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Thanks for the fave on Realms Undreamed Of! It should have another chapter posted by this weekend.

:heart: Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, have my warmest friendship and a hug. :heart:

Thanks for the watch!

Thanks for the fav on EEnE Equestrian Mis-Edventures

Thank you very much for adding my story The Song of Syhlex to your Favorites bookshelf. I'm glad that you could enjoy the poetic format.:twilightsmile:

A big thanks for the fave of Blood Curse Boutique my dear.

Thank you for the watch.

Are you not entertained?

Thanks for the watch and the new fave! I trust I will continue to entertain you in the future with my work.

Thank you for the favorite!

Thank you for the favorite of How Not to Woo a Fluttershy. Much obliged!

Thank you for the watch! Any reason why?

Thanks for faving The Voice of Reason!

And thanks for the fave on My Little Balladeer! There's a sequel planned for that one, hopefully coming in a couple of months.

Hey, thanks for the Fave on my story!

Many thanks for the fave on my story Wolf in Pony's Clothing! If and when you get the time to look at its sequel Manehattan Madness I hope you enjoy that one too!

Thanks for the fav :pinkiehappy:
May I ask what you liked about it? :scootangel:
Just curious. :derpytongue2:

Thank you for the follow, good sir :moustache:

Thank you very much for the favorite on Your Date With Trixie! I would love to hear what you think of the story, and if you haven't already, please hit that like button. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

  • Viewing 7 - 26 of 26
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