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Never thought I would be back on this site. · 8:30pm Aug 15th, 2016

So I have been gone for what? 2? 3 years? Some ungodly amount of time. Anyways, to put it simple: I hated the brony fandom, I hated the show and I hated everyones idiocy on this site, that is why I left it. This site is full of drama, but due to my need of creativity I have come back, I have started watching the show again and while the show is GOD AWFUL compared to season 1, 2 and 3 its still better than a fair portion of other nonsense that is on the television in North American Media. So in

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Comment posted by Rezz deleted Aug 22nd, 2016

Welcome back!

2082645 Merry late christmas.

2064488 Thanks! The Abyss is fun!

1961622 Mmmmmm.

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