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Now that I'm done with all my obligations, I shall wri- oh look, a distraction!


Video games are my passion. When I was offered a chance to test out some new "Chess Game" virtual reality simulator during its beta stages, how could I refuse? Go on adventures, explore new worlds and troll NPC's programmed with the most advanced AI available. It sounded like a dream come true.

Too bad I didn't read the fine print.

Chess Game of the Gods fic
Approved by Troutking
Contains a healthy amount of swearing and violence.

Chapters (36)
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Comments ( 892 )

Ah hello have you seen the new rules?
If so who did you check the story with?
if not please check them out and check your story with one of our regulators.

Hmmm. Me like... Me like how he was convinced it was a game...

962640 Rules? I just published this last night. i didn't know about any new rules. imma go check it out.

.962640 okay just read the new rules.... umm so how do i do this? do i send it in a message or what?:rainbowhuh:

All you do is pm one of the regulators to look over your fic to see if it passes our quality check and is not to far from canon.
But you have to ask them....
Like a certain trout themed regulator who already read your fic *cough* me *cough*

Your sexy friend,

Hmm. The pause menu doesn't really 'pause', does it? It just summons a menu. That also makes me wonder if I would like a reticule in front of me all the time. When will he meet the pieces? This guy is the only guy who can summon "menus" right? That would be so meta.
Or not, I'm not really sure if the word meta would work here. It would just be weird, at least.

978054 actually i'm reworking some details of the story. i wrote this when i was sleep deprived and eating candy to stay awake.:pinkiecrazy: so the chapters will change a bit and i will release them with the new one as soon as i can:twilightsmile:

CH 1
game i was playing at the moment----- I
so i continued--- I
controls i have---- I

There are a couple more of them to find through both chapters.

My brain is still in a existential debate so I can't answer anything productive other than before mentioned tip.

985969 actually, i just re-vamped the first ch. will have it uploaded soon:pinkiehappy:. then gotta look over ch2 and then finish ch3.:eeyup:

Good story and i have to ask that when does this take place in the timeline?
Also, what would happen if youe char meets another chess piece.
Would he try to convince them that this is a game? Or will he believe the other pieces?
Hmm, hmm, mysteries of life.
Anyway, good story.

987839 in order: not sure but around the GGG. gonna try to get as many chapters out so i can meet other characters.

well, shit will go down across different CGotG universes (i.e. one universe i make friends, in another i make enemies) btw, as a gamer, my character has a bit of a mercenary mentality. (this will not end well for anyone)

it would go a bit like that while the other chess pieces convince him its real. he will probably deny it on account that its a virtual reality game. not sure what would happen if he believed them.

This is pretty good.

996155 thanks.:pinkiehappy: i'm working on the thrird chapter right now. gonna try to get it out tomorrow if possible.:twilightsmile::rainbowdetermined2:

what would happen if he ate a dragon

Release your Inner Darkness unto Evil- 150 PTs.

Oh dear lord, this shall be GLORIOUS.
Consider this Watch'd by someone who plays like this:

997719 do i have to answer that?:trixieshiftright::facehoof: let's just leave it at NOTHING GOOD will come of it.:twilightoops:

997997 i got a lot more funny and clever achievments in store for ya'll:ajsmug:

998634 you sir are now considered Awesome. :yay:

here, have a moustache:moustache:

and one more for good measure:moustache:

Knock knock!
Guess who?
No it's not Chuck Testa...
Its me Troutking!
Anyway love the rewrite much better then before!
I cant wait to see the achivements!
Achievement unlocked- Be Greeted by a God (me:P)
Anyway good job with the story so far.
I forget who approved your story?
It doesnt say in the description and Zeta wont add unless we give permission.
If it was me that you thought gave permission, then you are ok.

That was very interesting. I know when he consumes entities he gains their form and energy. Will later on down the line will he gain perks based on whom he consumes (I.E. Devouring a Dragon grant slight fire resistance and a small cone of a breath attack)?

The action was good. Since the main character is a gamer, I am looking forward to doing gamer things. After all, he is experienced in RPGs, and you always loot everything in those. And seeing the zebras freak out over a supposedly evil being helping them with mundane tasks (side quests!).

Canon or not, this looks promising.

Lol, nice. Hey, what did you do with the Harpy's body?

Oh, and Paintballs. That would be great at trolling. Can you load random junk in? Like shoot eggs?
Hey, you can also try to be a badass by sniping with a pistol. Extend the barrel, add a scope, just so you can have infinite ammo while whaling at people down the range.

This is definitely rated extremely highly in my favourites, brilliant idea, however I think it would work better as a stand alone and not just part of the Chess Game of the Gods. You may also be providing plenty of sustenance for my sweet spots, maybe another 10 years for VR hmm, allowing leeway either side of course.

Besides that in VR you can say "Screw you physics, biology, common sense and all that shit". Imagine what it would be like experiencing the body change, for example the transformation into a werewolf, the bones cracking and reshaping........

How I would have "played", gorge on trees, stumble across the zebra, interrogate him, consume him, infiltrate village and gorge, get more shape shifting skills, I don't know if I would have the omni-rifle but I would then go gun slinging on some local fauna, if they were a valuable form just incapacitate them then consume. Then find an aquatic animal to traverse the ocean.

I play on an Everything Must Go basis as you can see.

The fight scene was good And i love this.

I like it. Especially the idea with the red paintballs, nice foreshadowing and I would really like to see him 'assassinate' Celestial or Luna. Just for the Lulz man, its all for the lulz. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

1012731 baisically when he consumes some creature, he can access their abilities (i.e. eat Dragon- have firebreath, flight and hardened scales)

1012749oh it gets better.:trollestia:MUCH better:moustache:

1012766you'll see:trixieshiftright: no. you can't put random junk in. :facehoof:oh and yes he will be a badass with the pistol, attachments or not.:rainbowdetermined2:

1012839 i have this fic planned to be part of the Chess Game because it was inspired by the other Chess Game fics. Plus the reason he's a Night Shade is because he fights like a shadow. (unseen, gathers intelligence, quick striker, cold killer, doesn't draw attention to himself, always right behind you with a knife, he sees you but you don't see him, etc):rainbowderp:

1014064that's going to happen and its why i'm churning these chapters out so i can get to that part! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:(also, there other characters and players that he will "assassinate" when he gets the sniper rifle.):raritywink:

At the Marmite comment: I'm right behind you...

He should get a balaclava, a fancy suit, and a butterfly knife. He has got to get the shapeshifting thing down if he is to complete the set. Wait, I got it! He is technically wielding "Your Eternal Reward," he can only transform into those he kills. Now all he has to do is get cloaking down.

1014731actually i plan on him getting a form of jedi robes that can adjust to almost any form that comes with hood and balaclava.:twilightsmile: as for butterfly knife...:trixieshiftright: maybe.

Your Eternal Reward?:rainbowhuh: he transforms into the species he kills provided he has enough energy.

Well, If you just killed something, you should have enough energy to transform seconds later. Like the Spy!

Hmm. That would be an interesting mechanic. Trade in some cloaking energy to be able to disguise. Nah, that would be overpowered for the spy.


I was really talking about the werewolf thing with IRL VR.
I think the choice of race if fine.

Achievement Unlocked: Alright, I wanna cast a spell- gained 20 XP - Unforgotten Realms reference?

Loving this fic so far. Keep up the good work, mate. :twilightsmile:

1022826 YES!YOU GOT THE REFERENCE!!! MOUSTACHE FOR YOU GOOD SIR!!:moustache::moustache::moustache:

1031693 You know who else has a moustache? Only SIR SCHMOOPY OF AWESOMETON!

Awww yeah.
Mountain Training montage!

Looks like it's time to grind.

so how do we take the world

1036203 you stand in the corner and be ready to pull the switch.

Like most RPGs that uses Jungles there has to be a cursed zone the locals avoid that is swarming with monsters and particular undead types (hmm what would happen if you consumed a zombie zebra [Would you be able to become the living version or the undead and what about the bonus of feeding on such a abomination]).

1036958 my character is living in said accursed zone and there are no zombies. sorry.

1036973 Gotcha. Though encountering ghosts can be an interesting thing to add to the dark (A foal that is crying and shimmering near a cave [Your character should in someways be able to see poltergeist and other supernatural flows]). Most encounter with ghosts always either end with the player destroying the ghost or getting revenge on the thing that caused the ghost to exist (Though taking messages back to their love ones or learning what hidden knowledge only they should know).

1036973 Thanks to reading your story it gave me another idea for an OC (Stormhoof). If you would like to use him go ahead.

1037116 pm me the details (Physical appearance, Personality, Mark, etc) and i'll see if i want to.

1037129 I have him in my blog should anyone want to use him but for you I will do a quick copy and paste. As far as I know Zebras don't have Cutie-Marks.
Name- Stormhoof.
Mane Color- Snow White
Fur Color- Sky Blue and Yellow (Unlock most zebras which are Black and White).
Eye Colors- Hazel.
Sex- Male.
Race- Zebra.
Basic Information- Unlike most full grown zebras Stormhoof is 2 1/2 foot shorter and he despises anyone talking about it (He also seems to look younger then he should which makes certain encounters worse [Anyone that mentions it can cause him to go into a frenzy]). His specialty is Medical Alchemy and certain level of craftmareship. His color differences causes many to look at him as either a bad omen or a fated joke to happen. He has learned to protect himself over the years and how to survive in nature when he needs to (He has many places scattered about for staying at for campsites).

1037215 i like the personality but the appearance is ehh... zebras are hard to write for already. I'm not sure i would want to add it. sounds like something that would appear in a fic someone else made (:raritywink:you:raritywink:) and yes they do have marks. Zecora has one.

but still, you get a moustache and a yay for effort:moustache::yay:

1037237 I see. I was picturing him more of an outcast from most tribes and therefore instead of speaking in rhymes he was raised more in a pony settlement. If he needs a cutie-mark then I guess the best that comes to mind is the Aztec Sun Mask.

1037301 dude write a fic about that. It sounds legit.

1037310 I am horrible at writing stories. I can come up with characters easily (Because other things inspire em). The biggest thing is I am great at acting the muse for others but can't really do much in inspiring myself (It is so much a curse).

1037325 oh well, maybe you could get a friend to write them for you or give it to him/her/it as an idea for their fic

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