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Whether it was fate or an act of punishment, the spirit of the Dragon King survived his death, to be reborn as one of the ponies he sought to terrorize.

It has been a little over twenty years, and "Flint Hearth" has grown into an adult and is making his way in the world he once sought to burn.

After being away for several years he returns home one fateful night, and now...he is trapped there.

Note: This is a kinda sequel, kinda rewrite of my original story. Wrote it to get back in the swing of things. Constructive Criticism please.

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It's good! Only thing is that the transition from him being a dragon to becoming a pony was a little confusing/very fast, good story tho.

little i can say we haven't already discussed. So just stay the course, i think you're on to something good with this story.

Well, I did like young Flint and do hope you at least rap up that story at some point. From this introduction, it seems that Flint is now an adult before the Summer Sun Celebration. I hope that this is not just a story inserting Flint into the show story lines. If that is the case than I think I will probably not like this as much as your other Dragon King story. However, it's a nice opening and I will give it a chance to see where it goes. Nice to see something new from you.

8042297 All I ask is that it is given a chance. :ajsmug:

I'm interested in seeing how this develops. The idea of Flint as an adventurer with a bow and arrow, even with three legs, is rather interesting though. As would be how he meshes well with the town in general as an adult.

The one thing I wonder about is how he'd interact with Nightmare Moon if he were there, or with filly-Luna after her purging. After all, that would be one of his nemeses (even if they aren't aware of it) in their weakest moments.

Still, the slice of life element has some strong legs here as well. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a different interpretation of Zecora, Trixie, Gilda, and if he has any experiences with changelings (or meets a disguised one).

Oh, definitely. I'm already tracking it. :twilightsmile:

8042364 Thankya kindly.

Well this will certainly be interesting. I'm curious as to how Flint will interact to the other town ponies.

That being said, you do plan on finishing the original sometime, right?

Intresting. Definitely a new timeline, is anything from the original story relevant to this? Like his parents and sibling, do they exist? Or are they totally irrelevant to this story.

8042544 Yeah someday. This was just to get me back into writing.

8042585 Perhaps the next chapter shall tell

8042362 hmmm perhaps we shall see

After being away for several years he return home one fateful night, and now...he is trapped there.

for the story description:
should be "he returns home" or "he returned home"

8042838 Thanks. Got it.

8042237 Thanks. It was hard to balance too much and too little info. With that done I hope the pave will pick up.

This was an interesting story, I would have wished more that the other story was finished at least, but it is off to a great start so far. Still I finding off that Pinky would be interested Flint sense he is at least ten year older then he is. Whatdoes she see in him anyway? You've certainly have developed a good sense of flair in your writing, I hope you will keep on improving on that front.

8043336 Don't know if she is interested in him so much looking to make him smile. Going all Cranky doodle on him. Win him over by being a pest.

Notice he doesn't call her "Pinkie".

To her she also might see it innocently. Nothing is going to happen as he had made clear, so she is snuggling with him so he isn't so grumpy, helping him shower, and make him feel welcome.

8042373 came on by to see what the good Author of Evergreen heart was talking about, chap was built well so far but we will see how it goes.

8044476 Ah good old Aprion, great guy, he had a great hand in helping me string this together.

Thanks for the consideration!

8044493 np man. Always looking for new good stories to sate my never ending hunger for ponies and stories.:twilightsheepish: had just finished reading a continuation of a Sweetie Bot story. Wish it was farther along then it was but the original is top notch.

8044503 I know the feeling.

If I am being real, this a story that I want to read. Aspects I enjoy in other stories but are concluded or don't update enough.

I will write and share and if you all like it, then we can go for this ride together. If not? Well I appreciate it anyway.

8044507 I'll be the shotgun riding junkie screaming WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Make it crossover with Rebirth of Dragon King? *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*



8045348 Kinda sequel, kinda rewrite. Yeah

This is amusing, but it seems like it would work better for a series of one-shots (not a full plot). It would eliminate the risk of retreading the same themes as the show, too (not that that is an issue, since this is two years after he first was in Ponyville).

8079412 the idea is that it will follow Flints perspective of canon events, but it will also go into side stories of his own.


The only issue I have with that is that, no matter how good this might be, there will always be at least 30 fics out there that do the same thing, either equally well or better. If you focus on your own slice-of-lifeish plot for Flint and make oblique references to what the mane 6 are doing in canon, I think it would be more unique (and thus more worthwhile to read). Fanfics basically exist to show new perspectives or variations on a familiar story, by definition. The challenge is to make yours stand out from the rest. But that's just my opinion.

8079604 A sound opinion which has given me some insight. It was as constructive as I wanted and got my wheels turning. Thank you sir!iambrony.steeph.tp-radio.de/mlp/gif/449950__safe_solo_applejack_animated_the+last+roundup.gif

Well this was an interesting chapter, there was a lot of interesting tidbits on information about Flint and his relationship with the ponies around him. It is funny to see that his sister manages to get under his skin like that considering that he is so taciturn most of the time. It is good to see that his relationship with his parents has improved considerably with actually talking to them more casually now. It is interesting to see how different each member of the Mane six reacts to him; was AJ and Flint an item at one time? I will be looking forward to see the next chapter.

Is the background of Flints family the same as the other story, but just set as if they had moved to Ponyville when the main six were still young. As in does all the backstory from the other story still stand or will it be different and revealed overtime; since this story skips those years. I realize some will definitely be different as there would be know Apple Bloom, but maybe Applejack took her place in this version? I still like the adventures of young Flint better, but I willing to give this the benefit of the doubt and see where it goes. It's nice to see an update and I always enjoy the sketches that you add.


“Yeah, I would suspect his species eats their own young.” The sibling snarks.

Are you implying that his family knows about his past or is this just meant to be a snarky remark between siblings that don't get along?

8096800 Mister Edgar, you are as sharp as the author by which you parody. Yes, this is a reimagining of Flint's Story simply pushed back a generation in time.

The main reason I am writing this was because I kept getting all sorts of ideas with Flint being older but couldn't do anything about it because he was just a small colt. I would watch an episode and think "oh if Flint where there."

The point of this story is to get those ideas out, get me writing again. It doesn't come easy for me, I get distracted, lose interest and so on, hence why the original story went stagnant.
Mostly I am writing this just for me, what I would want in a story, but if you all enjoy it that's a wonderful bonus.

Lastly, no body knows of Flint's past life, but if you are picking up on what's happening around them, someone might, soon anyway.

I would like to consider this as an a completely different story that had the same events happen but the future ended up differently

It's amusing that Flint, having issues with Apple Bloom in the 'younger' version, would instead have a friendship (and moreso) with Applejack in this version. Like that Applejack doesn't take no crap from Flint. That must have been an interesting friendship growing up. Wonder what Applejack's cutie mark crisis would have been like if Flint was there for that? It's possible that he might have been part of the reason she used in justifying leaving, and coming back with her mark to find a despondent Flint who was happy (in his own way) that she came back.

I'm a tad disappointed that Flint has such a poor relationship with his sister here, but that could just be from Flint developing and maturing a bit differently. I don't expect the younger-Flint story to turn out the same in that regard, since I'd expect him to be friendlier on principle.

I can't help but wonder if Pinkie Pie has a bit of a masochistic streak when dealing with Flint. In canon she was flummoxed by dealing with Cranky Doodle Donkey, and Flint has to be much worse. Then again, she might see it as flirting, like Applejack does. Or some bizarre hybrid of flirting and actually messing with each other.

8097688 That would be a sweet idea. Flint acting like he doesn't care that she's gone, but when she comes back he gallops over, even though he doesn't care.

His relationship with Snug Bug is a complicated one. They don't hate each other but they are also wise to each b.s. We shall see more in the future.


If this is Nightmare Moon's return I can't help but imagine Flint answering Nightmare Moon's question of if anyone knows who she is. Then adds that she'd had really let herself go.

8097633 well that's good. I don't want something in this story happen that ends up ruining the other one. But not doing that is a difficult task depending on who you ask. You know, different opinions and all.

8098664 remember that when flint encountered rainbow dash, she asked him where twilight was. From what we know, he just got back so he wouldn't really know who she is, but he does. So that 2 parter might have already happened. Right? I'm not just hallucinating from all the caffeine in my blood stream, right?

8107017 The story takes place post Nightmare Moon. A week post Nightmare Moon.

The Italic represents that week prior to Nightmare's Return, Flint recalling it.

Sorry if that was Unclear.

8107146 alright. But i want to see what his reaction to nightmare moon's return would be. Obviously he's not stupid so he won't say anything to hint that he knew her. But it would still be interesting to hear his thoughts

Wait, Dragon King got diagonal side-sequel? I only read nameless teaser from blogs, didn't know it was already published.
Let's start reading this, shall we?

Diagonal sequel? Huh...I like that.

Hope you enjoy it!

Been working on next chapter for a while, hope to get it up someday soon. Feed back helps.

Power of..Fffff-riend-sssship?

Even thinking it causes a stutter? Flint has it bad. Now you got me curious. I wonder if it has to do with his cutie mark, considering how he got his cutie mark in the other story.

Or, if it's a statement of what happened during the Summer Sun Celebration, Nightmare Moon's return.

He... oh dear, is he one of the bearers? Hah... HAH!

Someone's having a laugh, for sure. Must be the Tree of Harmony or something. And of course it would force him into the role afterwards since he'd not be a good friend otherwise.

8316422 I always thought it would be fun to have a story where someone villainous was thrown into a situation where they had to be heroic and it seemed to stick with everyone else.

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