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new to being a brony, but lovin it and im sure i wont stop cuz its SOOOOO AWESOME!


sorry everypony :'( · 4:23am May 20th, 2012

I'm sorry that i havn't been working on my writing all that much :( i haven't had the time, i had school work and a life to deal with >.< but now i no longer have a job, no school, and have to work on getting another job before i die of lack of money to take care of myself. anywho... i'll probably have more time to write now. The fans all wanted a clopfic, so i'm gonna finish that and then i'm gonna continue my AppleDash story, and hopefully add more ships in with it :3 any suggestions on WHICH

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Lol. That goes for you, too, bucko.

new to being a brony


So, how have you enjoyed your time in the fandom so far in general, and on FIMFiction specifically? What have been the best parts and the worst parts for you?

so 12 weeks later, thought i should better say hi.
I wont be playing swtor. ever so don't expect me to be on.
However if you ever think of playing elder scrolls online hit me up

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