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i never thought watching one epidode could make you like mlp


the story that will take forever · 4:08am Sep 19th, 2012

alright to any one who reads this or cares iv got a story in the works but do to school work and sports oh and also being lazy it wont see the light of day for at least another month but it will be released one day and thats all iv got so see ya whenever

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Hi!,Your comment was deleted before I was able to read it, if you could repeat it I would be gratefull.
Thanks anyway ^^.

Edit: Coment in "My New Life in Equestria: Helping Has Its Ups and Downs", 16/09/2017.

230243 thanks its the best jet ever

216041 Ya, Finding you took me 10 mins :facehoof: First I looked at the watches then at the people favoriting me, and I was like, AM I SEEING PEOPLE? then I found you in the comments... I thought I was on drugs or something :twilightoops:

216015 lol
wait im not watching you :pinkiegasp: :facehoof: well just give me a sec and fixed :scootangel:

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