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EDIT: Reason for cancellation

Long after the Canterlot Wedding Invasion, the changelings have been hunted relentlessly by Equestria's forces. The number of changelings has been decreased exponentially, leaving maybe a thousand, if not a few hundred uncaptured and alive. Far from home, Queen Chrysalis has gathered what numbers she could and fled deep within the Everfree Forest, hoping to recover as many of her subjects as she can.

However, when an ancient hunter awakens again from its cage, capture by the Equestrians will be the least of her worries.

A/N: I am hesitant to put a Human tag because I don't believe the Hidden is human in this fic. Also, should I ever write gore for this fic, then I will add the tag for that.
Also, prior knowledge about the Hidden game is not necessary, but this vid will help
Please comment and tell me what you think
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i love you for making this story!:pinkiehappy:

Almost think the image should be seananners with a blindfold, he is the best hidden ever after all.

Have you seen the Nanner-man?!

Edit: Well, technically the Hidden, a.k.a. Subject 617, is a genetically modified human who has the power to bend light around his body.

Edit2.0: Although... He does have unstable DNA...

every one is going to die :pinkiecrazy: HEHEEHheheehehehhehehe:pinkiecrazy:

Wow... lotsa comment related to Nanners. :rainbowwild:

Nanners best hidden. :pinkiehappy:

wouldn't it be hilarious if the hidden mentioned nanners as an old rival?

I'm also very curious as to how discord will react to the hidden.

If Discord is behaving like that, you know something's not right. :rainbowlaugh:

That's always what happened in the movies? Since when did changelings have electricity?:trixieshiftright::twilightangry2:

They didn't. Ponies did. Had to use the dinner and movie date while impersonating a lover

isnt this chapter 4 not 5?


Shaddup. Ya'll saw nuthin'

I would have laughed like a dolphin........ Seananners reference right there :rainbowlaugh:

Actually my editor wanted that line in. didn't know it was a seananners reference. what vid?

3062322> no specific vid. It's just that everyone refers to seananners laugh as being that of a dolphins.:rainbowlaugh:

I would have laughed like a dolphin at these new creatures.

:pinkiecrazy: Dolphin laugh! Also, the Changlings are so dead.
3062322 Here's a vid with the laugh in question.

I smell a Seananners reference!

3060876 this is why you are not called Numberman.

Comment posted by Vonglory deleted Aug 25th, 2013

’…that….doesn’t sound good.’

No, it doesn't sound good at all, Gluey.

... Magic?! Since when does the Hidden have explosive magic?! He had grenades to blow up the I.R.I.S. troops!


That is his magic.:ajbemused: this is a crossover, so don't expect full details to come across. Besides, the explosions act like grenades in the sense of throwing them. They're just stronger depending on how much of an explosion he wants.

3108528 Ah. Thank you for elaborating on that. Sorry if my comment came out rude.

Sea Nanners.

...and there went me taking this fiction seriously. :eeyup:

Before the Princesses could properly maintain control of the horrors of the past and protect the ponies, there was a stallion. An earth pony by the name of Sea Nanners.

The dolphin laugh was great, but this. THIS.

Sea Nanners.............., you had my curiosity before, now you have my attention.

Never Trust Nanners..........Only trust him to kill the hidden!

you sir made my day whe nyou put the nanner's in here! he is my fav youtuber right next to the creatures!:pinkiehappy:

Shit's gettin' good. :moustache:

Also, does the title have something to do with Star Trek?

"Red Shirt Party", eh? Welp, they're fucked.

The poor red-shirts always die first. D:

Dam red shirts. Why they have to always die.

is the hidden a predator.. (thinks for a second) no the cloaks turn of when they are in water or when they attack but am I right?

5675039 look at vid in description

5675039 Nope. The Hidden is a genetically modified human being, with immense strength and near super-natural abilities, such as clinging to any surface, jumping or pouncing with immense force, seeing other beings through walls, and also being able to kill something in one hit with a powerful stab from his Kabar. He also is able to make pipe bombs by hands and feed off corpses to heal damage done to him.

6212378 so the hidden in the fic is the hidden from Gmod maybe?:derpyderp2::rainbowhuh:

Even though there’s plenty of spelling errors, I’m finding myself enjoying story especially the Changeling sibling duo

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