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I like ponies, Hondas, other cars, drifting, driving fast, and skating. I also do other things. I am building a Rainbow Dash Itasha Honda Civic: http://bit.ly/1DFAX6S

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If anyone's been wondering where I am, here it is. · 11:02pm Jan 25th, 2018

I haven't been in the ponyfic game for a while. Like a couple years. Mainly because I didn't find a whole lot of time, or I'd mainly go on here once in a while to check out a clopfic or something. Pretty much it hasn't crossed my mind to go on fimfic in a really long time. I've gotten more into building my car, and I got another car for drifting, which I need to get off my ass and fix instead of typing this (if I'm being honest). I've been with the same auto repair company for what will be 4

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My Dashie Civic

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Thanks for the fave! :pinkiesmile:

Thanx for the fave on library lovers, What'd you think of it?

2146069 No problem, it was a really enjoyable read c:

Thanks for the favorite on Family Bonding.

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