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Now that I'm done with all my obligations, I shall wri- oh look, a distraction!


Cheerilee catches a massive cold and won't be able to teach class for a while. She calls in for a substitute, but ends up getting an eccentric creature named Miss Frizzle with her even stranger contraption. She can only hope that this new "teacher" can teach without causing mayhem.

Story idea based off this comic

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OMFG this had better be good! I mean, it's the fucking MAGICAL school bus :D

Seat belts everyone!

I... I love you! I wanted to write this the second I saw the comic when it came out, so if you ever need/want a pre-reader, or someone to bounce ideas off of, please let me know!

Oh this is gonna be sweet. I wonder if any of the kids will say that they knew they should've stayed home today?

Heh, I remember watching this show, the question is, who is Carlos?

I'm disappointed in the little amount of Magic School Bus fanfiction. Thank you for rectifying that.
Though the ones where she's a Time Lady is pretty sweet.

Don't fail me now, musicman. Make this one also awesome. And you so far have no [REDACTED] yet. Keep it up.


This is going to be pure awesomeness. The Magic School Bus, along with Arthur, was my childhood and you have made me one happy man.

I'm really going to read this one.

4302196 who wears belts on a bus? :rainbowlaugh:

Well, very curious what adventures they are going on

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I am half tempted to make a Carlos joke... but I can't think of anything good.

Ahhh, such sweet memories. "Ride on the Magic School Bus!"

This is a great idea

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“I have a question though.” Berry said, “Was it just Discord, or did you actually have a whip in your closet?”

I fear for Big Mac then.

4302947 It's from the show's theme. :derpytongue2:

Here few ideas for field trips
1. dinosaurs
2. deserts
3. sound
4. bats
5. ocean wildlife
6. spiders

I think series of chapters is good ideas

Ooh boy. Magic School Bus was my number 1 early childhood show! Glad to see someone writing something on it. I think breaking it up into chapters is a good idea, not everyone likes to read a giant wall of text per chapter. Personally, I have no problem with it, but I'm just thinking about others.

And yet... I can see Miss Frizzle and Discord getting along splendidly.

I even believe Discord gave her Bus in the first place because of how wacky yet educated she is.

plus her famous quote all but screams something Discord would follow in a heart beat.

As I always say, take chances, make mistakes, and get messy! To the bus!


And after Clifford we have the magic bus (good times). Why isn't there a nostalgia group yet?


I can't yell enough!

OMG, I just got inspired! :raritystarry: Great job on the story, btw:pinkiehappy:

hahahah so longggggggg :pinkiehappy:



I knew I should have stayed home today...

:pinkiehappy: childhood folder has just been re-open

Seat belts everypony!
This is going to amazing. I love that show, I can't believe there aren't more of these kinds of crossovers. :pinkiehappy:

Berry and Cheerilee sisters? I like it.

'that bacteria follows '

Nitpick, but bacteria is actually the plural of bacterium, so gramatically speaking it should be 'bacteria follow'.

On a side note, yes. So much of my yes. All of my yes. ALL OF IT! The only conceivable way this could get better is... nope, nothing. MOOOAR!

4302629 I assume DT is Arnold because she doesn't want to go.

4305618 Maybe BUT [AB did say Why do I get a Bad feeling about this [Arnold always had a bad feeling

4303680 Who do you think summoned her?

Oh god i love this show. Faved:yay::heart::twilightsmile::raritywink::rainbowwild:


Loved that show. Probably one of the only educational kids shows that actually made learning fun. I already love this!

Oh I remember this, taught lessons without me falling asleep. Hope you can do it just like the show!

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