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Better than Nicholas Sparks. Probably. Probably not. Also has a thing for Queen Chrysalis. Can't Explain Why.



Matthew Williams, a citizen of New York City, leads a pretty good life, an alright job, a nice place. Sure, he has dreams and aspirations like the normal humans of the earth, but he was rather content at the moment. That all changes, when six ponies drop right on his head, and soon finds himself in a variety of situations that will spin his life in all different directions.

Rated PG-13 for Language, Violence, Mild Crude Humor, and Some Sexual Content.

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Interesting. Tracking. Keep up the good work I like your writing style.

More HiE....well done, so far it's been better than about.....several of them. Tracking.

cant wait for the next installment:moustache:

.... For some reason, I may have read this story, but. . . :rainbowderp:

You know what, forget it. Hope you update.

Fun Fact: Mathew Wright is the name of a British talk show host from the show, "The Wright Stuff". It's a terrible show.

1456379 Is it? Huh. I think I need to change the name then. :rainbowlaugh:

EDIT: There we go. Thanks for the heads up.

Enjoyable writing as usual my man. Good start for a prelude and establishing how the protagonist reacts some situation in the environment. By the way, I like your human character with him with his outburst and such. This story does have a different sense of humor in that I can't seem to put my finger on (the name anyways), but nonetheless good. It shall interesting to see what happens from here. Keep up the good work man, best regards:eeyup:

Well, I can deffinitely see someone actually writing this from their own perspective. Nicely done, and with a very original idea for why he is in Equestria, is it bad that I have walked or ran into trees very often?

However the fact that he was typing it seems like a bad sign, also no one seems to really care about the animated, talking, some mythical, ponies. I mean other than the hobos and the customers it was really just "What the hell?..."

Psh, I originally named my story this, but no one liked the title so I had to change it. I suggest you do the same. But like I always say, don't judge a book by its cover or its title. I thought Rat race was stupid, but now its one of my favorite movies.

1459851 Well, since the plan was to bring the protagonist into Equestria by the end of the first chapter, I didn't want to indulge on the humans' reaction to the ponies for too long, as I wasn't intending it to be a major plot point.

1460030 Sorry to hear that. But so far, no one is complaining about the title, though that could probably change in the future.

1460785 I am mostly glad that he didn't jump at the chance to join Equestria, even though he lost his job and a fourth of his savings. Again, definitely original entry point.

But they wouldn't care, it's New York.

Interesting so far, keep it up.

...but he once fired a guy for putting a soda on the front desk


...the job was as dead of an end as it could have been...


So your main character got fired from GameStop. That's ok, I know the feels. *hug*

Yay! Sleep is for the weak anyway.

Also, First, strangely.

I'm an alicorn, I can do what I want (except send him back apparently):trollestia:

Ok, I finished The Piano Man and caught up on its sequel and then I instantly saw the notification and came over. Convenient. Very good humor in here too.

1472670 A little Trollestia thrown in there for giggles. :pinkiehappy:

“I don’t want to go to school today! I’d rather stay home and bake cookies with you!”

Sounds rather similar with from a movie that I watch

Liked the comedy so far, doesn't go out of its way to get on your face so I find it a plus. Nicely done my friend

Figures Twilight would be eyeing Matt out like a lab rat. Very funny!

Please let him not get turned into pony or atleast get celestia to ask him before hand plase:applecry:

The reaction of almost every single human to the presence of talking sentient ponies seems awkward. Everyone is too trusting, or too willing to keep their mouth shut it. I suppose you wanted to skim your way through this chapter to get to the part of the story you wanted to focus on, but really I couldn't make it through the first chapter because of the numerous holes in logic that kept me from being able to get into the story. I'd recommend that you look into perhaps fixing these issues, and try to be a bit more realistic of all parties reactions during first contact.

Time to learn about all the great things in human history! If Matt can remember most of it.:unsuresweetie:

Please dont turn him into a pony I'd have to stop reading and I really like this story so far


AWSOME!!!! 5 mustaches for you


1473080 1473549

A lot can (and will) happen in the next three months for him. I'm leaving the possibility of him changing his mind very open. :ajsmug:

Bravo! Really enjoying this story, can't wait to see what's in store next!

He was kindof asking for it. Although I am alittle concerned with his historical facts about, just about anything.:rainbowlaugh:

:facehoof: Matt, you are SUCH an idiot here! Twilight asked you a serious question about humanity and you fed her that line of garbage.:twilightangry2: To quote the Internet - "Son, I am disappoint". :facehoof: I sincerely hope that Matt stops being a flippant ass and gives her a truthful accounting of humanity. :moustache:

Ha, Twilight tells her story, after the story you spin. Truth vs. Fiction and she won.

Hilarious my man, kodos to you my man. Funny chater indeed

As even fell, Twilight cooked up a delicious meal

I believe it is "As evening fell", hope this helps. Best regards:eeyup:

1492414 Thanks for the spot. One of the many dangers of uploading a chapter late at night. :rainbowkiss:

1491899 He wasn't being an ass just to be an ass, he simply didn't know everything (or arguably anything) about his history, but also didn't want to disappoint Twilight. So, he was pretty much an idiot with good intentions.

Besides, it's not as if another human is going to pop out of nowhere, and disprove his story. :eeyup:

You have just butchered the history of the human race but it was really funny proceed!

Well that escalated quickly. Like it so far though.

“Oki doki loki. Wanna try the batter?” She hands over a spatula.
“How are you holding that?” I asked.
“We can always do this! You never noticed?”
“But you have hooves.”

Yeah, I always wonder about that, It would seems that Hooves are as good as hand in their world so I kind of stop wondering after awhile...BUT THERE IS ONE EXPLANATION.

Anyhow, Nice chapter man. Funny with that little knife scene with Pinkie Pie. Keep up the good work man. Best regards:eeyup:

This is currently the fic I look forward to the most. I don't know why but this story just entertains the hell out of me! Great work and look forward to whatever you have happen next!

Another enjoyable chapter! I did notice an error in this paragraph though:

“Not always.” She said as she delivered another powerful kick to a tree. “It took me years to get like this. My older brother could do this when he was just a filly.”

Somehow, I don't think Big MacIntosh was called a filly when he was younger. :applejackunsure::eeyup:

Glad that Matt fessed up about the hooey he told Twilight. I give him kudos for admitting that.

“I’m making cupcakes!” She said, grabbing a frighteningly large knife.
“Gah! What’s with the knife?!”

CUPCAKES!!!!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

1509347 Ah, thanks. When writing that line, I thought that "filly" worked for both genders. Oh how wrong I was. :rainbowlaugh:

It has been corrected now. :twilightsmile:

Matt asking when Fluttershy's birthday wss was kinda out of the blue.


“To cut the lemons, silly!” She says, cutting a couple lemons. “I’m making lemon cupcakes for Fluttershy’s birthday, and I need a little help. Can you read off the ingredients for me?”

She told him earlier, so he wanted to know.

1510691 oh, I must have missed that part.

Lyrapist i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/103/740/Me%20Gusta.png?1318992465

For some strange reason this was playing in my head while they were making out.

Poor(?) Matt.... :rainbowlaugh:

Therapy... You have three choices.
1: Get an actual pyschiatrist
2: get Deep Psyche (I think thats the name of the one who shut down the Lunar Stallion Orphanage) to make a BS recovery.
3: Get Princess Molestia to listen to your troubles.

omg so hilarious, keep writing my friend because it's simply AWSOME!

Lyra just reached a whole new level of crazy in my book.

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