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Anonymous Unknown the Human(You) is stuck working a dead end job day in and day out. Your life is so boring the only thing you do is eat, work, and sleep. But one fateful night Discord, The God of Chaos, visits Earth. When he comes across you he offers you an escape, one that you cannot refuse. When you are sent to Equestria you come to find out that Discord rules all and his reign, along with the antics of his daughters Screwball and Eris, has left a chaotic mess in their wake. You are forced into living here under the premise of making friends with ponies.

Why does Discord wish for you to befriend equines?
Why did he choose you of all the other humans out there?
How many friends will you make?
Why are the ponies he introduces you to gray and hostile?

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Quick Announcement to those reading: I did have a proof reader, but when he saw the amount of mistakes I have he gave up. So, if there's anyone out there willing to point out mistakes and inform me in a PM please let me know.

"Anonymous Unknown", must resist urge to kill author...

First off; fuck yes, my multi-pieced waifu, Eris. Second, maybe it's just me, but I think some breaks between the paragraphs would help. Especially with a chapter as large as this. Again, probably just me and and my non-helpful opinion, but there you go. Now, I greatly look forward to reading this. FIM needs more best pony stories. Best pony being Eris, of course.

Very intriguing story, nicely written. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Great story, and very well written, and I really looking forward to reading this

Living the good life with Discord around? More like Living "la vida loca!"

Well that was an interesting way to begin a story. I will be watching this. Hope he stays human though.

Comment posted by Aetherpony deleted Dec 27th, 2012

I should probably get to work on that, it would make it easier to read.
Great to know that people are finding enjoyment out of this.
Oh yes there will be more, trust me.
You're gonna get to see just how crazy things can get.
spoiler he does stay human /spoiler

I feel like this is easier to read in prose instead of greentext. Suppose I shall now follow this.


Nah, you coo fgt.

All of my yes. The writer that got me into writing MLP stories has finally joined us.

Looking forward to this story... and how the readers on FiMFic are going to react to it. :pinkiecrazy:

My personal theory is that the stranger just injected me with a cocktail of hallucinogens while I was beating up my landlord. Now everything is just one REALLY bad trip after this.

Glad to see you've converted it from >greentext.

I'm willing to be a proof-reader, if you still need one.
Also let me know if you need art for LtGL, we never did get to make any art for it while it was being posted in the threads.

Did you will publish the 3rd chapter soon? I can wait to see how this human that doesn't have a clue of friendship, will now have to become the new glue of the ponys.

Discord does know that this little game of making feel Twilight more and more miserable can have the potential to back fire at him right?

P.S: Exactly, how long has pass in Equestria since he won? And were is Spike?

Uhmm. Terra is Earth. Why not just use the fandom name for their world?
Anyway, this was an amusing chapter. Looking forward to more. Also waiting to see who the romance is with.

What is the fandom's name for their planet? I'll change it right now.

I think it is Equis, or something like that. I can't remember the right spelling. maybe somebody else knows.

Well as soon as someone provides me with the name I'll gladly rename it.

Assuming others read the comments. If I see it used in again in a story I will let you know.

First she was all like :flutterrage: then she was all like:fluttershbad: And then he let her in the streets all like:fluttercry:
Knowing Flutterbitch, she'll probably come back for some good ol' fashioned revenge.
I can't wait for the inevitable future chapter of Rarity:raritystarry: obsessing over Tom, that's probably going to be the biggest "WTF?!!!" moment that Anonymous is going to have in a LONG time.

Till the next chapter my good man:twilightsmile:.

well Pinkie is safe, there goes 1, 5 to go. And I assume Anon will not longer sleep in that bed, after all that happen I bet he wish to keep close company to Twilight and Pinkie.

Maybe Discord will allow it…I hoped. Also, him and his daughters his friends? Really? Discord, maybe, Eris can, with time…but Screwball, so far I don't see why he picture her as friend

This story is awesome :raritystarry:

I'm just curious of one thing though; what will Rainbow's chaos thing be like, she just took her wings back from discord and that like all..... The curiosity is driving me crazy:pinkiecrazy:

Anyways, keep up the good work

The reason why he's considering Screwball a friend is because unlike the humans he's been around, this pony is acting friendly.
Friends will mess with one another from time to time, its supposed to be all in good fun.

He is going to have his tooth back right? He only was trying to be friendly and was way past the breaking point, he deserve some release and if they don't restore that tooth then I dough he will fully forgive AJ for what she did. Besides I think it will only be fair after all he is going through, and Fluttershy still is not off the hook, she deserve a punishment and I think Annon have some ideas of what it will be.

Oh well, 2 down, 4 to go, and why didn't he ask help from Pinkie?

He figured he could do it on his own.
His mentality for doing things alone will be explained in later chapters.
Despite having friends who can help him out, if its something he feels he can do by himself, he'll do it.

ok, sorry for bother you with that, is only I am a little like Colgate when it comes to tooth, I appreciate and respect a good care and see someone lose one, make me a little sad, yeah I know I'm weird, laugh if you want I don't mind

I write My Little Pony fanfiction...
If I wanted to laugh I can't regardless.
Because I write stories where humans interact with pastel colored ponies in a land of sunshine and smiles.:pinkiehappy:

And I'm worry about a tooth, je I suppose we both are a little weird

(Joke) Alt. Title: It's Looking Good: A Humanticomedark
See below:

Glad you like it and are sticking with it. Got another fourteen chapters to go through and post.:ajbemused:
Don't typically get musical responses when it comes to things like this. It's refreshing.

Also, thanks to you peeps that are favoriting and watching, it's much appreciated.

Either we're really gonna like the next chapter or he's gonna wake up really refreshed and rejuvanated. Practically glowing almost!

Would this constitute the need for the sex tag? maybe not mature, but doesn't a romance story need that sex tag? With stuff like this anyway.

It has mature themes to it, mature themes are considered 'teen' but as far as actual intercourse goes or full description of genitalia goes there isn't.
That's why there is no mature tag to it.

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