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The almighty Crustacean Gods have spoken!

The seas and beaches have trembled with righteous glory as the divines descend onto the earth to bring us their wisdom! We must rally and convert to the one true religion of the universe!

All hail the Crustacean Gods! All Hail!

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315536 Who the hell needs those Catholic's permission?


Completely. We should also contact the vatican and request we are internationally recognized as a new religion.

315419 I think we need our own web site



That is glorious! Hopefully he saw the light!

315410 and this!
You are now chatting with 'Fahad'
Fahad: Hello. Welcome to our live chat.
Fahad: How can I assist you today?
you: have you ever heard of Crustaceanism?
Fahad: no
you: It's where we worship our Crustacean Gods
Fahad: There is only one true God, and Islam is the true religion of God
Fahad: one should not accept any man made religion that follow and accept Islam
Fahad: For a detailed answer, you can see this link:
Fahad: Evidence Islam is the truth
you: I'm already on that web site.
Fahad: ok
Fahad: thats good
you: want to read the 11 commandments of Crustaceanism?
Fahad: no
you: 1: We are thine gods the crustaceans. Thou shalt worship no others beside us.
you: 2: Thou shalt honor and obey thine gods and their prophets, for their word is as truthful as ours
you: 3: Thine life and soul art belong to us. Thou shalt sacrifice mind and body before disgracing thine lords and gods.
you: 4: Thou shalt spread the word of the gods to all heretics and infidels, and should they refuse to listen, t'is thine holy duty to obliterate them and their lineage.
you: 5: Thou shan't keep a mate to thine self, for all are equal and free from each other, but not from the gods. All females and males are each others' mates.
you: 6: Thou shan't keep a child to thine self, for thine offspring are of the gods, and to keep one is to defy them. Thine sons and daughters shall be raised by the priests and in consequence, by the gods.
you: 7: Thou shalt take thine place among the ranks and files of the gods' armies at least thrice in thy lifespan.
you: 8: Thou shalt sacrifice thine firstborn to the gods as an offering of submission.
you: 9: Thou shan't harm thine fellow crustacean, unless he has been proven to be guilty of heresy!
you: 10: Thou shalt never copulate with lesser species should you be a crustacean, and should you be a lesser one, thou shan't seek the embrace of the superior race.
you: 1: Thou shalt always refer to the heretics as such, and thou shalt always look down upon the lesser non-crustacean species, for they are inferior in every way.
you: All Hail!
Fahad: you are wasting my time and yours on this self made religion.
Fahad: please read about islam at our website
Fahad: it will help you further
you: okay
Fahad: Thank you for giving us this opportunity to assist you.
Fahad: Have a nice day.
you: remember
Chat session has ended. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to assist you

315410 Look at this!
Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Greg'
Greg: Welcome to our live chat website.
Greg: You are now in a one-to-one chat session with the operator.
Greg: Hello
Greg: How may I help you?
you: Have yoou ever heard about Crustaceanism?
you: you*
Greg: Cant say I have, not really into "isms"
Greg: Im more of a nonfiction kinda person
you: but it's real!
Greg: Im sure there are people that worship crabs and the like
Greg: just cause something is real, doesnt make it correct
you: there the best animals ever! octopus are evil!
you: all hale Crustaceanism!!
Greg: But despite the humor, do you really believe that worshipping the creation is better than worshipping the Creator?
you: the creation is our Creator
you: the creation created its self then created us
you: bye bye and remember don't eat at red lobster!!

315408 I'm checking the web sites right now to see if I can spread Crustaceanism.


Glorious! He will hopefully see the light and abandon his sinful ways.

315309 Some guy sent me this on my youtube account I kindly ask you to read the following and be honest with your self at the end and decide in a moment of truth with your self.. God (The Creator of the Heaven and the earth) the one to be worshiped with perfect love created us for a great purpose and that is to worship Him alone, to turn to Him alone, to pray to Him alone...He sent Messengers from Adam to Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Jacob, etc ....till the final Messenger Muhammad Peace be upon all of them. They all came with the same message which is "No Diety is worthy of worship except God" A Muslim believes in all the Messengers and honorthem All.They are the best of all human beings, If you believe in the Creator of the heavens and the earth, that He is the creator, sustainer etc.if you believe that He is the only one worthy of worship not any of His creation not a Prophet from Adam till Muhammed Peace be unto all of them and including Jesus Peace be upon him.then you are kindly requested to read about the Religion of Islam, and contrary to what you might think or believe, Islam is a Religion of Peace, Love and Tolerance. Islam is a Religion which never condones any Violence or Terror or aggression against anyone, if you look deeper into this Religion, you will feel this Peace and happiness you were looking for, please forgive the unsolicited message and we are awaiting your comments and feedback.
You are welcome to visit our friendly sites where you can Read more about Islam Ask questions about Islam
You are welcome to visit our friendly sites where you can
Read more about Islam
Chat free 1/1 with knowledgeable Muslims OR
Ask questions about Islam
To hear the recitation of the Koran (the God's book)
TL;DR He also sent me this video So I sent him this > Thank you, here is a good web site on the true religion


The gods shall click their pincers together in his honor! Another being sees the light and abandons heresy to join the one true religion!

All Hail!


Someone write a damn fanfic about crabs already.

We do need one.

A fellow that was a non-Crustacenist fell today by my side. We were holding the Eel forces at the gates but they were soon to fall. He looked at me and said;
"I never thought it would end this way."

I turned to him with a small smile and said; " End? This is not the end. Death is just another path, one that we all must take... The grey rain curtain of this world rolls back and all turns to silver glass... and then you see it..."

His eyes were wide at this point, with hope and wonder, ignoring the pounding of the gate he inquired; What, brother? See what?"

I smiled and looked towards the gates doors before answering; " White shores...And beyond... A far green country under a swift sunrise. The land of the Crustaceans "
He looked with me and i felt him sigh and he smiled a ghost of a smile. "Well, that isn't so bad.

I turned and placed my hand on his shoulder, knowing i had relived the worry from bis mind. "No... No, it isn't."

He will be missed and we will forever love our crab lords.

I join for only the cortex command orbital crab crate bombs and their destructive gibiness of all enemies.

Also I'm pretty certain your all mentally insane.

Someone write a damn fanfic about crabs already.

My rant is over.


It is always a pleasure, brother. :moustache:

Coconut crab stuck in a cat's dick.

All hail our Crustacean overlords!

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