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The last time I was in an orgy, three people died. It was a good day for me.


This story is a sequel to I Blame You

Like rewinding a tape, this slow-motion train wreck is back, and even less plausible than before! Humans have been popping up in Equestria for a long time; Discord was either young or non-existent in the earliest days. They have always brought with them change, advanced technology, sometime even new magics. Ten years ago, two humans appeared, wreaking havoc and having a few laughs along the way.
This is not their story.
Nope, it's time for a new group to strut about the kingdom.

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awwhhhhh, i like the original two, but oh wells:applejackunsure: great read! so gana wait for more!:rainbowkiss:

2347702 Throwing Feces at the Human's Aperture Science Bladed Rotational Oscillating fan is a celebrated creativity method. :pinkiecrazy:

You call it a train wreck, I call it awesome.

You stupid fucks need to thumb this down.

just another day in the office... until it falls on your head.:ajbemused:

2347904 & 2347962 :

Oh Good. I'd hate for that to have been missed. :pinkiecrazy:

2352802 Trust me, he wasn't making a joke.

2352835 What if I was making a joke about you making a joke about him not making a joke to add humor to you adding humor to the situation?

2347734 sorry, just want to chjeck something...

2354109 Or maybe he only wants you to think it's a joke, but it's really real.:pinkiegasp:

Hmmm... and here I thought I was considered a contributing member of the site :P

2354376 actually, when you look at your own, it looks like you are. (try logging out and checking your comments) Only if your ID ends in zero does everyone see it as gold. (It's part of the April Fools joke)

Comment posted by Azure Steel deleted Apr 1st, 2013
Comment posted by Azure Steel deleted Apr 1st, 2013

2354467 I did it, and even though mine didn't show, many others still did. Many of which I saw as Golden members when I was still logged in.:applejackconfused:

Edit: Wait. Hold it, just caught on.:rainbowlaugh:

I'm afraid that Gold Account holders are unable to disclose information regarding membership of this elite order.

I'm a Goldmember. Frankly, I prefer Platinum but Fimfiction didn't give me much of a choice.

2356132 It's part of today's april fool's day joke, everyone sees their own comments as being gold, and if your user ID ends in 0, everyone sees it as gold. (yes, I see yours as gold)

Fimfiction gold account is probably a april fools joke.... because it came out on april fools day

So what is a gold membership exactly? Does it cost money? Is it given to those who get featured? What perks does it have?

2359662 Highlight the link, right click, and click 'Go To (Insert Link Here)'. :twilightsmile:

I saw the word strider at the end and now i'm worried combine are invading Equestria

Ain't nobody messes with Jay and Taylor...:ajsmug:
Also, if this is a train wreck, then it must be in slow-mo because I just can't look away. (it's too awesome).

Nice. :pinkiehappy:
Wonder how much they'll freak out afterwards.
One can only hope. :trollestia:


:rainbowhuh: Da fuq happen to those two? Both are a little over the size of a Space Marine? Huh? Yous gots some splainin' to do friend.

2392229 No, both are still normal. I am just over the size of the average guy, Jay's armor makes him amolst the size of a Space Marine, but a little stouter.


You could not simply make the link in your comment without making someone go to the bother of building it? Dude. Fimfiction IS NOT IKEA.

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