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When Applejack asked Fluttershy to help out with an animal problem on Sweet Apple Acres, she had NOT expected to be faced with an animal so big.

And red.

And energetic.

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“So your name’s…Clifford right?

*stares in amzement* you are not the only one and you have easily gotten rid of your shame my good sir for creating this... this perfection

4049581 Thank you so much! I don't feel dead inside anymore! :pinkiehappy:

4049606 no problem man and youve earned a follower for this story

Ahhh... Clifford the Big Red Dog, the melancholy

Well you have my intention :pinkiehappy:

PS. For some reason the coverart look like Fluttershy laying down doing 'something' :pinkiecrazy:

OH MY GODDESS!!!! :pinkiehappy: CLIFFORD!!!! YES!!!! I look forward to more, and I can't wait to see how he reacts to Discord. :twilightsmile:

The picture caught my attention, the description sold it, and the read was as satisfying as I hoped. The only thing I would want more would be for Cliffford to clean up his mess. We all know he can do it, he's like one of the smartest dogs ever, even in cartoon standards. :P

Oh God, thank the Lord thank you. This did bring back nostalgia. Now... Shame on you for reading those fics. It's like me in reading this right after surfing the darker side of the net. But needless details. We're both horrible people here.

The writing though was OK. I liked th short description for the humor, but the parts with the pants might have been executed a little more proper than inserts. Challenge yourself and see if you can stay away from those things... Or write out the actual sounds perhaps? but 'pant pant' seems to be a rather lame way of doing things.

Now excuse me as I look forward to Discord playing catch with a giant red dog. :3

4049802 Thank you for the advice. :twilightsmile:

And believe me, NOT putting some Discord and Clifford interaction would be criminal. Expect to see it. :pinkiehappy:

4049810 Ok... I just realized where I saw the pic from. It's Fluttershy's face before she gets pommeled with an energy beam from Pinkie in Smile HD. XD

Dam I like Clifford teh big red dog

Clifford... CLIFFORD!


I remember Clifford!!!! :pinkiehappy::yay::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::raritystarry:

...Oh my god.............


.......You, sir, have just reminded me of my first book. Ever.

how this bitch gonna geal with giant fuckin dog shit hes gonna fuckin take a dump on angel and kill him or some shit

I'm not usually one for crossovers, but these actually fit together surprisingly well.

all i had to read was the title to figure out it was about clifford

Geez I wonder what the rest of the Mane 6 [Except for Fluttershy and AJ] here is what I think they will say

:twilightoops:: This is j-j-j-just not Possible!!!

:pinkiehappy:: I can now plan a Giant dog comes to Ponyville Party!!!

:raritydespair::Its Fur is so Garnish 'Faints'

:rainbowderp:: Whoa he's Big

Ah Clifford Bring so Many Memories :raritycry:

Clifford!!! My god I loved that show!!! Are we going to see any chapters from cliffords point of view? like him talking to the animals at fluttershys cottage? Also for some reason I see Winona falling for clifford.


Its Fur is so Garnish 'Faints'

... Clifford's fur goes well on food?


Oh Warp yes!

Clifford the big red dog?!

I pity the person(s) who never heard of his gigantic fluffy redness. Red=color of blood.

Blood=Makes Khorne happy
Khorne happy=Less deaths

Less Deaths=cheese!

You deserve all the medals doc!

Ahh, this brings back memories, although now that I think about it why hasn't there been a crossover like this until now?

Two things I thought of while reading this: 1) This isn't the first giant dog they've seen, there was Cerberus. 2) How utterly ridiculous the whole, "It would take too long to explain, you have to see it for yourself" shtick is in story-telling. It's a cheap way of creating tension that is pretty unrealistic.
What I mean is, generally in the amount of time it takes to explain to someone why you don't have the time to explain something to them, you've already used up enough time to explain the situation. The Honesty test from the first episode of the show is actually a great example; in the amount of time it took Applejack to tell Twilight she'd be okay and to trust her, she could have said something along the lines of, "You have to let go, Dash and Fluttershy will catch you." and not scare Twilight. As for this story, in the amount of time it took to keep saying, "I can't explain," as they ran to the farm, AJ could have easily explained the situation. "There's a giant red dog tearing up trees at the farm." Admittedly, if someone told me that, I would assume they were insane, but this was in Equestria and Applejack is the element of honesty, so I figure Fluttershy would believe her at her word.
Anyway, it's still an interesting story and I wonder if you're going to explain how the Clifford got there and if he's ever going to return home, or if this is going to be an episodic story without a resolution.

4050905 Cerberus is tiny compared to Clifford

4050909 Oh, unless we assume the Ponies are _really_ small, not that much bigger: Big Red Dog vs Cerberus Of course, Clifford varies in size depending on plot necessity...

Don't see why Discord can't send him back. Heck, he might be responsible for his being here in the first place.

4051065 could be suppose discord was sleep chaosing

4051098 Sleep chaosing? Now there's a scary thought! :pinkiegasp:

4051105 I know right so he's not even sure which world Clifford is from


Clifford the Big Red Dog in Equestria. Oh my god. As simplistic as those children's books and show was, it was one of my favorites to read and watch as a child.

Not even messing around right now... I was just thinking about this not even a week ago... why didn't I write it!?
... oh yeah, I can't write well... :fluttershysad:

I CALLED IT!!!! I KNEW IT WAS CLAIFORD:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Oh teh childhood feels huuuuuurrrrrt

You still freak me out all this time later....

Take Clifford with you please....?

Aaaah, Clifford. This brings back memories.

And cue flailing arms of joy. Clifford! I remember the Big Red Dog! It's a cute story ya got there. :twilightsmile:

aww i bet he is cute :yay:


...Thank you for bringing back the childhood. Now, here's a new question: how did he get separated from Emily Elizabeth?

4056315 Some of that will be explained next chapter. And to answer a question I feel I'll be getting a lot-

Yes there is going to be some character interaction between Clifford and the Mane Six's pets. :twilightsmile:


:heart::heart::heart: Nostalgia children/adults unite

This... I...


Clifford crossover?

Sure, why not. I'll track it... o.O

CLIFFORD! Childhood coming back to me:pinkiehappy:

What's this... wait... CHILDHOOD, IS THAT YOU?
Ok then, Clifford crossover... why not.

CLIFFORD!!!! And the TV show, the books, the educational video games...:heart:

You can still see the animated series on PBS. So yeah I know of Clifford but I never really read the book because by the time most 5-8 year old kids were still learning to read I was already reading the kinds of books high school students read.. I kind-of scared my first teacher because of that fact... I think.. Ah good memories none the less..

User opened nostalgia.exe

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