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You're welcome! It was a great story and totally worth the favorite :pinkiehappy:

Hey, thanks for the fave on my very first story :D Means a lot to me :pinkiehappy:

I like your theroy, we should never give up! Stand strong against the haters, my little ponies!

And Derpy, too.:pinkiesmile:


Well, I think that the writers/animators/people who work with the show have been doing some research during the break. Maybe they have found out that derp (and Derpy in this case) are not referring to the people who have some mental handicaps and simply mean doing something clumsy and funny.

I like to wish that there will be an episode where she will have a bigger role and it is being kept hidden from the fandom until the episode airs. Maybe the episode will even air this season.

And as long as this show is still around, I'll never give up hope.

  • Viewing 27 - 31 of 31
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