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A spin-off of Bros in Equestia. Flanking Maneuvers follows Celestia and Mous in their marital bliss as they do anything and everything to rile the other one up and get a laugh out of it. Will time tell if these two sociopaths actually love one other? Not without a lot of clean-up and a few musical numbers. Cover art by Jazzteeth.

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I still remember narrating this when it first came into being. Fucking beautiful. Looking forward to more. :trollestia:

My only reaction to the story icon when i first saw it was"Oh dear jesus what is that?!":rainbowlaugh:


...Dat thumbnail


I wanted to use my profile picture, but it would have made me have to go searching for another one.

oh god that last line funny as hell and i have a cough too coughing + laughing is not fun

Girl Spock.
My word that is quite an amazing name.
Is it going to be a Centaur? Better yet will it do the Spock sign?

Spin on, Queen Galaxia.


Ah... alliterations. Mandroid's forte, and Mous's fetish. Wonderful. :rainbowlaugh:

Well what have we here? Welcome to his wending web of willing wackiness and wondrous wiles. Where to start? When he began, he wove a write-up of our well-liked cyan waifu warped into the way of a woman. Wowing the crowd, he worked further to wreak a whippersnapper into the mix. While he was certain she would be worshiped, a great many demanded he wean her out.

He winked them of course, what would his writing become if he were weighed down by the wishes of others? With that, he brought his words here and welcome you to whoop the name Wuten.

Can I have some MOAR sauce?

Marvelous! To wit; a malicious, manic, madman in the mode of a machine. Making his meager mark in a mass of semi murderous men. This mask, no mere means of mischief, is a mark of many months of mild monotony, now molded and messed up. Moreover, this melded memoir or mares and men remains monitored by the magnificent monsters who mind-blowing moils and has moved the monumental mountain of melancholy that made movement immeasurable.

The most meaningful of myths from the mouths of mammoths has made matrix of motivation upon my mediocre musings. Moving on, it is my most merry milestone to meet you and you may call me Mandroid.


This would work too.


Or the better accoustic version of it

This is my signature song.

May lose a friend here, you filthy degenerate.



"Hey...how bout we try something new tonight?"
Celestia is trying to massage her face with your shoulder. "Oh?...Like what?..."
"I'll show you.~"
You walk over to the bed. Throw up the blankets. Slide yourself between them slowly. Reach over and turn off the light. And promptly go the fuck to sleep.
Deal with it, Celly.

Mous is always the best asshole...

What about the burrito catapult?

butbutbut but wht about his catapult?:fluttercry:

It's funnier if I leave it to the imagination.

That was great :rainbowlaugh:

holy mother of god i love this.:rainbowlaugh:

Few grammar mistakes but other than that good shit Mandroid as usual.

Pfffttt hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Typo Detected! And here we spot the first of probably many typos in this side story. ("to" should be "two")
I don't see how you to tolerated
Double Typo! (Period is missing. Also, you need an ending mark, or comma)
You are Celestia
Aaand they're married... when the fuck did that happen? And how is Lotus not outraged at this?
You know what? I'll just assume this is an alternate universe or something until a clear answer is provided at sme point in the story.


I'll just assume this is an alternate universe or something until a clear answer is provided at sme point in the story.

That's actually exactly what happened. I made a blog post here detailing it, but yeah, this splits off before Mous and Lotus got together.

When I read this I have the voice of Strippin from the Yogscast as Mous with Lewis as Anon. Two Brits that are kick ass. Hmm maybe Duncan can work as well. Oh well thanks for the chapter!

Typo Detected! (No ending quotation mark)
those stairs, I saw it.
Double Typo! What's with you and this mistake? This is like the third time I've seen you misspell this word this way. ("crowed" should be "crowd", they're not birds last I checked)
Find on page will be fine.
Triple Ty- no, wait, he's just drunk... nevermind.
Now Triple Typo. This sentence is confusing, since one sentence gets cut off early, and doesn't state what was crushed. [I thought that was the joke, Celestia landing on his testicles, but then the next sentence said his chest hurt...] I just ask you give it another look.
she let's her legs give out and lands on your.
"You bitch..." You say through possibly cracked ribs.

Typo Detected! You know what I said about you and crowed? Same applied to quite when your trying to show silence. ("quite" should be "quiet")
Breakfast was quite.
Double Typo! (Ending quotation mark missing)
WOW! Mous is the Fort Knox of secrets. Amazing work holding out mah boi! Real trooper! XD
Man, that really got to me, hilarious, and thanks!

Stray greater than sign detected. ">"
Typo Detected! ("says" should be "say")
You says with
Double Typo! What, did the heat of this scene distract you or something? (No ending quotation mark)
Vicissitude of fate...
Dat ending line.
And hey, Grogers mentioned here. Should probably get around to reading the newest chapter for that other story.

But I should also get around to doing my homework, fetching this devices charger, turning on the A.C, turning on the lights, turning on the rice cooker I promised my family I would set up but forgot to activate critically but am too lazy to move off my comfortable spot in bed, stuff like that.

I just want to say, people in comments, thanks for nearly crashing my shitty device with all those videos.
It can barely handle half of a six minute one already.

Good thing I didn't see any typos, because I would not/wouldn't have been able to put them up.
That's one messed up baby song... Just when you think you may have seen all the messed up stuff the internet had to provide.

"A tiny musical chap-" I'm going to sleep. :ajbemused:

¥-The next night-¥

I'm sure I would have enjoyed this so much more if this piece of crap nook I'm using could run two tabs at the same time...

I use my "No Comment for Chapter" card.

Typo Detected. The first sentence.... the first fuckin sentence! New record... ("through your the draws"? That doesn't sound right to me at all.)
If you can't find this, I will burn your 32nd most prized possession
Double Typo! Stray quotation mark appeared! (See before.)
sounds like...laughter?"
Huh, I thought Mous's subconcious wasn't around in this story. Kinda threw me off when I saw the familiar green text.

And it seems all three princesses of Equestria have something going on. Luna's investing early, Cadence proves to me that everyone has in fact fantasized at least once with Chrysalis after all, and Celestia's true whore-depth is shown.

Hey, it's not like they were "official" or anything then. :trollestia:

1448815 Not at all. It is a form of music with lyrics, and I do not like music with lyrics, for every song that has had lyrics, I've hated greatly.

They're one of those weird couples who sing.

Thank the stars Celly doesn't find Alanis Morrisette.

We need to have spontaneous singing.
Well, my school does. Gonna have a singing competition tomorrow against the class next door tomorrow or so.
Basically it's to see who's the best at singing loudly.


What would the name for his battle paddle be?
Im stumped for ideas.

Hank. Hank the Spank.

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