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A military college student named Johnson is thrown into Equestria during a routine training operation. He is a dedicated Brony, but must decide how to live in a world of peace and friendship when he is in training to be a solider.

Will he run to the town we all know who lives in.

Or run to the Princess to gain diplomatic immunity

or will he become a hero to stop an ancient evil that has returned to complete its unholy task.

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Hmm. Interesting concept.
Set to read later seeings as how it is 1:40am here

oh, right
isn't it some sort of tradition on Fimfiction to say:

i sense a shit storm is coming :pinkiegasp:


Story is going to be watched.

oh my gawd! Toto i don't think we're in Kansas anymore..:rainbowlaugh::rainbowhuh:

I'm going to go play with grenades now:pinkiecrazy:

Someone left a comment about meeting Zecora. That was a definite possibly, but rhyming is bucking hard.

And while trying to reply to that comment i hit the damn trash can instead of the replay button......sh*t....

Sorry. I wasn't trying to censor you :applecry:

Could do with longer chapters. But otherwise, I can't wait for more!

"Sir thank you, I feel so special and Lucky." My favorite line in this chapter.

I'm a lot like Johnson in the sense that I can't shut my trap. I want to see what will happen next, and I have a feeling it will be good.:pinkiehappy:


Time to wait for something more :rainbowwild:

what would be nice is longer chapters....:derpytongue2:

otherwise, i can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

Just one thing;
It'd be good if you could fix that.

I can do that, it might just take longer to put out chapters to beef em up

i know
but it will take a longer time to read them, and (if you play it right) leave the reader with a better cliffhanger

And now I play the waiting game...:ajbemused:

I like what I'm reading, can't wait for more. :ajsmug:

WTF!?!? He's going into battle and he's using blanks? WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT!?!?!?

read chapter one. Training op my boy. Cant use live rounds against fellow US ROTC candidates.

thank you. defiantly more informative.
will celestia turn him into a pony, or put him back on his own world?

also, are you planning on putting in anything from back on earth anymore?

sorry i'm asking so many questions :scootangel::derpytongue2:

To early to tell about Princess C. And i may do some cuts back to Earth and his old school to see what human friends are up to,

Did i mention i love you?

I could do it, maybe, possibly....if you'd like to that is:twilightsheepish:

Ok, these are some mistakes in the text (edited sections in bold).

I'm (not much point putting the edit in bold)
chapters won't
If you would like to help (i only need two of you amazing bastards) [not sure about edit]
English isn't my strongest class.

Those are all the mistakes I can find.

cool. i wouldn't mind helping out on this!:pinkiegasp:
English inst my strongest class. isn't
(i only two of you amazing bastards) i believe need should be between only and two, right?
Most chapter wont be thousands of words long won't

so far, you're doing pretty dang good for someone who's not good with English!
just a few grammar mistakes here and there.

sorry if i jumped the gun on corrections. ^^

You are wonderful! Hell just do what you did here to any chapter you want. Thanks btw

Same as slip kid, you did a great job finding the mistakes here in this guy. I may hold of on EQD because it says no bronies in equestria fics... sad face. Maybe if this gets good enough it will be accepted

maybe, maybe. if it gets good.


'em up, this shit costs money.
from the Sergeant and then
time the Gunnery Sergeant
Listen up you worthless wastes of space,
everyone was going to get punished.
He walked over to me and smiled. (stalked doesn't really make sense)

Edit time.
I clicked off the safety
even from this
was definitely a lot louder
kick right
I looked at my watch,
we hear the front
All 3 heads nodded in unison confirming my good, no, brilliant idea.
Well it was worth a shot
failed training exercise by
dead, it's more than likely that a few

There's probably more but I'm too tired to go back through it now.

>• Go to Canterlot- cause chaos and declare myself the new lord of chaos
YES! DO IT!:flutterrage::rainbowwild:

Thank you kind sir! Doing a great job for me!

Another good chapter! I still wonder when or if he will meet the mane 6 at all and how their possible reactions will be. :pinkiesmile:


Magic charged home made(or rather field made) bullet. Nice :d Keep it going. Happy to see more of Reggie. :raritystarry:

cool i'd like to see BB, also high explosive 5.56 rounds ftw

Oh shit...
Made a Bomb out of a bullet.

This is going to be really really interesting:pinkiecrazy:

The spike on BB reminds me of the bolts I have for a crossbow pistol.

That's where i got the idea from for this weapon in forge class. Made for penetration (giggity) not cutting.

722844 They are just doing a training exercise

What is this?
Are there supposed to be pictures?

click the links. the pictures wouldn't appear on the page when i tried the first time. Accept these link instead.

Nice poison joke use! Love the sparkley vampire joke, event through I strongly dislike the Twilight series.
Love this story and hopes he soon get to meet Zecora or the many six! :pinkiehappy:

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