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The last time I was in an orgy, three people died. It was a good day for me.



This is pretty much a self-insert, mostly done for comedic purposes.
After a mishap with an invention of mine, a friend and I find ourselves in the magical land of Equestria. How will the peaceful land of Equestria handle the influx of two humans? Will Jay and I ever find a way back home? Will anyone give this story a fair shot? Read and find out.
Things that actually involve MLP:FiM begin in the second chapter.

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okay, um... how can i put this lightly?
SHIPPINGS NAO!:flutterrage:

Dude cupcakes scared me. Like seriously that shit was scary!

GIVE ME MOAR NOW!!:flutterrage: please? :pinkiehappy:

339174 Oh wow, haven't seen that one.


339188>>339174 Cocaine thread? Cocaine thread.

THIS. This was freaking funny. When I saw who the author was, I couldn't resist. Definitely tracking this.



Great story by the way. I don't think I've tacked that in there yet.


33921. ...Okay, WUT. No seriously. WUT.

339326... Okay seriously what are you currently smoking and/or drinking and where can I get some?

339404>>339374. For the love of God would someone just tell what THE F$&@ IS GOING ON HERE!

339423 I really have no idea. Just roll with it.


...I'd complain about the guy knowledgeable enough to experiment with FTL willingly causing a Lutefisk paradox, but in all fairness the counter-arguments for all the various reasons not to turn on the Large Hadron Collider were all basically "Let's turn it on and find out".

........... Alright then. Were going with the "Im just a dumb animal untill you try to experiment on me" approach. Rather rare.

THIS I LIKE. This entire chapter was funny as HELL. Oh, and one more thing. NO COCAINE THREAD.

344001 Awwww!

And hey, I just followed your bro's lead. I figured you had just made him trip on, as you put it, The Immortal Bucket of Martin Septim (awesome by the way), he deserved an outlet for his frustration.

Oh and by the way, I now have a horrible image of Twilight preforming vivisection on everything burned into my mind. Thanks for that.

Keep 'em coming!

346877 Genuine. Ive only seen it one other time.

'hissss'i felt that one

I just realized how easily I seem to be taking this.
The truth is, I cannot be shaken by anything, as evidenced by my frequent visitation of the Internet's seedier locales.

348226 Dangerous words my friend. The Internet, she is a cruel bitch and she always thinks of something. Then again...

You may have more views on this story since it is a HiE. I feel like they grow quicker than any other genre. I've been meaning to read your other stories too but I haven't gotten to them yet.

348226 same here, just a quick moment of astonishment and then everything is normal
HOLY SHIT A DINOSAUR, so who's up for pizza?

Oh man... SHIT'S GOIN' DOWN next chapter gentlemen!

Oh shit, here we go again.

Now that I think about it, this is exactly how an encounter with two Scumbag Steves would go in Equestria. Do continue, this cracks me up too much, and the story ain't bad either.

"a renowned smartass, a fact many enjoyed, and an equal number hated."

With your permission, I would like to put that on my tombstone.

355748 Show up in Equestria, immediately stab something
Show up in Equestria, piss off everything
Save Trixie, immediately reconsider
Goes to Trixie's wagon for items to help her recovery, steals everything of value

i think u should do it id like to see how it would turn out:pinkiehappy:

I support shipping as long as it dosent take over the story.

358805 I shall call it Sticks and Stones!!!!!!!!

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