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Fifteen Watcher Special! · 8:12pm May 21st, 2014

"Wotcher, Harry!"
~ Nymphadora Tonks

As of today, thanks to this guy, I guess I've hit 15 watchers. As a result, I'm going to announce something awesome!

"But Caco," you say. "You can't do something special for fifteen watchers. That's so few and fifteen is a really obscure number! At least wait until 25."

To which I reply, "Yes, but it's something that I'm doing anyway. So why not announce it now?"

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Things that I do:


Welcome to my page. Feel free to poke around. Or leave a comment below. Or do both. And remember, Twilight Sparkle is best emote pony.

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Thanks for adding Blank to your favorites!

Its alright if you aren't very active ^^

1741724 Huh! Well, let's go with memorable username, then! :duck: Nonetheless, thank you for reading our stories, it's very appreciated!


I don't think we've really had too much interaction; a few weeks ago I stumbled upon Crystal's Wishes while looking for something to read and since then I spread over into Anzel's stuff from there... so yeah, mostly just a fan, and a pretty recent one at that. I have done a fair amount of editing in the past, so potentially someone I edited for might have mentioned me, or if you know anyone who frequents the site IRC I'm often on there, but aside from that I don't think I've really crossed your path before.

But that aside, thanks for the follow!

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