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Writer's Block: Defeated! · 11:26am Apr 18th, 2013

Other Mother has been taken off of Hiatus and renamed to Another Mother.
New chapter in both Another Mother and Shield and Cards.
I am stressed out because of a crapton of nonsensical technical difficulties with my online college course.

Things are doing great! I can write again!

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Thank you for the favosity! :raritystarry:


I can be deep at times.

Ah, I can see how that makes much sense :pinkiesmile:

388017 I never mentioned Usernames. ;)
For me it was the fact that every writer/author is more then one person. Hence the choice of Hydra, a mythical beast with multiple heads and personalities.

......never... noticed that before, it's awesome, thanks for pointing that out :D

Odd story behind my name, started out in a multiplayer game on Newgrounds as Croabadoat -- something I randomly put in when I just wanted to play. After a while and a huge Pokemon kick, I "evolved" myself to Croabadrin. Then Croabadrale. And now, Croabadrake.

What made you choose Hydra?

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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