but occasionally that’s not enough.

Part of the Winningverse and preread by Chengar Qordath, JJ GingerHooves, Ponibius, Web of Hope, and 621Chopsuey.
Cover Art Sources: Turner, Carrot, Colgate, Cloud Kicker, Derpy.
As a note: I'm reliably informed the first chapter starts off a little dull, and that generally the story really hits its stride in chapter two.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 311 )

Screw Los Pegasus, what happened in Manehattan?? :rainbowlaugh:

Didn't he get married in your last book

you know i read all this and in the end i can't help but wonder

has cloud kicker banged the flower trio yet?

You know, I'm kind of waiting for a straightforward harem story featuring Time Turner or just any assortment of non-human characters (HIE harems aren't clever or suspenseful, they're just Gary Stu!) Ahem. Anyway, I'll read this anyway, as the premise that is here is great, but, hey, there's a story idea for someone who can write (so not me).

EDIT: Let me explain, just so this doesn't seem off-topic. The cover image gave the impression of this being a harem story.

Huh, CT's being all bold and shit.

Hard to say, because Turner really can't say. Keep an eye out for hints though :raritywink:.

Different Time Turner, thought that was more a... horn point engagement.

Chengar would probably know, but my money's on yes. Probably at the same time :derpyderp1:

Study of Winning Pony does state that she's at least banged Rose.

That was an excellent way to clear up the mystery surrounding Doc- er, Time Turner and Ditzy's relationship. Can't wait to see what Topsy's got up her sleeve.

The references ... so many ... feathering references ...

2791779 Knowing how Turner has a tendency to lie (lol, the Doctor lies), we must take everything he says with a grain of salt until Rodi lifts the veil.

2791895 I'd imagine she has ... on multiple occasions.

Clever play out of Time Turner's special talent.

every time cake was mentioned i couldn't help but think that bitches love cake:twilightblush:

I'll call Time Turner now as Table Turner

*Grins* A true pleasure to see more of your take on Time Turner :pinkiehappy: I confess I'm a bit hesitant if this is going to reult in him getting hitched but I'm happy to see where you take it:twilightsmile:

Mayor, never attribute to malice what can be attributed to stupidity,”

sending this to my science teacher.

I favoured my back right leg as I walked away from the station, while the rest of my joints complained. I felt like I’d just run a marathon. I considered heading over to the spa for a nice relaxing treatment. Though I’d have to skip the massage with all the bruises I’d picked up.


In this single paragraph you exhausted your allotment of the word "I." People will notice when you clump them together like that. After that they will take note of it every time you use that word. (Sorry, I couldn't finish this chapter because it was basically that distracting) There are plenty of workarounds for this word. This word is spread around the chapter, not just that paragraph.

Hope this helps.

I do enjoy reading your Time Turner, although I'm still looking forward to another story in the non-Winningverse; you know, the one with Lucky Catch?

I liked this story very much And I am looking forward to the next chapter.

a worthy addition to the whole winingverse group ....thing

loved Winning in LP, loved the first chapter here. Looking forward to seeing more of this:twilightsmile:

I just got that.
Well played.

There shall be more. A gentle colt's club was mentioned, as well as a "Friday Poker Night at Sweet Apple Acres".


I know, but the chapter ended so fast.

Question: Is the mention of Azalea a nod to Eakin's time trilogy ? Because I can't seem to find an existing background pony with that name outside of G3.
Or was it a random choice? :derpyderp2:

2791895 You'd have a shorter list of ponies Cloud hasn't banged. I'm just sayin'...
Damn it, where's that Cloud Kicker emoticon?

It was a subtle nod. I was naming market stalls and it seemed to fit.

A solid start to this story. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Indeed, It fits alright. Even if she isn't part of the "flower trio"...

On another note, how did Carrot Top manage to write the note without Time Turner seeing it, nor seeming suspicious enough to get noticed, in such a short time frame?
Or... Did she rewind to write it before TT arrives:derpyderp1:?

She rummaged around in her cart for a bit. Turner was too busy counting carrots to notice.

Well, I guess. Bah, anyway, your fic, your rules:coolphoto:

I never noticed them until you pointed them out.
Thanks. :trixieshiftleft:

Finally read the previous story. Definitely a good version of Time Turner (as opposed to Doctor Whooves). I'm assuming this is before Winning Pony as it doesn't seem like Cloud is in a relationship with Derpy. Looking forward to more on this character and story line.

If this verse did herding I would have thought this would have been Time Turner's herd minus Cloud Kicker anyways.

If Twilight ever notices what Time Turner can do...
But that could be the source of his ability to do long jumps.

Anyways good chapter.

Poor Turner. And that upcoming date with Carrot, I smell shenanigans.

This is really good.:twilightsmile: I gotta read you other stuff as well. :pinkiesmile:

2931766 Our shenanigans are witty and funny his shenanigans are evil...evil shenanigans

Hints from your future self. Even if he is an ass he's still awesome. Hope we learn more about it while turner deals with the drama of ponyville.

Kicker Hearts, Rarity Diamonds, Applejack Apples and...? Missing a suit there mate :D

Previous paragraph: Rainbow Dash, Wings. Replacing Luna.

2932360 huuuh, missed that bit. Funny thing is I distinctly remember reading the paragraph, but totally forgetting it mentioned a new suit.

Nice:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Hope to see another chapter soon.

As always, your temporal hijinx with Turner are fun and intriguing. Keep it up, Rody! :yay:


Was Luna still on the cards when she was Nightmare moon?

My intrigue concerning the good doctor grows greater. Keep up the great work!

“Especially since Sassaflash was out of town…” Lane murmured as he rolled his eyes.

A bit of a continuity error; she and Caramel were nuzzling in the episode. Could we assume Sash said she was going out of town to get Lane off her back, then went out with pegasus Caramel ?

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