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Because cats.

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The mane six are so cute as cats!:yay::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

After not looking at this group for so long, it's good to see that the story count has increased from 1.

I can't Rite. But someone else can...

333872 yes. Get to work on that. I'll favorite it as soon as I see it because LOL.

Rarity gets turned into a cat.
Opal hits on her.
Hilarity ensues.

*noms catnip annd boops MeowMadness*


327090 I'd hate to interrupt you two's conversation, but you are one cool cat.

Meow: Madness!!! What have you done!

Madness: Join a group that is technically about us

Meow: *face-paw*

Madness: *self bro-hoof* What? This is a cool group

Meow: Guess your right

Madness: Yeah!

314102 Why thank you. It is an honor to know that the cat god likes my story.:rainbowlaugh:

313417 Well, I am CAT God! I control all that is cat, and all that is meow!

P.S. Wonderful story.

I currently hold domination. For I am the only one with as story posted in this group. I am the Alpha Cat:trollestia:

And again. Someone look at the art above.
Do you see it? Good. Now MAKE A STORY WITH IT!!:flutterrage: or just find one and add it to the group. That works too.

Nyu nyu, I am the Cheshire Phantomhive Neko. But my real name is Ciel.

someone needs to make a story on the artwork above. Like. Right, freaking, now.

I dare. I think they're cute! WHO'S WITH ME!?



? Are you mad! These are hellish creatures with untold powers: :scootangel:

And you dare call them fluffy...

Where? I don't see any D'aww. Just cats.

So. Much. D'awww!

Meow, meow, meow!:scootangel:

I joined for fluffyness.

  • Viewing 1 - 19 of 19