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Two best friends, Anon and Mous land in Equestria after they are swallowed up along with their apartment. The two try to live their lives in relative peace as they learn to make friends and family with the colorful equines, in spite of all the obstacles fate throws their way. Along the way they strive to keep to the universal law they hold so true: Friendship is Magic, but Bro-ness is 5ever.

-Authors note:This fic has lots of Youtube links to songs to set the mood for certain scenes, if any of the links are broken, just drop a comment below and let me know where it is, thanks. -Mandroid.

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Favoriting this like the Fist of the North Star.

Sup Mandroid.

Faved and followed.

Shit I might have to add my AiE stories too.


Well, I've certainly been entertained. I'll be tracking. The only complaint would be the occasional typo and such.

So what's up with Celestia in this? Did she want to stick a banana up his ass or something? I just didn't get that scene at all.

She was hitting on him. Celestia in this is basically a combination of Trollestia and Molestia but made slightly less extreme, her and Mous's interactions will be made more clear in future parts.

Yeah, the earlier parts were from before I had a proofreader or was even sure that people were reading. The typo's get taken care of in future parts.

1182776 Whoa, she's already down for some inter-species fun? I like this Celestia, molest on Celestia.:rainbowwild:

Yes i love it . Keep it up

She's probably down for pretty much anything at her age. Wait till the Canterlot trip...DOHOHOHOHOHO.


There you go, watch dat shit.

Oh yes please make more :pinkiehappy: I will be waching..........:pinkiecrazy:


It's actually all been written, I'm just changing it from greentext format to normal prose with these.

oh my celestia that was awesome!:rainbowkiss: And that stallion has problem's :rainbowhuh: Any way great chapter hope for more.

Oh this is just the beginning...

1183907 wait, it's all done?
but i have to sleep :fluttercry:


Oh man, these people have NO idea what you have in store for them, do they Mandroid?

But I digress. It's wonderful to have you here, and it's about time that we begin our eventual infection of all of the pony sites. They will know Anonymous in Equestria as the best of the HiE stories... :pinkiecrazy:

Head to sleep, I'm done uploading chapters for today.

10 chapters down, 78 to go.

Oh I haven't even begun. You will never listen to Here Comes the Sun or Fat Bottomed Girls the same ever again.

1184260 .... do i even want to know?

I could tell, but that's no fun. Just wait till the Canterlot trip.

Mous and Celestia interactions are one of my favorite parts of writing this fic, it actually lead to a spin-off.

This story is hilarious. Nice touch with the FLCL music.

This was only the first song in the entire fic, I have dozens more in later chapters. I hope you like Gurren Lagann.

1184590 Gurren Lagann... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW.

Dude, that's all my fic seems like sometimes. Callbacks and Gurren Lagann jokes.

1184995 And that's why I love you so much now. :heart:

Oh just wait the 78 parts till the finale.~

1185106 Seventy... Eight? :pinkiecrazy:
Whateva. I'm not even winded.
Hurrhurr intentional tf2 reference actviated... 78 though. HAHA. I CAN'T VAIT! :pinkiehappy:

78 chapters, about 197k words.

1185160 You sir, are a madman.
But not crazy lime me.
Get it?
LIME! :pinkiecrazy:

Nah, there are longer fanfics.
What made me crazy was that I updated at least one chapter every day. Sometimes two a day. Once thrice.

1185208 I would never have the mental capacity to upload even once every other day.
I'm tellin' ya though, you're not as crazy as mew. :pinkiecrazy:

Read 1st, so far so good.

"Ba-weep-gra-na-weep-ninny-bong." Transformer's I love you for this!!!

Hehe... “Train of thought.” ahh i get it! lmao

Dat Transformers reference!

:pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:

There is so much win in there man.:rainbowlaugh:
I liked the fight but i prefered my own fighting music (Linkin Park-Bleed it Out).I hope that stallion comes back with more people.:pinkiecrazy:
I am curious what happens in the next chapter.

Waiting for more :scootangel:

Hey, all options must be considered when you meet a race of pastel horses.

This was my first experiment with setting a fight to music so I tried keeping in instrumental, I get lyrical in later parts.

1184590 My guess is... Sorairo Days? If so, then congrats, my friend! You get a parade of moustaches!:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Three chapter's in ONE day! what magic is this? :rainbowhuh: it feels like my birthday! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

No, but I DID get SD put into a 40k crossover fic for the final battle. That was a good day.

Like I said, this story is all finished but in >greentext form. It's really not too taxing to just convert a few chapters into prose over 45 minutes while I wait for a download or something to go through.


i know but it's so awesome!:rainbowkiss: this story is in my top Favorites

Then you'll love it when I actually make the story go someplace in a few chapters.

This fic usually goes the way of:
Few chapters of plot.
Followed by ten chapters of faffing about.

gotta love transformers

Well, the infamous showdown with the manticore. As random as these two are, I almost expected this as the battle music.

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