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Let's head to the mosh pit, Shaka brah!

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Holy Beyoncé I should be asleep by now

I am a pegasister, and a perpetually tired loser. Je me reveille too damn mother effing early.

I'm also an editor, pre-reader and a co-author so if you need one just give me a PM.

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You know, one time, I witnessed a person eat a sock. Probably Tommy. That little shit.

~Planyx A


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Nice user, by the by!

Oh, and if you're interested here's the first ep.: http://watchcartoononline.com/parasyte-the-maxim-episode-1-english-subbed

1707899 Never heard of it.

P.S: Changed my username


Oh wow, are we alike, then.

Anyways, do you watch Parasyte: The maxim?


Oh naw. My dad gave it to his friend for free.

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  • The Weeping Angel A woman awakes in the Everfree, no longer a... woman, or a human for that matter... OH THE HUMANITY! How will she cope in this new, strange world she finds herself in? <<FEATURED-Jan 6 2014>> by Max Caulfield 16,648 words · 5,471 views · 582 likes · 44 dislikes